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Bringing you all the news from AHEPA District 12.

Indiana Limestone

Following information taken from the Indiana Limestone Institute of America. Occasionally, we will bring stories that highlight the State of Indiana where AHEPA District 12 calls home.

Even prior to Indiana’s admission to the Union in 1816, a light-colored, fine-grained native stone had been used by pioneer settlers for cabin foundations, door sills, milling burrs, and memorials. The stone was quarried with use of long star drills and wedges to separate blocks from the main deposit. The first organized quarrying effort of record was established in 1827 in Southern Indiana near Stinesville.

Concurrent with the arrival of both North-South and East-West railroads into Southern Indiana in the mid 19th century, the market for Indiana Limestone responded to architectural demand for stone of a light-neutral color to complement the various Revival styles of the era. The railroads themselves required stone for bridge piers and for the increasingly grandiose terminals in the growing cities.

Limestone Quarriers 1865During this period, gang saws were introduced to replace the two-man crosscut saws previously used to saw block stone into slabs; the introduction of the channeling machine to the quarrying operation enabled the infant industry to double and triple production in succeeding years.

Extensive fires in the cities of Chicago (1871) and Boston (1872) added to the demand for Indiana Limestone. It was apparent that of all the commonly used materials, masonry showed the least fire damage, and limestone least of all.

Indiana stonework won awards of merit for quality at both the Philadelphia and New Orleans Centennial Expositions of 1876. Contracts for Indiana Limestone in two major public buildings in that decade, the Indiana Statehouse and the Chicago City Hall, established its reputation for superior weather resistance, ease of shaping, consistent quality, boundless supply and good public and architectural acceptance.

The Biltmore, built with cut stoneIn the final decades of the 19th century, Indiana Limestone was chosen for an increasing number of public buildings. To meet the demand, the number of quarries doubled between the years of 1889 and 1895: as did stone fabrication shops. Banking houses, retail stores, hospitals, private residences, churches and office buildings, many built in the eclectic styles of the day, all demanded increasing amounts of the fine-grained, light-colored stone. The Cotton Exchange Building in New Orleans was the first major project in which limestone was shipped from Indiana, cut ready to set. In the mid-1890s, George W. Vanderbilt set up a complete cut stone mill to fabricate Indiana Limestone for the Biltmore, his summer retreat in Asheville, North Carolina. The quarry in which the blocks were produced is still operating.

Limestone use continued to increase through the 1920s, and even into the depression of 1929-39. During this period, great technical advances were made in quarrying and fabrication techniques enabling Indiana Limestone to hold its competitive edge over the newer man-made products which were appearing on the market. During this era, the age of the “skyscraper,” knowledge about large buildings and their reaction to wind, thermal expansion and settlement brought about new construction techniques. Although these methods opened new markets for competitive materials, Indiana Limestone continued to be the stone of choice. 

Empire State Building, cut stoneDuring this time, the Empire State Building, the Department of Commerce, and The Tribune Tower as well as many other major buildings were constructed of Indiana Limestone. Private owners, developers and government at all levels used limestone; their architects designed the material to fit the changing styles of the Art Deco period, and limestone producers developed machines which provided the new surface textures required. World War II effectively halted all construction not required for the war effort. In 1945, limestone production resumed with much of its previous vigor.

Post Modern, Architectural stoneThe Indiana Limestone industry was able to weather the changes in its sales patterns forced by the international styles of architecture during the period between 1950 and the oil embargo of 1973, in which building products demanding huge amounts of energy to produce and use were extensively used. The world realized that fossil fuels are limited, and the value of Indiana Limestone as an efficient, low energy demand product was perceived by architects and their clients alike. Although the energy crunch of the late 1970s lost its crisis proportions during succeeding decades, the International Style of architecture had received a death blow. Eclectic new styles, known in general as Post-Modern, governed the design of buildings, and interest in stone and stone looks increased. Post-Modernism welcomed stone and its qualities of durability, beauty and designability. Plus good thermal performance, when properly used, made Indiana Limestone once again the material of choice. Indiana Limestone quarriers and fabricators developed new machines and methods to increase productivity; sales increased in dollars and in cubic feet, and the industry prepared to enter the 21st century with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

Following are some of the buildings/locations Indiana Limestone is used:

  • University of Chicago
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Jefferson Memorial
  • The United Stated Holocaust Museum
  • Biltmore Estate
  • Grand Central Terminal in New York
  • Empire State Building
  • The Pentagon
  • New Yankee Stadium
  • Washington National Cathedral
  • Indiana University
  • Michigan State University
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Washington University in St. Louis
  • Saint Sava Orthodox Church in Merrillville
  • Indiana State Capitol
  • Oklahoma State Capitol
  • South Dakota State Capitol
  • Georgia State Capitol
  • Alaska State Capitol
  • North Dakota State Capitol
  • Kentucky State Capitol
  • Mississippi State Capitol 
  • Nebraska State Capitol
  • Calvary Church - Pittsburgh
  • Chattanooga City Hall
  • Tennessee War Memorial - Nashville
  • Dallas Museum of Arts
  • U. S. Court House & Post Office - El Paso
  • Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
  • Department of Commerce Building
  • Department of Interior Building
  • Federal Triangle Buildings 
  • General Services Administration Building
  • International Trade Center
  • National Archives Building
  • Rayburn Building 
  • Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
  • United States Chamber of Commerce Building
  • Willard Hotel - DC
  • Bank of Nova Scotia - Calgary Canada
  • Bankers Bond Building - Toronto, Canada
  • Toronto Union Station
  • U. S. Court House & Post Office - Birmingham, Alabama
  • San Francisco City Hall
  • Chicago City Hall
  • Michigan Avenue Bridge - Chicago
  • The Museum of Science and Industry - Chicago
  • Playboy Building - Chicago
  • Chicago Public Library
  • Chicago Tribune Tower 
  • Union Station - Chicago
  • Illinois State University
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Indiana Stadium 
  • French Lick Resort Casino & Hotels
  • Indiana Historical Society (IHS) Building
  • Indiana State Museum
  •  Indiana University/Purdue University (IUPUI) Library
  • Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument - Indianapolis
  • War Memorial - Indianapolis
  • Indiana State University
  • University of Iowa
  • Lyric Opera Theater Building - Kansas City
  • Kentucky and Indiana Bridge, Ohio River
  • Tulane University
  • Museum of Art - Baltimore
  • Harvard University
  • International Trust Company Building - Boston
  • University of Michigan
  • Detroit Post Office
  • Saint Paul Minnesota City Hall
  • Minnesota Arts And Science Center
  • Missouri State University
  • President Truman Museum and Library
  • St. Louis Union Station
  • University of Montana 
  • U. S. Court House and Post Office  - Newark
  • Princeton University
  • Brooklyn Museum
  • Ellis Island
  • Vanderbilt Mansion
  • Cornell University
  • New York “Times” Building
  • University of North Carolina
  • Duke University
  • Cincinnati University 
  • Ohio State University

Believe it or not, this is just a few of the buildings and monuments across the country and world that uses Indiana Limestone.

