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AHEPA District 12 Hoosier eHerald

Bringing you all the news from AHEPA District 12.

Newly Elected AHEPA District 12 Lodge 

Congratulations to the newly elected AHEPA Hoosier District #12 lodge. The elections took place at the District Convention held at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Carmel, Indiana hosted by Indianapolis Chapter #232 on Saturday June 11th, 2016.

The District convention was a success. Over 25 delegates across the state and from all six chapter were in attendance. Business was undertaken and a new lodge was elected.

District 12 would like to THANK the Indianapolis Chapter and Brothers for being great hosts and doing a great job with all the logistics.

2016-2017 Elected officers:
  • Governor - George Loxas (Hammond Chapter #123)
  • Lt. Governor - Panos Niarchos (Indianapolis Chapter #232)
  • Secretary - Matthew Kochevar (Merrillville Chapter #78)
  • Treasurer - Dan Skotadis (Hammond Chapter #123)
  • Marshall - Nick Dervenis (Indianapolis Chapter #232)
  • Warden - Pete Kavadas (Merrillville Chapter #78)
  • Advisor - Sam Benjamin (Merrillville Chapter #78)

AHEPA District 12 Governor George Loxas

Brother Nick Kavadas will continue to be the District Communications Director and District Bingo Operator.

We would like to Thank Governor Sam Benjamin for a job well done the past two years as Governor. He did a wonderful job raising money for Saint Nicholas National Shrine and led the AHEPANS in District 12 to fullfil the AHEPA mission.

We wish the new officers the best of luck for the upcoming AHEPA year.

Chicago White Sox and AHEPA celebrate Greek Heritage Night

The Chicago White Sox will once again be promoting Greek Heritage Night. The Order of AHEPA led by Chicago Chapter #205 is working closely with the White Sox for this event. Last year over 350 people participated with the Order of AHEPA to attend Greek Heritage Night.

This year, Greek Heritage Night will be on Thursday July 21st against the Detroit Tigers. It is a 7:10PM start. Tickets will be only $25 dollars. AHEPA Chapters #157 and #78 will be renting a bus to take members and families to and from the game. The bus will leave SS Constantine and Helen at 4:30PM sharp. There is no charge to ride the bus.

Contact Nick Kavadas at NJK33@YAHOO.COM if you are interested in attending.

AHEPA Supreme Convention

The AHEPA Family Supreme Convention in 2016 will be July 24-30, 2016 at the Mirage Hotel and Casino located on 3400 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

AHEPA has secured an incredibly affordable room rate of $90 per night (plus tax and resort fee) for convention attendees. It is available by telling reservation staff that you are with the AHEPA group when making your reservations. 
The AHEPA room rate EXPIRES June 24, 2016, so book ASAP!

More information including tentative schedule and sponsorship opportunities can be found by
clicking here and visiting the AHEPA website.

AHEPA 78 awards Scholarships

On Sunday June 12th, AHEPA Chapter 78 awarded three scholarships at $1,000 a piece to three very deserving students who achieved scholastic excellence. The scholarships were awarded at Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Merrillville, Indiana as part of the church Graduate Sunday program. AHEPA Chapter 78 President Pete Kavadas presented the students with the scholarship awards.

The three outstanding students are:

  • Chris Zeheralis 
  • Erini Collaros 
  • Gregory Logothetis

One of the pillars of the AHEPA mission is to promote education. Most chapters and districts across the country award scholarships to deserving students wanting to pursue a higher education or continue their education at the postgraduate level. Well over a million dollars is awarded annually by AHEPA across the country to reward scholastic excellence. In Indiana alone, between the AHEPA chapters and AHEPA-DOP District 12 Foundation, over $30,000 dollars of scholarships were awarded in 2016.

Congratulations to the students for a job well done and we wish them continued success in their future studies.

Also, thank you to Merrillville AHEPA‬ Chapter 78 who continue to reward scholastic achievement in the local community.

Grecian Festivals

The weather is getting warmer and summer will be upon us very soon. That means its Grecian Festival time. Almost every church has a Greek Fest to help with the church finances. Many AHEPANS will volunteer their time to work at the various Greek Festivals.

