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AHEPA District 12 Hoosier eHerald

Bringing you all the news from AHEPA District 12.

Order of AHEPA Chapter #78 (Gary/Merrillville) Angel Tree Program 

On Friday December 18th, members of AHEPA Gary/Merrillville Chapter #78 volunteered their time at the local Salvation Army to help distribute gifts to children that were donated from various individuals and corporations via the Salvation Army Angel Tree program. AHEPA Chapter 78 through donations of its members was able to collect $1,600 dollars which allowed the chapter to sponsor 50 children.  All together, the Salvation Army was able to collect enough donated toys to help 500+ families or the equivalent of 1500 children.

AHEPA #78 over the past few months collected donated money and toys/cloths, and delivered those to the Salvation Army earlier this month. Yesterday, a handful of AHEPA Chapter 78 members helped distribute these gifts when the children and parents come to the Salvation Army. With 1500+ gift wrapped toys/cloths, there is a need for a lot of Santa Helpers to help carry those to the vehicles. AHEPA #78 gladly played the role of Santa’s Elves. 

Every child and parent left the Salvation Army facility with a big smile and in full holiday spirit. The brothers who helped volunteer also left with big smiles and renewed Christmas spirit.

Brothers Pete Murdakes and Nick Gianikos coordinated the entire effort for AHEPA Chapter #78 from beginning to end.

AHEPA District 12 encourages all our members and friends to give back to the community during this holiday season and to make giving back a priority for 2016.



District 12 members who celebrate birthdays in January

Chapter 78 - Merrillville

1/11 - James Burns
1/11 - Randolph Chekouras
1/13 - Nicholas Fitousis
1/18 - Edward Gottschling
1/23 - Kent Jeffirs
1/29 - Thomas Kayes
1/16 - John Kostides
1/22 - Spero Stamos
1/08 - Louis Zeheralis

Chapter 81 - Fort Wayne

1/04 - Petros Bourounis

Chapter 100 - South Bend

1/17 - George Bilionis
1/05 - Ilias Bilionis
1/22 - Michael Saros II
1/08 - James Stangas

Chapter 123 - Hammond

1/17 - George Karras
1/23 - Nathan Karras
1/05 - Peter Kounelis
1/12 - Peter Loxas
1/31 - Peter Siavelis
1/15 - Pete Takles

Chapter 157 - Calumet

1/16 - Peter Bakas
1/14 - George Esfakis
1/06 - John Griggs
1/09 - George Karahalios
1/04 - Andy Koultourides
1/15 - Mike Kristoff
1/26 - Juan Morales
1/17 - John Tsahas

Chapter 232 - Indianapolis

1/12 - Joe Alexander
1/16 - Fr. William Bartz
1/24 - Ronald Johnson
1/31 - Theodore Nicholas
1/21 - Nick Smyrnis
1/15 - Ilias Sotos
1/29 - Nick Spirrison
1/25 - Nikita Spirrison

Once in a lifetime Greek exhibit at the Chicago Field Museum

The Chicago Field Museum is in full advertising mode for the new Greek exhibit, "The Greeks: Agamemnon to Alexander the Great".

Keep an eye out for the very cool billboard advertising and the beautiful banners on the museum facade.

The Greeks: Agamemnon to Alexander the Great

Nov. 25 – April 10 2016

The Field Museum
1400 S. Lake Shore Dr.


January Name Days

AHEPA District #12 would like to wish Χρόνια Πολλά to all those who celebrate their names day in January. 

There are 76 names that celebrate in January. Some of those names are Bill, Basil, John, Anthony, Anastasios, Timothy, Gregory and many more.

For a full list of names and the dates they celebrate in January, please CLICK HERE.

AHEPA Chapter #100 Senior Residents Dinner

On December 10th 2015, the Order of AHEPA Chapter #100 hosted a dinner for the residents of the AHEPA South Bend Chapter #100 housing complex. This is the 11th holiday dinner for all 50 residents.

AHEPA #100 Housing Board President Panos Niarchos, Chapter #100 Vice-President and chef Nick Giannakakis and wife Maria along with Board member Ted Poledor and AHEPA #100 Chapter President Paul Saros all helped serve dinner to the residents. Every resident was given a gift courtesy of ANHC.

Nick Giannakakis and his wife Maria donated and catered the dinner for the residents.

Shown below is AHEPA #100 Housing Board President Panos Niarchos with Property Manager Barbara DeWulf, Barbara Brownell and Jeff Clark with wife Glory. 

AHEPA Chapter #100 in South Bend has built one housing unit in South Bend with 49 apartments for the seniors of the local community. The AHEPA South Bend apartment complex is located less than 2 miles North East of the University of Notre Dame.