AHEPA Bone Marrow

The 9th Annual Ahepa Marrow Basketball Tournament  will be March 8-12th and is less than six weeks away. This year AHEPA Marrow is doing drives for Nick Dombalis. Nick is a 66-year-old husband and father of four. Nick was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome at age 64. Since his diagnosis, he has undergone chemotherapy; however, a bone marrow transplant is his only chance for a cure. AHEPA Marrow is hosting drives at North Park University on Saturday, March 11th and Sunday, March 12th. 

Ecumenical Patriarch Religious Freedom Resolution introduced by Indiana State Senator

A SENATE RESOLUTION (SR 2) urging the government of Turkey to cease its discrimination against the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Orthodox Christian Church, to grant the Ecumenical Patriarch appropriate international recognition, ecclesiastical succession, and the right to train clergy of all nationalities, and to respect the property rights and human rights of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

The resolution (SR2) has been authored and submitted for the 2017 legislative session by State Senator Lonnie Randolph from District 2.

We encourage all AHEPA members, friends, and the overall Indiana community to call your local State Senator and ask that the resolution be passed. We must educate our community, our country, and the world of the hardships and human rights violations the Patriarchate of the Orthodox Christian Church endures every day.

The first step before the resolution makes it to the Senate floor for a up/down vote is to have it passed in committee. The Indiana State Senate Judiciary Committee must pass this first and allow it to go to the floor for vote. State Senator 
Rodric Bray is the committee chairman. Senator Bray represents Indiana's 37th District which includes all of Morgan county and parts of Johnson, Owen, and Putnam counties. Senator Lonnie Randolph is the ranking minority member of the committee and also the Resolution Sponsor. Please also reach out to both these gentlemen to urge passage.

You may read the entire resolution by either going to the Indiana General Assembly website or view the attached PDF version.

CLICK HERE to access resolution on Indiana General Assembly website.

CLICK HERE to view the PDF version and save a copy for yourself.

If you do not know who your State Senator is, you may CLICK HERE to find out who your State Senator and Representative is.

AHEPA Collegiate Network

The Order of AHEPA has developed a members only collegiate network in order to assist those in the AHEPA family applying to college.  The thought behind this is for the applicant to be able to reach out to alumni of the school they plan to pursue their education at for advice and letters of recommendation.  

We are asking any member who is willing to be added to this database to fill out the form we've created and linked to below, and thank you in advance for supporting the youth of the AHEPA family! 

CLICK HERE to join the AHEPA Collegiate Network

Your information will only be shared with students applying to your alma mater.  Thank you in advance for supporting this endeavor!

March National Days

Did you know there are many days of the year where something is celebrated. 

For example, August 26th is National Dog Day, December 1st is National Pie Day, May 4th is National Star Wars Day, June 8th is National Best Friends Day, February 9th is National Pizza Day, and October 8th is National Chocolate Day. 

AHEPA District 12 will help you not miss any one of these celebrated days by providing the complete list for the next month in each newsletter. Have fun with it...that's the point!

In March, there are many days designated for something fun.

For example:

  • March 3rd - National Anthem Day

  • March 7th - National Cereal Day

  • March 13th - National Good Samaritan Day

  • March 21st - National Single Parent Day

  • March 25th - National Medal of Honor Day

And much much more. To see entire list of designated days in March, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

March is also National Craft Month, Frozen Food Month, Nutrition Month, Trisomy Awareness Month, Women’s History Month, Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and more!

Indiana Fun Facts

On December 11th, the State of Indiana celebrated its 200th birthday. Indiana became a state on December 11th, 1816.

Here is a listing of famous people from Indiana:
  • Johnny Appleseed (Fort Wayne)
  • Larry Bird (West Baden Springs)
  • Jim Davis (Marion) Creator of Garfield comic
  • James Dean (Marion)
  • Theodore Dreiser (Terre Haute)
  • Gus Grissom (Mitchell)
  • George D. Hay (Attica) Founder Grand Ole Opry
  • Florence Henderson (Dale)
  • Mark C. Honeywell (Wabash)
  • Michael Jackson (Gary)
  • The Jackson 5 (Gary)
  • Alex and Ted Karras (Gary)
  • Greg Kinnear (Logansport)
  • David Letterman (Indianapolis)
  • Colonel Eli Lilly (Indianapolis)
  • Abraham Lincoln (Spencer County)
  • Shelley Long (Fort Wayne)
  • Steve McQueen (Beech Grove)
  • John Mellencamp (Seymore)
  • Wes Montgomery (Indianapolis)
  • Jane Pauley (Indianapolis)
  • Mike Pence (Columbus)
  • Dan Quayle (Indianapolis)
  • Ernie Pyle (Dana)
  • Orville Redenbacher (Brazil)
  • James Whitcomb Riley (Greenfield)
  • Oscar Robertson (Indianapolis)
  • Axl Rose (Lafayette)
  • David Lee Roth (Bloomington)
  • Colonel Sanders (Henryville)
  • John Schnatter (Jeffersonville) - Papa Johns
  • Richard Bernard “Red” Skelton (Vincennes)
  • Tony Stewart (Columbus)
  • Kurt Vonnegut (Indianapolis)
  • General Lew Wallace (Brookville)
  • John Wooden (Centerville)
  • Fuzzy Zoeller (New Albany)
  • Glenn Robinson (Gary)
  • Richard Lugar (Indianapolis)
  • Evan Bayh (Shirkieville)
  • John Poindexter (Odon)
  • John Roberts (Long Beach) Supreme Court Chief Justice
  • Ryan White (Kokomo) - AIDS activist
  • Schuyler Colfax (South Bend)
  • Benjamin Harrison (Indianapolis)
  • Thomas Hendricks (Indianapolis)
  • Thomas R. Marshall (North Manchester)
  • Sherman Minton (Georgetown) - Supreme Court Justice
  • Tommy John (Terre Haute)
  • Don Larsen (Michigan City)
  • Kenny Lofton (East Chicago)
  • Don Mattingly (Evansville)
  • Lloyd McClendon (Gary)
  • LaTroy Hawkins (Gary)
  • Dan Plesac (Gary)
  • Jeff Samardzija (Valparaiso)
  • Ron Kittle (Gary)
  • Steve Alford (New Castle)
  • Rick Mount (Lebanon)
  • Scott Skiles (Plymouth)
  • Gregg Popovich (East Chicago)
  • Brad Stevens (Zionsville)
  • Roosevelt Colvin (Indianapolis)
  • Chris Doleman (Indianapolis)
  • Jay Cutler (Santa Claus)
  • Len Dawson (West Lafayette)
  • Jeff George (Indianapolis)
  • Bob Griese (Evansville)
  • Rod Woodson (Fort Wayne)
  • Hank Stram (Gary)
  • Weeb Ewbank (Richmond)
  • John Andretti (Indianapolis)
  • Jeff Gordon (Pittsboro)
  • Kenny Irwin (Indianapolis)
  • Damarcus Beasley (Fort Wayne)
  • Charlie Finley (LaPorte)
  • Ford Frick (Wawaka)
  • Amelia Earhart (West Lafayette)
  • John Dillinger (Mooresville)
  • Jimmy Hoffa (Brazil)

Peter J. Economos Memorial Scholarship

The 2017 application for the Peter J. Economos Memorial Scholarship is now available.

This scholarship is provided by Order of AHEPA Chapter #260 (Chicago, Illinois) in District 13.