Here is a list of dates of the Indiana Greek Orthodox Church festivals.
  • July 8 -10, 2016 - Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Fest in Merrillville, Indiana.
  • July 14 -17, 2016 - Saint George Greek Fest in Schererville, Indiana.
  • August 25 -28, 2016 - Holy Trinity Greek Fest in Carmel, Indiana.
  • September 16-18 - Saint Iakovos Greek Fest in Valparaiso, Indiana (Porter County Fairgrounds)

For a complete listing of Church Greeks Fests that belong to the Chicago Metropolis, you may CLICK HERE to view them.

AHEPA-DOP District 12 Foundation Awards Scholarships

On Saturday June 11th, 2016, the AHEPA-DOP District 12 Foundation awarded the scholarships to the winning recipients for their outstanding scholastic achievement.

Each student received a $1,500 dollar scholarship. A total of $7,500 dollars was awarded.

High School:

  • Eleni Kioussis
  • Kristin Morrison
  • Kayleah Stucker


  • Thomas Dervenis
  • Chase Watson

More pictures can be seen on the Foundation Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Congratulations to the 2016 Scholarship recipients! We wish them the best and continued success in their studies.

July National Days

Did you know there are many days of the year where something is celebrated. 

For example, August 26th is National Dog Day, December 1st is National Pie Day, May 4th is National Star Wars Day, June 8th is National Best Friends Day, February 9th is National Pizza Day, and October 8th is National Chocolate Day. 

Going forward, AHEPA District 12 will help you not miss any one of these celebrated days by providing the complete list for the next month in each newsletter. Have fun with it...thats the point!

In July, there are many days designated for something fun.

For example:

  • July 5th - National Bikini Day

  • July 11th - National Mojito Day

  • July 17th - National Ice Cream Day

  • July 28th - National Chili Dog Day

  • July 30th - National Father-in-Law Day

And much much more. To see entire list of designated days in July, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

July is also Aquarium Month, National Candy Month, National Dairy Month, National Camping Month, National Soul Food Month, and more!

Notable dates in July History

For your reading enjoyment, here is a listing of some notable events for every day July:

July 1, 1862 - President Abraham Lincoln signed the first income tax bill, levying a 3% income tax on annual incomes of $600-$10,000 and a 5% tax on incomes over $10,000. Also on this day, the Bureau of Internal Revenue was established by an Act of Congress.

July 2, 1881 - President James A. Garfield was shot and mortally wounded as he entered a railway station in Washington, D.C. He died on September 19th.

July 3, 1775 - During the American Revolution, George Washington took command of the Continental Army at Cambridge, Massachusetts.

July 4, 1776 - The Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress.

July 5, 1775- The Continental Congress adopted the Olive Branch Petition expressing hope for a reconciliation with Britain. However, King George III refused even to look at the petition and instead issued a proclamation declaring the colonists to be in a state of open rebellion.

July 6, 1885 - Louis Pasteur gave the first successful anti-rabies inoculation to a boy who had been bitten by an infected dog.

July 7, 1898 - President William McKinley signed a resolution annexing Hawaii. In 1900, Congress made Hawaii an incorporated territory of the U.S., which it remained until becoming a state in 1959.

July 8, 1776 - The first public reading of the Declaration of Independence occurred as Colonel John Nixon read it to an assembled crowd in Philadelphia.

July 9, 1868 - The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified. The Amendment defined U.S. citizenship and prohibited individual States from abridging the rights of any American citizen without due process and equal protection under the law. The Amendment also barred individuals involved in rebellion against the U.S. from holding public office.

July 10, 1973 - The Bahamas gained their independence after 250 years as a British Crown Colony.

July 11, 1767 - John Quincy Adams (1767-1848) the 6th U.S. President, and son of the 2nd President, John Adams, was born in Braintree, Massachusetts. After serving just one term as President, he served 17 years as a member of Congress. He died in 1848 while in the House of Representatives in the same room in which he had taken the presidential Oath of Office. He was the the first president whose father had also been president.

July 12, 1817 -
American philosopher Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) was born in Concord, Massachusetts.

July 13, 1787 - Congress enacted the Northwest Ordinance establishing formal procedures for transforming territories into states. It provided for the eventual establishment of three to five states in the area north of the Ohio River, to be considered equal with the original 13. The Ordinance included a Bill of Rights that guaranteed freedom of religion, the right to trial by jury, public education and a ban on slavery in the Northwest.

July 14, 1789 - The fall of the Bastille occurred at the beginning of the French Revolution.

July 15, 1606 - Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669) was born in Leiden, Holland. Best known for The Night Watch and many portraits and self portraits.

July 16, 1945 - The experimental Atomic bomb "Fat Boy" was set off at 5:30 a.m. in the desert of New Mexico desert, creating a mushroom cloud rising 41,000 ft. The bomb emitted heat three times the temperature of the interior of the sun and wiped out all plant and animal life within a mile.

July 17, 1918 - In the Russian town of Ekaterinburg in Siberia, former Czar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, and their five children were brutally murdered by Bolsheviks.

July 18, 1947 - President Harry Truman signed an Executive Order determining the line of succession if the president becomes incapacitated or dies in office. Following the vice president, the speaker of the house and president of the Senate are next in succession. This became the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified on February 10, 1967.

July 19-20, 1848 - A women's rights convention was held at Seneca Falls, New York. Topics discussed included voting rights, property rights and divorce. The convention marked the beginning of an organized women's rights movement in the U.S.

July 20, 1954 - An agreement was signed in Geneva, Switzerland, ending hostilities between French forces in Vietnam and the People's Army of Vietnam.

July 21, 1898 - Guam was ceded to the United States by Spain.

July 22, 1934 - Bank robber John Dillinger (1902-1934) was shot and killed by FBI agents as he left Chicago's Biograph Movie Theater after watching the film Manhattan Melodrama starring Clark Gable and Myrna Loy. Dillinger was the first criminal labeled by the FBI as "Public Enemy No. 1." After spending nine years (1924-1933) in prison, Dillinger went on a deadly crime spree, traveling through the states of Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. He was reportedly betrayed by the "Lady in Red."

July 23, 1952 - Egyptian army officers launched a revolution changing Egypt from a monarchy to a republic.

July 24, 1943 - During World War II in Europe, the Royal Air Force conducted Operation Gomorrah, raiding Hamburg, while tossing bales of aluminum foil strips overboard to cause German radar screens to see a blizzard of false echoes. As a result, only twelve of 791 Allied bombers involved were shot down.

July 25, 1956 - The Italian luxury liner Andrea Doria sank after colliding with the Swedish liner Stockholm on its way to New York. Nearby ships came to the rescue, saving 1,634 people, including the captain and the crew, before the ship went down.

July 26, 1945 - The U.S. Cruiser Indianapolis arrived at Tinian Island in the Marianas with an unassembled Atomic bomb, met by scientists ready to complete the assembly.

July 27, 1953 - The Korean War ended with the signing of an armistice by U.S. and North Korean delegates at Panmunjom, Korea. The war had lasted just over three years.

July 28, 1929 - Jackie Kennedy (1929-1994) was born in Southampton, New York (as Jacqueline Lee Bouvier). She was married to John Fitzgerald Kennedy and after his death later married Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis.

July 29, 1883 - Benito Mussolini (1883-1945) was born in Dovia, Italy. He ruled Italy from 1922-1943, first as prime minister and then as "Il Duce," the absolute dictator.

July 30, 1863 - Automotive pioneer Henry Ford (1863-1947) was born in Dearborn Township, Michigan. He developed an assembly-line production system and introduced a $5-a-day wage for automotive workers.

July 31, 1790 - The U.S. Patent Office first opened its doors. The first U.S. patent was issued to Samuel Hopkins of Vermont for a new method of making pearlash and potash. The patent was signed by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

AHEPA announces Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2016

WASHINGTON (June 21, 2016) -- The Hellenic Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA), a leading membership-based association for the nation's million American citizens of Greek heritage and Philhellenes, has selected its Hall of Fame Class of 2016, announced Supreme President John W. Galanis and Gregory J. Stamos, chairman, Hall of Fame Selection Committee.

The AHEPA Hellenic Athletic Hall of Fame inductees are:

  • Nicolette ("Nikki") Gianulias, professional bowler;
  • Niko Koutouvides, college and professional football player;
  • John Margaritis, head women's basketball coach, UC Riverside;
  • Steven Schubert, college and professional football player; and
  • Christos ("Chris") Tsiotos, college basketball player.
Niko Koutouvides has a Indiana connection as he played his football collegiate career at Purdue University.

To read more including short Bio's for each inductee. CLICK HERE.

The Greeks on PBS

Starting Tuesday June 21st on PBS at 9PM Eastern/8PM central.

They were an extraordinary people born of white rock and blue sea. They invented democracy, distilled logic and reason, wrote plays to plumb the deepest recesses of the soul, and captured the perfection of the human form in athletics and art. Quite simply, the Greeks created our world.