A) All applicants must:

1) Be a high school senior who is graduating or has graduated in 2017 and is pursuing or will pursue a post-secondary education by attending a vocational, trade or technical school, or a college or university,


2) Be an undergraduate student who is currently enrolled in a post-secondary course of education by attending a vocational, trade or technical school, or a college or university.

B) Satisfy one of the following conditions:

1) Must be a current or former participant in the Junior Olympics,


2) The applicant, or a parent of the applicant, must be a member in good standing of the 13' District (Illinois and Wisconsin) Ahepa family (Order of Ahepa, Daughters of Penelope, Sons of Pericles or Maids of Athena),


3) The applicant, or a parent of the applicant, must be a member in good standing of a Greek Orthodox Parish within the Metropolis of Chicago (please contact your parish priest for this determination).

C) Complete, sign and return the personal information portion of this application (Sections II-IX) to Mr. Nicholas P. Bobis, whose address appears above, by the deadline date of Monday, May 8, 2017.

CLICK HERE for the scholarship application and rules.

AHEPA Journey to Greece

The AHEPA Journey to Greece program information has been released. Building on the solid foundation of the highly successful Journey to Greece (JTG) programs that have been offered since 2006, AHEPA and Webster University are once again offering an unforgettable learning experience for new and returning college age students.

The Journey to Greece program, which is sponsored by AHEPA, has been specially designed to immerse young students in a wonderful learning experience celebrating Greek society and culture. New courses, exciting excursions and special arrangements make the Journey especially attractive to returning students. AHEPA adult advisors will help supervise the students while they attend the program.

For detailed information and access to the application, you may click on the below link which will take you to the National AHEPA website. Application deadline is Friday March 10th, 2017.

CLICK HERE FOR AHEPA National Journey to Greece Program information

AHEPA District 13 Bowling Tournament


DATE: April 1st & April 2nd

Singles & Doubles: Saturday April 1st 2 pm
Team Event: Sunday April 2nd 12:30 pm

Joliet Town & Country Lanes
2231 W. Jefferson St
Joliet, Il 60435
(815) 725-1231

Rules & Regulations
1. All entrants MUST be in good standing with AHEPA with dues paid through December 31,

2. Each bowler MUST enter the tournament using his HIGHEST league average from the 2015-2016 season. If an entrant’s current average on 12/31/16 was 10 pins higher than his 2015-2016 average, he must use current average.

3. If an entrant does not have a 2015-2016 league average but is currently in a league and has bowled as least 21 games, he shall use his current average.

4. Anyone entering the tournament with no average shall be assigned one based on his total pin fall for all games bowled.

5. The office of the National Bowling Director carries names of non league bowlers who have established an average based on their participation in past District and National
Tournaments. For these entrants, the respective tournament will be used.

6. Handicap shall be established based on ninety per cent (90%) of the difference between the entrants entering average and 220, with no decimal points. There is no limit on handicap. Example: assume an entering average of 150… 220-150=70 pins X 90% = 63 pins

For registration form and more information, CLICK HERE.


Click HERE to get latest information and schedule for Merrillville AHEPA Chapter 78 Bingo for March 2017.

AHEPA 78 bingo takes place in Hobart, Indiana.

Address: 1861 E 37th Ave, Hobart, IN 46342
Phone number: (219) 942-2038


Saint Photios National Shrine and AHEPA celebrate 35th Anniversary

Past AHEPA Family Supreme and Grand Lodge officers were in attendance to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the dedication of Saint Photios National Shrine, Feb. 5, 2017, St. Augustine, Fla.  At the celebration, AHEPA Speedway Chapter 410, Daytona Beach, Fla., presented awards for its St. Photios Greek Orthodox National Shrine Essay Contest. The chapter started the contest in 2015 to to raise awareness of the 500 Greek colonists who arrived in America in 1768 as indentured servants to establish the New Smyrna plantation and to raise awareness of their immigration story as part of early American history.  Ellie Stamatogiannakis captured first prize, Chris Karafotias, second prize; and Cindy Samaan, third prize.  

In 1984, AHEPA made a $66,445.41 donation to pay off the Shrine's mortgage in full.  Previously, in 1982, AHEPA contributed $10,000 for a fresco in the St. Photios Chapel depicting "The Crucifixion of Christ."

2017 AHEPAcademy Session

Join a select group of Greek American students from across the country for AHEPAcademy, June 25 - July 1, 2017, at George Mason University, outside Washington, DC. AHEPAcademy is a leadership and professional development program that identifies, educates, inspires, mentors, advances, and networks exceptional Greek American high school students as they progress through their high school, college, graduate and professional careers. AHEPAcademy is looking for exceptional Greek American high school juniors during the 2016-2017 school year with top grades (minimum 3.5/4.0 GPA or equivalent, or Top 10% of Class), who exemplify scholarship, leadership, character, participation in extracurricular activities, community service, and involvement in the Greek American community to apply for selection to this summer's AHEPAcademy on Campus program.

Early Application Deadline: April 1, 2017
Final Deadline: April 15, 2017

DOWNLOAD: AHEPAcademy application and more information by clicking here.

Notable dates in March History

For your reading enjoyment, here is a listing of some notable events for every day in March:

March 1, 1872 - Yellowstone becomes world's 1st national park.

March 2, 1819 - US passed its 1st immigration law.

March 3, 1791 - Congress establishes US Mint.

March 4, 1791 - Vermont admitted as 14th state (1st addition to the 13 colonies).

March 5, 1179 - 3rd Lateran Council (11th ecumenical council) opens in Rome.

March 6, 1869 - Dmitri Mendeleev presents the first periodic table to the Russian Chemical Society.

March 7, 321 - Roman Emperor Constantine I decrees that the dies Solis Invicti (sun-day) is the day of rest in the Empire.

March 8, 1702 - England: Queen Anne ascends throne upon death of King William III.

March 9, 1943 - Greek Jews of Salonika are transported to Nazi extermination camps.

March 10, 1849 - Abraham Lincoln applies for a patent (only US president to do so) for a device to lift a boat over shoals and obstructions.

March 11, 1912 - Eleftherios Venizelos, leader of the Liberal Party, wins the Greek elections again.

March 12, 1947 - US President Harry Truman introduces Truman-doctrine to fight communism.

March 13, 1639 - Cambridge College renamed Harvard for clergyman John Harvard.

March 14, 1743 -  1st American town meeting (Boston's Faneuil Hall).

March 15, 44 BC - Julius Caesar, is stabbed to death by Brutus, Cassius and several other Roman senators on the Ides of March in Rome.

March 16, 1968 - General Motors produces its 100 millionth automobile, the Oldsmobile Toronado.

March 17, 432 - Saint Patrick, aged about 16 is captured by Irish pirates from his home in Great Britain and taken as a slave to Ireland (traditional date).

March 18, 1920 - Greece adopts the Gregorian calendar.

March 19, 2002 - U.S. invasion of Afghanistan: Operation Anaconda ends (started on March 2) after killing 500 Taliban and al Qaeda fighters with 11 allied troop fatalities.

March 20, 1968 - LBJ signs a bill removing gold backing from US paper money.

March 21, 630 - Byzantine emperor Heraclius restores the True Cross to Jerusalem.

March 22, 1790 - Thomas Jefferson becomes the 1st US Secretary of State under President Washington.