Today, of course, Greece conjures very different images: civic unrest, financial meltdowns, long ATM lines. But as its ancient history attests, strife and discord are often incubators for greatness. From their beginnings as hunter-gatherers in harsh, unforgiving landscapes; to surviving the worst collapse in human history; to facing off against the greatest empire the world had ever known, the Greeks would have to overcome incredible odds to pave the way for the modern West.

In National Geographic’s landmark event series The Greeks, historians and archaeologists, actors and athletes, scientists and artists launch a groundbreaking exploration into the ancient Greeks’ journey — not just to better understand their past, but to discover how their legacy illuminates our present, and will shape our future. The story of the Greeks is the story of us.

Greek Strike Schedule

Travelling to Greece during a time of harsh austerity measures and the general populace protesting against the government on increased austerity measures can be a little nerve racking.

Many labor unions go on strike to protest which can disrupt travel plans like airline flights, metro service, taxi and ferry service and much more.

There is a website that the general public can consult to see what may disrupted during their travel dates. To access this site, CLICK HERE.

The website mentions the following: 

Before publishing any announcement and sending you the updates, we refer 24/7 to all the official media, news agencies, transportation sites, union websites/announcements, Greek and English speaking newspapers, major television and radio news, always double checking each announcement so that you get the most reliable, accurate  and to the last minute updated information.

As this is changing rapidly and several times during a day, please check the announcements constantly on our website: You can also like our Official Page on Facebook:, or Follow us: on Twitter to be sure you’ll get all the information needed.

Holy and Great Council concludes

The leaders of the world's Orthodox Christian churches ended a historic gathering on the Greek island of Crete on Sunday hoping to repeat the meeting within a decade, despite a boycott by the Russian church — the most populous in a religion of some 300 million people — and three other churches.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I led prayers attended by the 10 Orthodox church leaders who attended to mark the end of the weeklong Holy and Great Council — the first of its kind in more than 1,200 years.

For more information, including documents that were finalized at the council, you may visit the Official Site for the Holy and Great Council.

AHEPA District 12 Facebook page

The AHEPA District 12 Facebook page currently has 440 likes. We encourage all our members and friends to invite people to like our page. We are very close to the 500 like mark and we would love to surpass that by summer time. The more people that like our page, the more successful we are in informing people what good work AHEPA is doing at all levels of the order.

Our facebook page is

New Democracy 6.5% Ahead of SYRIZA in Greece

New Democracy is 6.5 percentage points ahead of SYRIZA in the latest opinion poll, while 41% of Greeks believe the Brexit will have negative repercussions for Greece.

In the poll conducted by Pulse on behalf of Action 24 TV channel, the conservative party chief Kyriakos Mitsotakis is considered more suitable for prime minister than SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras.

For more details, CLICK HERE.

Happy 4th of July

AHEPA District 12 and Governor George Loxas would like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe 4th of July.

District 12 Awards

Every year District 12 recognizes two outstanding AHEPANS with the Prometheus Award and AHEPAN of the YEAR.

District 12 is proud to announce these award winners.

The winner of the Prometheus Award which is given to the AHEPAN in Indiana District 12 that has gone above and beyond to fulfill the AHEPA mission for a period of 10 years or more is Brother George Nastav from AHEPA Calumet Chapter #157. AXIOS George!!

The District 12 AHEPAN of the Year, --which is awarded in recognition of outstanding leadership and devoted services and for the unselfish contributions toward the advancement of the programs and progress of the Order of AHEPA--, winner is Brother Nick Kavadas from AHEPA Merrillville Chapter #78. AXIOS Nick!

Congratulations to both Brothers.


AHEPAN on Honor Flight

AHEPA District 12 would like to thank our Brother AHEPAN George Nastav for serving our country during the Korean War. George was able to go on his Honor flight on June 8th along with 110 fellow Korean and WWII Veterans. Family and Friends were at Midway airport to greet George on his return from Washington DC. The baggage claim area of the airport was jam packed with thousands of people welcoming back our Veterans from their Honor flight. It truly is a wonderful program and no detail is missed to make sure our Veterans get the recognition they deserve. We live in Freedom and the greatest country on earth because men like George answered the call to serve.

At Honor Flight Chicago, their mission is to thank and pay tribute to these heroes—especially our World War II and Korean War veterans—by taking them to Washington, D.C. for a day of honor and remembrance at no cost to them.

You will not find a man better than George. He is dedicated to his family, church, and to AHEPA. We are proud to call him brother.

You may learn more about the Honor Flight for our WWII and Korean war veterans here:

You can also hear George interview with the NWI times by clicking here about his time served during the Korean War.

AHEPA-DOP District 12 Scholarship Awards

On Saturday June 11th, 2016, the AHEPA-DOP District 12 Foundation awarded the scholarships to the winning recipients for their outstanding scholastic achievement.

High School:
  • Eleni Kioussis
  • Kristin Morrison
  • Kayleah Stucker

  • Thomas Dervenis
  • Chase Watson

Each student was awarded a $1,500.00 dollar scholarship. The Foundation awarded a total of $7,500 dollars at the luncheon.

Congratulations to the 2016 Scholarship recipients! We wish them the best and continued success in their studies.

District 12 members who celebrate birthdays in July

Chapter 78 - Merrillville

7/26 - Eleftherios Agoris
7/03 - Bill Batalis
7/19 - Michael Berta
7/29 - Michael Dovellos
7/25 - Jack Galoozis
7/25 - Louis Gikas
7/10 - Pete Kavadas
7/24 - Thomas Kayes
7/18 - Gus Korellis
7/14 - Dr. John Kostidis
7/11 - Bill Mehas
7/21 - Peter Murdakes
7/05 - John Pangere
7/11 - Mark Thiros
7/06 - George Zahariadis

Chapter 81 - Ft. Wayne

7/15 - Arthur Spirou

Chapter 100 - South Bend

6/11 - Nikolaos Giannakakis

Chapter 123  - Hammond

7/07 - Christ Bouris
7/20 - Eleas Mudis
7/23 - Nick Rorres
7/05 - Nick Gardikiotes
7/20 - George Panos
7/26 - Michael Repay
7/12 - Peter Stamiris
7/08 - John Toyias
7/25 - John Tsatsos

Chapter 157 - Calumet

7/19 - Nikos Potamousis

Chapter 232 - Indianapolis

7/13 - Paul Farris

7/03 - John Pappas

Merrillville Chapter 78 Sponsors Best Buddies

AHEPA Merrillville Chapter 78 continues to do good work in the community. Chapter 78 recently donated $800 dollars to the Best Buddies program administered by the Best Buddies local chapter out of Crown Point High School.

Best Buddies International is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. It consists of volunteers that create opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The program's main purpose is to allow volunteers to be paired up with a buddy with a disability and provide them with a friend or a mentor.

Founded in 1989 by Anthony Kennedy Shriver, Best Buddies is an international organization that has grown from one original chapter to more than 1,500 college, high school and middle school campuses across the country and internationally.

You can learn more about the Best Buddies program at

AHEPA statement on Hagia Sophia

"In making the decision to allow a daily reading from The Koran during Ramadan in Hagia Sophia, the Turkish government has failed on its commitment as a State Party by diminishing Hagia Sophia's Christian and Byzantine values, heritage and traditions; and it has furthermore failed by not upholding and adhering to the criteria expected of a State Party by UNESCO.

Read AHEPA full statement on Hagia Sophia by clicking on the below link.



July Name Days

AHEPA District #12 would like to wish Χρόνια Πολλά to all those who celebrate their names day in July. 

There are 70 names that celebrate in July. Some of those names are Kosmas, Kyriaki, Veronica, Sarah, Alexandra, Ilias, Irene, and many many more

For a full list of names and the dates they celebrate in July, please CLICK HERE

Saint Nicholas Shrine Update

Archdiocese goal = Between $40 and $50 million dollars.

Total Pledged to date: $39,583,137.00

Total Collected to date: $22,293,504.00
Reminder that AHEPA Indiana District 12 is selling lapel pins to raise money for Saint Nicholas. The pins are only $10 dollars and all proceeds will go to Saint Nicholas. Contact Governor Sam Benjamin or Past Supreme Governor Nick Kavadas if you are interested in purchasing these lapel pins.

Here is the latest image of the construction progress as of 10:30AM June 30th, 2016.



Merrillville Chapter 78 walks for Sojouner Truth House

Merillville AHEPA Chapter 78 and friends of the AHEPA participated in the Sojourner Truth House walk. Over 30 AHEPANS and friends walked and AHEPA raised a total of $9,500 dollars.