March 23, 1775 - Patrick Henry proclaims "Give me liberty or give me death" in speech in favour of Virginian troops joining US Revolutionary war.

March 24, 1883 - 1st telephone call between NY & Chicago.

March 25, 1668 - 1st horse race in America takes place.

March 26, 1910 - US forbid immigration to criminals, anarchists, paupers & the sick.

March 27, 1794 - The United States Government establishes a permanent navy and authorizes the building of six frigates.

March 28, 1969 - Greek poet and Nobel Prize laureate Giorgos Seferis makes a famous statement on the BBC World Service opposing the junta in Greece.

March 29, 1795 - Ludwig van Beethoven (24) has his debut performance as pianist in Vienna. 

March 30, 240 BC - 1st recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet.

March 31, 1889 - Eiffel Tower officially opens in Paris. Built for the Exposition Universelle, at 300m high it retains the record for the tallest man made structure for 41 years.

Giannis dazzles at NBA All-Star Game

Giannis scores 30 points in his NBA All-Star debut and dazzles the crowd with thunderous dunks. His 30 points lead all Eastern Conference All-Stars. Only Anthony Davis (52 points and new All-Star game record and the game MVP) and Russell Westbrook (41 points) of the Western Conference scored more points.

Bravo Giannis! A rising star in the NBA and making Greeks all over the world proud.

Watch Milwaukee coverage video here.

Watch all Giannis All-Star game highlights here.

AHEPA District 14 Newsletter" The Fez

The winter edition of the AHEPA Family FEZ is now available at by CLICKING HERE.

In the Newsletter you can read about all the AHEPA news coming out of AHEPA District 14 which includes Minnesota, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Eastern Nebraska, and Eastern Missouri.

Read messages from both the AHEPA and DOP District 14 Governors. Learn more on their convention coming up in May and various chapter news from around the District.

Looted Sarcophagus Returned

Looted 200 A.D. Sarcophagus Returned to Greece

Story from the Court House News:

MANHATTAN (CN) — Stolen from a burial ground west of Thessaloniki in 1989, an ancient Greek sarcophagus fragment inspired stirring words of praise, poetry and gratitude at a repatriation ceremony on Friday.

“Whoever neglects the arts has lost the past and is dead to the future,” Greece’s consul general Konstantinos Koutras proclaimed, prefacing his remarks with a quotation from Sophocles, one of the three great Greek tragedians whose dramas remain.

He added that the sarcophagus can “echo a sigh of relief across the oceans of time” upon its return to Athens.

For nearly three decades, an international investigation searching for the sarcophagus had gone as cold as the antiquity’s 400-pound marble facade, but the trail warmed again after the Manhattan district attorney’s office received a tip about a sale at a Midtown gallery.

New York’s Royal-Athena Galleries had estimated the value of the relic — created around 200 A.D. and depicting Greek and Trojan warriors locked in battle — at $500,000.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance told reporters that the owners forfeited the sarcophagus voluntarily when presented with the evidence of its provenance, and nobody from the gallery will face prosecution.

The gallery’s owner Jerome Eisenberg declined to comment for this article.

The loss of Greece’s prodigious cultural heritage has long wounded its national pride, most famously in its yearning to recover the Elgin Marbles, relics taken from the temple of the Parthenon in the 19th century, whitened and then displayed at the British Museum.

“Sadly, in the past, our country, Greece has suffered from cruel and continued smuggling of its antique artifacts, and to this day, a very important part of our heritage remains scattered around the world,” Koutras noted.

As repatriation cases increasingly hit the courts, controversy rages within the art and legal communities about whether national boundaries are too narrow a prism through which to view the cultural heritage of a civilization.

“Now we all know that the artistic expression of every human age and culture transcends and is part of our common heritage, a heritage which is as perennial as it is universal,” Koutras said, acknowledging this debate. “Art, culture, tradition, they transcend time. They transcend space.”

Emphasizing Greek art’s role in shaping modern notions of democracy, philosophy and science, Koutras agreed that this heritage should be enjoyed and shared “universally.”

“However, these artifacts must travel through channels of cooperation – legal channels between museums and cultural institutions of all countries,” he added.

Marine Corps Col. Matthew Bogdanos, who once worked to rescue Iraq’s looted antiquities before serving as a civilian as an assistant district attorney in Manhattan, borrowed a line from Plato to underline that sentiment.

“You can tell a lot about a city by the laws it enforces,” Bogdanos said.

Though today’s ceremony was largely upbeat, Vance gave a stern warning to other galleries to be on guard for looted objects.

“Now in many cases, once a trafficked item like this reaches New York or London or Tokyo or any other major city, the item has often acquired a veneer of legitimacy through the passage of time, through the passage of many different custodians in different countries and even through academic citations in art journals,” he noted.

Vance emphasized that this gives art collectors and sellers greater obligations to conduct due diligence.

“The process of establishing an item’s provenance may not be easy, and it’s often not straightforward, but the alternative is the implicit endorsement of an unacceptable practice through willful ignorance,” he said.

Greece to EU: "Not a Euro more"

Inconclusive talks between Greece and its international creditors on economic reforms and debt relief are in danger of retriggering the crisis that almost ended in Greece being pushed out of the euro zone two years ago.

"The Greek government is negotiating with responsibility and resolve ... but all of that must, however, be without any additional burden, and without additional costs for Greek society," Greek government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos told a news briefing.


6 Greeks Inducted into US National Academy of Engineering

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) has elected 84 new members and 22 foreign members, among them 6 Greek researchers (3 in each category). This brings the total US membership to 2,281 and the number of foreign members to 249. Individuals in the newly elected class will be formally inducted during a ceremony at the NAE’s annual meeting in Washington, DC, on Oct. 8, 2017.

Congratulations to:
1. Leonidas Guibas: Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, computer science department, Stanford University. Recognized for contributions to data structures, algorithm analysis, and computational geometry.

2. Dimitris Katsoulis: Senior research scientist, Dow Corning Corp., Midland, Michigan. Recognized for foundational contributions to the characterization and creation of novel silicone resins, gels and elastomers, and catalysis for organosilanes.

3. Ioannis Yannas: Professor of polymer science and engineering, department of mechanical engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Recognized for co-developing the first commercially reproducible artificial skin that facilitates new growth, saving the lives of thousands of burn victims.

4. Georges Hadziioannou: University Professor Classe Exceptionelle, Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères Organiques, Université de Bordeaux. Recognized for foundational discoveries and insights enabling the development of polymers with advanced functionality and performance.

5.Joseph Sifakis: Professor, School of Computer and Communication Science, École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. Recognized for co-inventing model checking and for contributions to the development and verification of real-time and embedded systems.

6. Constantinos Vayenas: Professor, department of chemical engineering, University of Patras. Recognized for fundamental studies on electrochemical modification of catalytic activity leading to the industrial design and use of new promoted catalysts.

Information above was taken from the National Herald.