Walk for STH is a family-friendly event. Everyone is welcome to attend! The Walk is the only annual fundraising event held by STH and funds raised support the life-changing programs and services offered to homeless and at-risk women and their children. The Walk start and finish is on our grounds and the route is approximately 1.6 miles long. Sojourner Truth House is located at 410 W 13th Avenue (13th & Madison) in Gary, Indiana.

AHEPA 78 has been supporting the Sojourner Truth House for the past 6 years and have raised a total of $30,000 dollars.

Great job Chapter 78!

Sojourner Truth House is a ministry of hope and help for homeless and at-risk women and their children sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ. Through hospitality, advocacy, integrative services and collaboration, participants improve their quality of life and that of the community in a safe, trusting environment.

Learn more about Sojourner Truth House at the below link:

Picture above is "Team 78" in front of the original Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Gary, IN. It is now a baptist church but many of our members and friends have fond memories of the old church.

AHEPA District 13 Honors 80 Athletes

AHEPA District 13 for the 49th year held its annual Sports Award Banquet on Friday June 3rd. The banquet was held at the Fountain Blue Banquets and Conference center in Des Plaines, Illinois. Eighty athletes from 32 different schools in the District 13 domain (Illinois/Wisconsin) representing 22 different sports were honored. Ten scholarships for a total of $7,500 dollars awarded. The banquet was well attended with 250 people in attendance.

The Sports Award banquet is possible thanks to the dedication of AHEPANS throughout District #13 who find and contact the athletes, plan, and execute the banquet. Committee members include Chairman Christ Atsaves, Frank Korbos (PDG), Nick Lamnatos (PDG), Larry Pullman, and Peter Lekas (D13 Governor).

In addition, 6 memorial Awards were issued to six outstanding athletes. The 2016 Phil Bouzeous most outstanding athlete for 2016 was Victoria Stavropoulos who is an outstanding basketball player at Carl Sandburg High School. Victoria will be playing Division 1 basketball at Georgia Southern next year.

There will be many athletes who were honored at the Sports Award Banquet that will move on to play their respective sport at the Collegiate Division 1 level next year. AHEPA wishes all of them the best and we will be watching and cheering for their continued success both athletically and personally.

The master of Ceremonies for the Award Banquet was Dave Eanet. Dave is the play-by-play voice of Northwestern University Football and Basketball and is also the Sports Director at WGN radio since 1996. The guest speaker was Lou Canellis. Lou was a member of the broadcast team for both TV and Radio that covered the Chicago Bulls during the Michael Jordan years. Lou is now a member of the Chicago Bears organization. Lou is the TV host for five of the TV shows the Bears own and produce. You can watch Lou on Chicago FOX News 32. Lou is also the host to the ABC TV program '190 North' where he has won 3 Emmy Awards.

The presentations, trophies, and Scholarships were awarded by Chris Atsaves who is the AHEPA District 13 Athletic Director and Chairman of the Sports Award Banquet. Closing remarks were provided by AHEPA District 13 Governor Peter Lekas. Peter spent time informing and reminding people of the good work AHEPA does at the local chapter level, District level, and National and International levels. District 13 a few weeks ago awarded over $25,000 dollars in academic scholarships recognizing scholastic achievement. At the Sports Award Banquet $7,500 dollars was awarded for athletic accomplishments. Athletics is a major part of AHEPA and AHEPA is committed to recognizing boys and girls, men and women who excel in athletics. AHEPA has the only Hellenic Athletic Hall of Fame in the United States.

From philanthropy to education to athletics, the AHEPA Family is committed to making our communities a better place to live and acknowledge and reward those who excel in giving back to the local community and making the entire Greek American and Philhellene community proud. Promoting Family and Individual excellence is part of the AHEPA mission.

AHEPA District 13 congratulates all the athletes for their well deserved awards and scholarships. We wish them all continued success.


Greek Motorway

Have you visited Greece lately and traveled their motorways and wondered what is the status of all the construction?

You can read and learn about the entire transportation network of Greece by visiting

This site we will present the modern Greek traffic network. Greece has build and do build one of the largest and moderns traffic networks in Europe. The Metro of Athens is one of the fastest Subways in the World, the International Airport of Athens won 2005, 2006 and 2007 the OAG-Airport-Marketing-Award. 2004 was AIA the European Airport of the Year. The Attika Road was recently awarded the 1st Prize for Road Safety by the International Road Federation, in recognition of the quality road safety services provided to the Attiki Odos users. A lot of other Greek traffic systems have won international prizes. Greece builds with large steps a new Country for the 21st Century. In every region of Greece you will find big projects. Harbours, Airports, Motorways, Subways, Railroads are brand new or under construction. The quality of this constructions are international highest standard.