Greek Super League

The Greek Super League standings as of March 1st, 2017 for the 2016-2017 season is as follows:

#        TEAM         GAMES     POINTS
1 OLYMPIACOS         22           51 
2 PANIONIOS             22          44
3 P.A.O.K.                   22           40
4 PANATHINAIKOS     22           38
5  A.E.K.                      22           36
6 XANTHI                    22          36

7 PLATANIAS              22           35
8 ATROMITOS ATH    22           32
9 PAS GIANNINA        22           31
10 PANETOLIKOS       22          23
11 A.O.K.                     22          23
12 ASTERAS TRIP.     22           20
13 A.E.L.                     22          20
14 LEVADIAKOS         22          17
15  AEP IRAKLIS         22          15
16 VERIA                    22          13

AHEPA District 12 Facebook page

The AHEPA District 12 Facebook page currently has 575 likes. We encourage all our members and friends to invite people to like our page. We are very close to the 600 like mark and we would love to surpass that by the end of the year. The more people that like our page, the more successful we are in informing people what good work AHEPA is doing at all levels of the order.

Our facebook page is

Hellenic History Tournament

3rd Annual Midwest Hellenic History Educational Tournament

The Hellenic History Tournament is an educational competition for high school aged students who want to learn about 3,500 years of Greek History. The Midwest tournament is sponsored by AHEPA Chapter #205 and the tournament is open to students in grade 9-12 at the time of the competition. There are no additional requirements to compete.

This years competing will be held at Loyola University Chicago School of Law on Saturday, March 11, 2017 beginning at 11am. Students form their own 3-member teams to compete in the one day competition. A $3,000 scholarship prize is awarded to the winning team and a $1,500 scholarship prize is awarded to the second place team. In addition, the top two teams will qualify for the national rounds to compete for an additional $12,000 in scholarship prize money at the AHEPA Supreme Convention in July in Orlando, Florida.

To register, each member of the team needs to complete an online application at and pay the $25 registration fee by Thursday, January 26, 2017. In return, each student will receive a copy of the study materials for which the questions are drawn from. Please note that there is a limit to the number of teams so its encouraged that teams register as quickly as possible. For additional questions, please email Themistocles Frangos at

AHEPA Joins American Jewish Leaders for Meetings in Cyprus

WASHINGTON (February 23, 2017) -- The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (Order of AHEPA), the leading association for American citizens of Hellenic heritage and Philhellenes, joined American Jewish community leaders at events held with Cypriot government officials in Nicosia, Cyprus, February 22, 2017, announced Supreme President Andrew C. Zachariades. 
The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, a central coordinating body for American Jewry representing 50 national Jewish organizations, visited Cyprus as part of its 2017 Leadership Mission.  AHEPA Chairman of the Board Nicholas A. Karacostas and AHEPA Executive Director Basil Mossaidis represented the Order and were on-hand to greet their colleagues from the American Jewish community.  Together, with American Hellenic Institute President Nick Larigakis, they attended a series of one-day events that included meetings with:  President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades, Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulidis, Defense Minister Christoforos Fokaides, and Ambassador Andreas Mavroyiannis, who is the Greek Cypriot negotiator for the Cyprus issue, among other officials.  U.S. Ambassador to Cyprus Kathleen Doherty also attended events.
"We thank Supreme President Zachariades for the opportunity to represent AHEPA today," Karacostas said.  "We were pleased to welcome and join our colleagues for their important visit to Cyprus."  

He added, "We are proud to provide continued diaspora support and encouragement for advancing the trilateral relationship between Cyprus, Israel, and Greece, which lends stability to the eastern Mediterranean region.  We are especially grateful to President Anastasiades, and all of the Cypriot government officials with whom we met, for the time they afforded us that helped to make this one-day mission a success."
In January 2016, AHEPA, the American Hellenic Institute, B'nai B'rith International, and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations completed their second Leadership Mission to Israel, Cyprus and Greece.  The groundbreaking inaugural mission was held in January 2014.


50th Annual Sports Award Banquet

Dear Athlete and Family,

The 50th Annual Sports Award Banquet will be held on Friday, June 2nd 2017 at Fountain Blue Banquets 2300 Mannheim Rd. in Des Plaines. Cocktails will be served at 6:00pm followed by a dinner at 7:00 pm sharp.

The Order of AHEPA (American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association) is a fraternal organization founded upon the ideals and principals of patriotism, service to America and the preservation and perpetuation of the Greek heritage of its brotherhood.

In addition, AHEPA places strong emphasis on the encouragement of higher learning for Greek-American young adults by awarding scholarships. Annually, we award over $500,000 in scholarships to deserving students throughout the nation. Another segment of the organization is dedicated to athletics in our community, both hosting of sports tournaments and the rendering of awards for athletic excellence.
The 13th District of AHEPA, one of the 26 Districts throughout America, annually sponsors a Sports Award Banquet. This banquet honors Greek-American and AHEPA family high school and college athletes who have played any sport on their high school or college teams. The athletes will be the guests of the committee and will be awarded a plaque or trophy for their athletic accomplishments. We have also added an Athletic Scholarship Program to our agenda. Four $1,000 and eight $500 scholarships will be presented to deserving male and female high school senior or any college athlete who has excelled in athletics and maintained at least a B average academically. Athletes who qualify should check the enclosed application form.

I am embarrassed to say that at last years Banquet there were only 95 athletes from Illinois and Wisconsin who received awards. I know that there more than 95 athletes of Greek Descent who play High School or College sports in and around Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.  I have made it my mission to change that.  I would like to get an application into the hands of every eligible athlete.  Athletes must attend the banquet to receive their awards.  Awards go to any student in high school or college, any grade any age, and of any gender.  As long you participate on a High School or College team, you are eligible. Please fill out and sign the enclosed application.  Please have your coaches make comments and sign the reverse side and send to Chris Atsaves, 13th District Athletic Director, by May 25.  Also, enclosed is a Banquet reservation form.  Athletes are free as guests of the Committee. Dinners for parents, family members, and guests are $40-$50 each. Please try to spread the word and distribute to other athletes you may know that may be eligible.  Feel free to call with any questions.

Chris Atsaves                            

For the first time, student athletes from AHEPA District 12 (Indiana) will be recognized at the sports award banquet. The sports award banquet for the first 49 years was exclusively a District 13 (Illinois/Wisconsin) event but going forward the two Districts will join together and recognize student athletes of Greek descent from the great states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. District 12 would like to thank Chairman Chris Atsaves, the sports award committee and District 13 for inviting District 12 to participate in one of the great AHEPA programs in the nation.

We will need our membership help in identifying Greek descent student-athletes in the state of Indiana. Once identified, we need to provide them the application and RSVP form.

CLICK HERE for application form.


As always, for AHEPA to provide scholarships, fundraising is critical. To support the sports award program, you may click HERE to purchase an Ad in the program book.

AHEPA-DOP District 12 Scholarship

The AHEPA-Daughters of Penelope District No. 12 Foundation, Inc. provides opportunities to pursue higher education, to share cross-cultural experiences and promote philanthropic programs. The Foundation encourages the development of civic responsibility and individual excellence, promotes and encourages American values of family, participatory democracy and free enterprise.

The AHEPA-DOP District 12 Foundation has posted the 2017 rules, eligibility, and scholarship application on the foundation website. Direct access to this information can be obtained by clicking on the link below.

AHEPA-DOP District 12 Foundation will be offering (5) $1,500 dollar scholarships for the year 2017.

  • Three (3) High School graduating senior awards
  • Two (2) College undergraduate awards

The deadline for returned application is Saturday April 1st, 2017.

All applications postmarked after this date will be disqualified.

CLICK HERE to access District 12 scholarship application and rules.

White Sox Greek Heritage Night

Mark your calendars! The Chicago White Sox have informed the Order of AHEPA that they will once again be hosting a Greek Heritage night in the upcoming 2017 season.

The White Sox have set aside
Tuesday July 18th as Greek Heritage night. The White Sox will be playing the National League Los Angeles Dodgers. The game starts at 7:10PM.

AHEPA Chapter #205 is working directly with the White Sox front office to offer a discounted group rate and will be working with both Districts 12 and 13 to extend this opportunity to all the AHEPA/DOP/SOP/MOA chapters, the membership, and friends & family.

Stay tuned for future updates and information on securing the group discounted tickets. Order of AHEPA has been organizing and leading the group outing effort to Greek Heritage night with the White Sox for the past two years. Both years, over 300 members, families, and friends have attended.

District 12 members who celebrate birthdays in March

Chapter 78 - Merrillville

3/22 - Lee Christakis
3/12 - Apostolos Collaros
3/21 - Gregory Demetrakis
3/16 - Rogelio Dominguez
3/15 - George Halkias
3/26 - Kosta Lalios
3/11 - Nicholas Lalios
3/02 - Emanuel Papadakis
3/17 - John Paviadakis
3/15 - Michael Paviadakis
3/01 - George Pietris
3/19 - William Theodoros
3/31 - Thomas Trakas
3/01 - Alexander Vlassopoulos

Chapter 81 - Ft. Wayne

3/15 - Lazaros Retzios

Chapter 100 - South Bend

3/30 - Michael Saros
3/12 - Richard Borkowski

Chapter 123  - Hammond

3/10 - Mike Alexiou
3/31 - Gus Gavrilos
3/16 - William Kallas
3/12 - Michael Pantazis
3/20 - Nick Skotadis
3/04 - Peter Loxas

Chapter 157 - Calumet

3/01 - Peter Amanatidis
3/12 - Michael Haluska
3/10 - Anthony Kanavos
3/17 - Thad Kanavos
3/30 - Haridimos Kouklakis
3/02 - Aristotelis Panousis
3/31 - Nickolas Panousis

Chapter 232 - Indianapolis

3/20 - Peter Kirles
3/14 - Angelo Taylor
3/25 - Angelo Zarvas

2017 Monthe Kofos Golf Tournament

2017 Monthe Kofos Memorial Golf Tournament

AHEPA Athletics, always striving to provide the best in quality, top-notch events, is proud to announce that the 2017 Monthe Kofos Memorial Golf Tournament will be hosted in Chandler, Arizona, at the fabulous Wild Horse Pass Resort and Casino and at the Whirlwind Golf Club at Wild Horse Pass. We have heard our membership and their wanting to come to Arizona and we have made this a reality after a long time absence from Arizona. The resort itself features a casino, a beautiful swimming pool with cabanas for rent, 7 restaurants on site, a nightclub, and a very close proximity to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area for everyone to explore. Come join us for some great fun and fellowship and fantastic golf!

6 nights accommodations/ 5 rounds: $1026.18 (Double Occupancy) $1575.36 (Single Occupancy)

4 nights accommodations/ 3 rounds: $652.32 (Double Occupancy) $1018.44 (Single Occupancy)

To make reservation, please call the hotel reservation line at 520-796-4900 and refer to the “AHEPA Annual Golf Outing Group Block” Before the Cut-Off Date of 2/2/2017. If cancelled within 48 hours there will be a charge of one night's room and tax.

Schedule of Events:
  • Monday, March 6 - practice round at Whirlwind Golf Club 1:00pm
  • Tuesday, March 7 – practice round at Whirlwind Golf Club 8:00am
  • Wednesday, March 8 - 1st round of the Memorial Tournament at Whirlwind Golf Club 1:00pm
  • Wednesday evening- Poker Tournament
  • Thursday, March 9 – 2nd round of the Memorial Tournament at Whirlwind Golf Club 1:00pm
  • Friday, March 10 – Final round of the Memorial Tournament at Whirlwind Golf Club 1:00pm
  • Friday evening- Awards Banquet and Dinner Dance starting at 7:30pm
**Whirlwind has 2 golf courses- Devil’s Claw and Cattail. Details of which course we are playing on which day will be provided when each golfer registers**

**We are planning an AHEPA Cactus League Spring Training Day, that will be included in your package! More details to come!**

There will be a $125 administrative fee, which includes the banquet, prizes and the Spring Training outing. Deadline to pay for this is Monday, February 27. The fee goes up to $150 if made after the deadline. Call Rory at HQ: 202-232-6300.

Chapters, members, and supporters of the AHEPA athletic program can help offset the costs of world class athletic programs by being a sponsor for the 2017 Monthe Kofos Memorial Tournament. 

CLICK HERE to access the sponsorship form. For example. you can sponsor a hole for as low as $250 dollars.


National AHEPA Scholarships

AHEPA's commitment to education has been well documented throughout its history. Over $4 million is endowed at the local, district and national levels toward the use of scholarships and a half-million dollars is awarded annually. Thousands of young men and women have benefited as recipients of AHEPA scholarships at these various levels. The most famous recipient, perhaps, is ABC News' Host of This 
The AHEPA National 2017 educational scholarship application is now available.
The applications deadline is March 31, 2017. Any application postmarked after March 31, 2017 will not be considered.

CLICK HERE to access the scholarship application and guidelines for the AHEPA National Scholarship.

AHEPA Athletics also issues Scholar-Athlete Scholarships.

The 2016 Nomination Form for AHEPA Scholar-Athlete SCHOLARSHIP can be accessed by CLICKING HERE.

Honoring our Veterans

AHEPA appreciates its districts and chapters for honoring Ahepans who are Veterans with the AHEPA Medal for Military Service and certificate. To keep a proper accounting, and for archival purposes, the AHEPA Veterans Committee is requesting all Veterans who have received this honor to register with the Committee's database (preferred method). Registration can also be facilitated through a downloadable PDF. If your district or chapter has held an event to honor our Veterans with the medal, please ensure they are registered with the AHEPA Veterans Committee.

The act of honoring AHEPA family members with the AHEPA Medal for Military Service was acknowledged by the U.S. Senate as part of a concurrent resolution passed March 20, 2000, with the lead of then U.S. Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D-MD), on the occasion of the 2000 AHEPA Biennial Salute Banquet.  The banquet's theme was "Salute to Veterans."

Trial of the Parthenon Marbles

The Parthenon Marbles are a collection of Classical Greek sculptures, inscriptions, and architectural pieces (originally forming much of the exterior decoration of the Parthenon) that were removed and taken from the Acropolis and out of Greece. The Ottoman governor of Greece allegedly permitted Ambassador Lord Elgin to ship the Parthenon Marbles from Athens to London in the early 1800s. Sometimes referred to as the “Elgin Marbles,” they have been on display at the British Museum for nearly 200 years. Since obtaining independence from the Ottoman Empire, Greece has pressed the United Kingdom for the Marbles’ return, a request that has been refused on the grounds that ownership was properly acquired. The case of the Parthenon Marbles presents contemporary issues of cultural appropriation versus the British Museum’s good faith ownership of these artifacts consistent with legal principles. In 2017, the National Hellenic Museum brings back the all-star team of judges and attorneys from previous years for another case from the annals of Greek history. Additionally the bench will also feature Justice Anne Burke from the Illinois Supreme Court and Circuit Judge Anna H. Demacopoulos. In a special feature this year, trial attorneys Sam Adams Jr. and Tinos Diamantatos will cross-examine witnesses testifying for the Greek and British sides of the case.