AHEPA Supreme President visits Indianapolis

AHEPA Supreme President John Galanis visited the Indianapolis area the week of July 19th. During his visit, he spent time with members of the Indianapolis AHEPA chapter and also took a tour of the AHEPA National Housing HQ located in Fishers.

AHEPA National Housing President Angelo Kostarides presented the Supreme President with a gift and provided a summary of the Housing programs for existing and future projects.

Also attending was Supreme Governor Tom Gober, Lt. Governor PanosNiarchos, PDG Sam Benjamin, along with officers and members of Indy Chapter #232, Art Poly (President of AHEPA Management Company) and Holy Trinity Parish Priest Father Bill Bartz.

Past Supreme President Nick Smyrnis was also in attendance to greet and welcome John Galanis with Hoosier Hospitality to Indianapolis.

AHEPA Athletic Awards

A 2015 World Series champion and an All-American NCAA Division I hockey player have been selected as national honorees by the National Athletic Department of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA), a leading membership-based association for the nation's millions of American citizens of Greek heritage and Philhellenes. The awards were announced by Supreme President John W. Galanis and Gregory J. Stamos, head of the National Athletic Awards.

The honorees are:


  • Mike Moustakas, professional baseball player, Kansas City Royals, and 2015 World Series champion, who will receive the AHEPA Harry Agganis Hellenic Athlete Award; and
  • Sam Anas, collegiate hockey player, Quinnipiac University, who will receive his second AHEPA William Chirgotis Collegiate Scholar-Athlete Award

The awards will be presented at the 94th AHEPA Supreme Convention, July 27, 2016, Las Vegas, Nev.

You can read more by clicking HERE.


On Thursday June 23rd, a historic referendum took place in the United Kingdom where all voters of voting age decided whether the UK should remain or leave the European Union.

The result was the "Leave" supporters won 52% to 48%. It was a shocking result for the entire world and members states of the European Union.

The BBC put a nice comprehensive summary of this historic decision by the UK voters. You may read it by clicking here.

In addition, you can click here to read what the Brexit could mean to Greece.

Yianni Kostouros - Golfer of the Year!

Congratulations to NWI Region Greek Boy- Yianni Kostouros for being named golfer of the year by the Post-Tribune. We are proud of you!! AXIOS!!

Getting cut from the basketball team turned out to be the best thing that could happen for Yianni Kostouros' golf game.

Of course, Kostouros didn't like getting cut.

Of course, he felt like he was good enough to play basketball for Crown Point.

But the move paid big dividends for Kostouros, the Post-Tribune Boys Golfer of the Year.

To read more on Yianni, CLICK HERE to read article from the Post-Tribune.
July 8-10, 2016
SS. Constantine and Helen Greek Fest
Merrillville, IN

July 14-17, 2016
Saint George Greek Fest
Schererville, IN

July 21, 2016
White Sox Greek Heritage Night
US Cellular Field
White Sox vs. Tigers
Chicago, IL

July 24-30, 2016
AHEPA Supreme Convention
Mirage Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, NV

August 25-28, 2016
Holy Trinity Greek Fest
Carmel, IN

September 16-18, 2016
Saint Iakovos Greek Fest
Valparaiso, IN

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#60 - Gaia, South Bend
#81 - Mentor, Merrillville
#212 - Laertes, Indianapolis

Sons of Pericles
#53 - Sophocles, Merrillville
#331 - Hoosier Philotimo, Bloomington, IN

Maids of Athena
#141 - Dionysia, Hammond


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Please let your chapter know that each month our District 12 eNews will report on chapter 'goings-on' from around our Hoosier District! Please send us any info you'd like to share such as community involvement and philanthropy, chapter events, awards, number of new members for the prior month, etc. Please submit your information by email by clicking image above. Note: each District 12 eNews will also include a link to a version that you can print and share with chapter members that do not have Internet access, and we'll post this to our District 12 Facebook page.

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Panos Niarchos

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Nick Kavadas


AHEPA Region VI Supreme Governor:
Tom Gober
Highland, Indiana

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