Thursday, March 16, 2017, 6:30pm
Art Institute of Chicago
Rubloff Auditorium

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets or help support the event by being a sponsor or purchasing an ad.
Hon. Anne M. Burke
Hon. Richard A. Posner, Presiding
Hon. William J. Bauer
Hon. Charles P. Kocoras
Hon. Anna H. Demacopoulos

Sam Adam Jr. (Sam Adam Jr. Law Group)
Robert A. Clifford (Clifford Law Offices)
Patrick M. Collins (Perkins Coie)
Tinos Diamantatos (Morgan Lewis)
Patrick J. Fitzgerald (Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP)
Dan K. Webb (Winston & Strawn LLP)

March Name Days

AHEPA District #12 would like to wish Χρόνια Πολλά to all those who celebrate their names day in March. 

There are 75 names that celebrate in March. Some of those names are Gerasimos, Theodore, Gregory, Benedict, Claudia and many many more.

For a full list of names and the dates they celebrate in March, 

Memory Eternal

On February 14th we said goodbye to one our greatest AHEPA members. George Vlahos was a 63 year member of AHEPA and was one of the original founders of AHEPA 78 Housing. AHEPA 78 housing over the years has built 6 apartment units providing affordable, safe, clean, and loving shelter for over 300 low income seniors in Merrillville.

He was a very active member and was honored by the District in 2011 for his distinguished service to the Order of AHEPA with the Prometheus Award (the highest district award for a lifetime of service to the order).

Full obituary:

George C. Vlahos, age 91, of Merrillville, IN, passed away on Friday, February 10, 2017. George is survived by his wife, Priscilla (Stamos) Vlahos of 68 years; daughters: Mantia (John) Cotromanes, Georgene (D. Joseph) Beiriger; daughter-in-law: Rebecca Vlahos; grandchildren: James Cotromanes, Mariana (Stephen) Fulton, Annessa Hornbuckle, Jamie (Steve) Bangeman, George (Elizabeth) Vlahos, and Christine (Christopher) Helle; and great grandchildren: Evan, Drew, Constantine, Elizabeth, Alec, Alexandria, and two more on the way. He was preceded in death by his parents: Constantine G. and Victoria (Harthaloupas); and son: Dino G. Vlahos. George was a member of Ss. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Merrillville, IN and 50 year member of the church board. He served for three and a half years in the U.S. Navy during World War II and was a member of the American Legion Post #20, past President and life-time member of AHEPA #78, and alumnus of Purdue University and Indiana University. He was the Nursing Home Administrator at Maple Manor Residential Home for Lake County, IN for 31 years. George devoted his life to caring for the elderly. After he retired, as a member of AHEPA 78, he was instrumental in the development of six apartment complexes for senior citizens in Merrillville, IN. He was a man with a big heart and great compassion. George touched many lives in the Greek and American communities. Visitation will be held on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at Geisen Funeral & Cremation Services, 7905 Broadway, Merrillville, IN 46410 from 3:00 to 8:00 PM with an AHEPA Service at 4:30 PM followed by a Trisagion Service at 5:00 PM and an American Legion Post #20 Service at 7:00 PM. Funeral Services will be held on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at Ss. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral, 8000 Madison St., Merrillville, IN at 10:00 AM with Fr. Ted Poteres and Fr. George Pappas officiating. Entombment to follow at Calumet Park Cemetery in Merrillville, IN. In lieu of flowers, Memorial donations may be given to: Ss. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral or Unity Hospice, 8407 Virginia St., Merrillville, IN 46410.

Greek American wins Superbowl with New England

Only one player with Greek descent participated in this year’s Super Bowl. Theodore George “Ted” Ted Karras III is an American football guard for the New England Patriots. Karras comes from an established football family. He is the the son of former Chicago Bears player Ted Karras, Jr. His great uncles were also football players - the late Alex Karras, a four time Pro Bowler with the Detroit Lions and actor in the 1980s sitcom “Webster”, and his brother Lou Karras who played for the Washington Redskins.

As we all know, the Karras family hail from Gary, Indiana.

Ted Karras III went to Indianapolis Cathedral High School and attended Illinois University.

Turkey and Greece trade jabs

Turkey and Greece have reignited a decades-old disagreement over the sovereignty of a pair of uninhabited Aegean Islands, in a spat that analysts say risks aggravating other diplomatic disputes between the two countries.

The exchange is the most public disagreement over the tiny islands’ sovereignty since 1996, when soldiers from both countries landed on them before American-led mediation persuaded both sides to leave the area.

Turkey disputes Greece’s claim that the islands — known as Imia in Greece and Kardak in Turkey — entered Greek ownership in 1947, after first being assigned to Italy in 1923 following the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Read more from the NY Times by clicking here.

Congressional Hellenic Caucus

Indiana has two new US Representatives resulting from November 2016 elections. We encourage all our members in Indiana to reach out to both of them and request they join the Congressional Hellenic Caucus. Both of the newly elected Indiana US Representatives replaced congressmen who joined the Hellenic Caucus. The new US Representatives are from Indiana 3rd District which covers the Ft. Wayne area and Indiana 9th District which covers the Bloomington area.

US Rep. Trey Hollingsworth  (IN-9)
Washington DC number: 202-225-5315
1641 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Trey replaces Todd Young who went on to win the US Senate seat vacated by Dan Coats.

Hollingsworth was born in Clinton, Tennessee. He attended Webb School in Knoxville, Tennessee, and the University of Pennsylvania, graduating from the Wharton School. After graduating from Wharton, Hollingsworth founded Hollingsworth Capital Partners, which specialized in rebuilding old manufacturing sites and returning them to service. He also founded an aluminum remanufacturing company.

Hollingsworth moved to Jeffersonville, Indiana; a suburb of Louisville, in September 2015. He declared his campaign for the United States House of Representatives in Indiana's 9th congressional district in October 2015. Running in the Republican Party primary election against Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller and State Senators Erin Houchin and Brent Waltz, Hollingsworth won, receiving 34% of the vote. He faced Democratic Party nominee Shelli Yoder in the November general election. Hollingsworth defeated Yoder by 14 points, winning 54% of the vote. He was sworn into office on January 3, 2017.

Hollingsworth has promised to serve no more than eight years (four terms) in the House. His most recent proposed bill is H.J.Res. 23: Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to limit the number of terms that a Member of Congress may serve to four in the House of Representatives and two in the Senate.

US Rep. Jim Banks (IN-3)
Washington DC number: 202-225-4436
509 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Jim Banks (born July 16, 1979) is an American politician who is the U.S. Representative for Indiana's 3rd congressional district. A Republican, he previously served as a member of the Indiana Senate. Banks was first elected to serve in the state senate for the 17th district in 2010, and upon military deployment to Afghanistan, he took a leave of absence from the state senate since September 2014. Invoking an Indiana state law which allows state and local officeholders to take leaves of absence during active duty military service, Banks was temporarily replaced by his wife, Amanda Banks, who held the office for the senate's 2015 legislative session. He returned to Indiana from overseas duty on April 14, 2015 and resumed his duties as state senator on May 8, 2015. On May 3, 2016 he won the primary election for the Republican nomination for Indiana's Third Congressional District.

Banks is a commercial real estate broker for The Bradley Company in Fort Wayne. He earned his undergraduate degree from Indiana University and his Master of Business Administration from Grace College and Seminary. He serves in the U.S. Navy Reserve as a supply corps officer and took a leave of absence from the Indiana State Senate in 2014 and 2015 to deploy to Afghanistan during Operations Enduring Freedom and Freedom’s Sentinel. He received the Defense Meritorious Service Medal for his military leadership in Afghanistan.

Beyond his professional life, Banks is involved in many civic organizations. He is the past president of the Columbia City Rotary Club and former chairman of the Whitley County Republican Party. He has also served on the Northeast Indiana Workforce Development Board and the Whitley County Council. 

Jim Banks lives in Columbia City with his wife, Amanda, and their three daughters, Lillian, Elizabeth and Joann.

A reminder that US Representative Peter Visclosky (IN-1), Jackie Walorski (IN-2), and Susan Brooks (IN-5) already belong to the Congressional Hellenic Caucus. Rep. Visclosky is also an AHEPAN belonging to Merrillville Chapter 78.

Indiana US Representatives Todd Rokita (IN-4), Luke Messer (IN-6), Andre Carson (IN-7), and Larry Bucshon (IN-8) have declined to join the Hellenic Caucus but we encourage the AHEPA family membership to contact and request they join. The more people that are engaged and contact our US Representatives, the better chance we have of changing hearts and minds.

Felony reduced to misdemeanor for Greek Orthodox Priest

A Greek Orthodox priest from Chicago who pleaded guilty to stealing more than $100,000 from his church had his felony theft conviction reduced to a misdemeanor Wednesday (February 22nd).

A judge in Milwaukee agreed to instate the lesser conviction after the Rev. James Dokos satisfied the terms of his yearlong probation, including 40 hours of community service, which he fulfilled by volunteering in a Chicago church.

Dokos, 64, will continue to avoid jail time if he pays a $5,000 fine within the next year, officials said.

While leading Annunciation Church in Milwaukee, Dokos tapped into a trust fund intended to benefit the church and used the money for personal expenses, according to authorities. The priest controlled the $1 million fund — money that was left to the church by former parishioners — and used it to pay personal credit card bills, buy jewelry for a relative and provide gifts of more than $6,000 to a high-ranking church official in Chicago, among other unauthorized purchases, according to a 2013 Tribune analysis of trust fund records.

Read the full story by the Chicago Tribune by clicking HERE.

500-Year-Old Greek Tomb Upended What We Thought We Knew About the Roots of Western Civilization

They had been digging for days, shaded from the Greek sun by a square of green tarpaulin slung between olive trees. The archaeologists used picks to break the cream-colored clay, baked as hard as rock, until what began as a cluster of stones just visible in the dirt became four walls in a neat rectangle, sinking down into the earth. Little more than the occasional animal bone, however, came from the soil itself. On the morning of May 28, 2015, the sun gave way to an unseasonable drizzle. The pair digging that day, Flint Dibble and Alison Fields, waited for the rain to clear, then stepped down into their meter-deep hole and got to work. Dibble looked at Fields. “It’s got to be soon,” he said.

The season had not started well. The archaeologists were part of a group of close to three dozen researchers digging near the ancient Palace of Nestor, on a hilltop near Pylos on the southwest coast of Greece. The palace was built in the Bronze Age by the Mycenaeans—the heroes described in Homer’s epic poems—and was first excavated in the 1930s. The dig’s leaders, Jack Davis and Sharon Stocker, husband-and-wife archaeologists from the University of Cincinnati, in Ohio, had hoped to excavate in a currant field just downslope from the palace, but Greek bureaucracy and a lawyers’ strike kept them from obtaining the necessary permits. So they settled, disappointed, on a neighboring olive grove. They cleared the land of weeds and snakes and selected a few spots to investigate, including three stones that appeared to form a corner. As the trench around the stones sank deeper, the researchers allowed themselves to grow eager: The shaft’s dimensions, two meters by one meter, suggested a grave, and Mycenaean burials are famous for their breathtakingly rich contents, able to reveal volumes about the culture that produced them. Still, there was no proof that this structure was even ancient, the archaeologists reminded themselves, and it might simply be a small cellar or shed.

Read more on this story from Smithsonian magazine by clicking here.

Purdue Men’s Basketball Big Ten Champions

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – The Purdue men’s basketball team clinched at least a share of the 2016-17 Big Ten Championship after defeating Indiana, 86-75, at Mackey Arena on Tuesday February 28th. The Boilermakers are 13-4 in Big Ten play with one game remaining, while every other Big Ten team has at least five conference losses.

Purdue has now won a conference-record 23 Big Ten Championships, and claims its first crown since 2010. The Boilermakers can secure the outright Big Ten Championship with one more conference win. Purdue will travel to Northwestern in the regular season finale on Sunday.

The 2017 Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament will be held at Verizon Center in Washington D.C. for the first time from March 8-12. Purdue has clinched the #1 seed for the Big Ten Tournament. 

Many of our members are Purdue alumni so they are very proud of the Purdue mens basketball team.

AHEPA District 12 on Twitter

You can follow Indiana AHEPA District 12 on Twitter. Twitter is limited to 140 characters but we keep all our social media accounts up to date and post consistently on both Facebook and Twitter. We currently have 233 followers on Twitter.

You can follow AHEPA District 12 on Twitter at

Please spread the word and lets set a goal of having 250 followers on Twitter by the end of the summer.
March 6-10, 2017
Monthe Kofos Memorial Golf Tournament
Wild Horse Pass, Arizona

March 8-12, 2017
AHEPA Marrow Basketball Tournament
Chicago, IL

March 11, 2017
Hellenic History Tournament

Chicago, IL

March 16, 2017
Trial of the Parthenon Marbles

Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, IL

March 30 - April 2, 2017

Fenwick High School
Oak Park, IL

March 31, 2017
AHEPA National 2017 educational scholarship

April 1-2, 2017
AHEPA District 13 Bowling Tournament
Town & Country Lanes
Joliet, IL

April 1, 2017
AHEPA-DOP District 12 educational scholarship

April 16, 2017
Greek Orthodox and Western Easter 

(Same date in 2017)

April 30, 2017
Greek Independence Day Parade
Halsted Street - Greek Town
Chicago, IL

May 3, 2017
Capitol Hill Day
Washington D.C

May 5-7, 2017
AHEPA District 14 Convention
Duluth, Minnesota

May 8, 2017
Peter J. Economos Memorial Scholarship

May 19-20, 2017
Joint District 12 and 13 Convention

Hammond, Indiana

June 2, 2017
Sports Award Banquet
Fountain Blue Banquets
Des Plaines, IL

July 18, 2017
White Sox Greek Heritage Night
Comiskey Park
Chicago, IL

July 24-30, 2017
AHEPA Supreme Convention
Walt Disney World
Orlando, Florida

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