The Daughters of Penelope also have a housing complex for seniors that has 50 apartments for seniors in the city of Mishawaka which is less than 7 miles from the AHEPA South Bend senior apartments.

The Daughters of Penelope South Bend Chapter #60 also held a Holiday dinner for their residents on December 17th for the 3rd consecutive year.


Greek Hospitals in need of medical equipment

With the harsh austerity measures imposed on Greece, the Greek government has cut a large percentage (over 50%) of funding to hospitals across the country. This dramatic cut in the hospital budgets have left most hospitals in desperate need of medical equipment along with supplies. Note: AHEPA has sent over $6.5 million dollars of medical supplies to hospitals all across Greece working with the IOCC the past couple years thanks to all the AHEPA members who donate for the cost of shipping.

AHEPA has formed a committee to help secure urgent hospital equipment for the AHEPA hospital in Thessaloniki and the Evangellsimos hospital in Athens.

We ask all our members to reach out to anyone you may know in the medical field that can be helpful in securing some of the equipment the hospitals have told AHEPA are urgent and critical.

If you have any leads, please contact Past Supreme Governor Nick Kavadas at

The attached FLYER is a nice high level summary of the needs of the Greek Hospitals. In addition, you can print this flyer out and share with friends or family that work in the medical field.


January National Days

Did you know there are many days of the year where something is celebrated. 

For example, August 26th is National Dog Day, December 1st is National Pie Day, May 4th is National Star Wars Day, June 8th is National Best Friends Day, February 9th is National Pizza Day, or October 8th is National Chocolate Day. 

Going forward, AHEPA District 12 will help you not miss any one of these celebrated days by providing the complete list for the next month in each newsletter. Have fun with it...thats the point!

In January, there are many days designated for something fun.

For example:

  • January 2nd - National Science Fiction Day

  • January 5th - National Spaghetti Day

  • January 12th - National Pharmacist Day

  • January 16th - National Religious Freedom Day

  • January 24th - National Compliment Day

And much much more. To see entire list of designated days in January, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

January is also National Blood Donor Month, National Hobby Month, National Mentoring Month and many more.

AHEPA 78 Host Senior Residents Christmas Party

Gary/Merrillville AHEPA Chapter 78 hosted a Christmas party for the residents of all 6 housing complexes that AHEPA 78 has built in the community. Each housing unit has 50 apartments which means AHEPA 78 is able to help 300 seniors with low cost housing. Merrillville has one of the largest AHEPA housing complexes in the United States.

AHEPA chapter 78 housing served lemon rice soup, tossed salad, combo of chicken picatta and stuffed pork loin, oven baked Greek potato, California vegetable medley, along with white cake dessert, coffee/tea and soda.

210 were in attendance. 190 residents and staff plus 20 AHEPANS and guests.

Entertainment for the evening was performed by the Gary Emerson/Wirt High School for performing arts choir as well as children from the early learning center.




Reopen the Greek Orthodox Theological School of Halki

If you are interested in reading the entire six page report from the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) on Turkey, you may click on the link below.
One highlight you will read in the report is the following:

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) calls on the Turkish government to reopen the Greek Orthodox Theological School of Halki, which was closed 44 years ago this month when the government nationalized all private institutions of higher learning.

“Without the seminary, the Greek Orthodox community cannot educate in Turkey the next generation of clergy to lead their congregants in worship, observance, and practice,” said USCIRF Chairman Robert P. George. “The failure to reopen the Halki seminary is a stark example of the Turkish government’s failure to uphold its international obligations to protect and promote the freedom of religion or belief.”

The Order of AHEPA under the leadership of the Supreme President John Galanis responded to the report by issuing this statement:

"We enthusiastically applaud and commend the Commission's statement. Obviously, we concur unequivocally with the Commission's call for the Turkish government to reopen the Greek Orthodox Theological School of Halki. We also share the Commission's concern about the recent curtailment of other human rights in Turkey, including freedoms of the press, expression, and assembly."


AHEPA Christmas partys

On December 9th, two chapters in the Chicago area hosted their annual Christmas parties.

Woodlawn/South Side AHEPA Chapter #93 hosted their Christmas party at Les Brothers restaurant in Hickory Hills, IL on 95th street. Over 60 brothers and their wives came together for the social gathering. A tablet was raffled off to raise money for the chapter scholarship program. Supreme Governor Tom Gober and immediate Past Supreme Governor Nick Kavadas attended. Chapter #93 is one of the largest and active AHEPA chapters in Illinois and meet at the AHEPA home on Roberts Road in Palos Hills. Chapter #93 originally started in the Woodlawn neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. The chapter was established on January 25th, 1926.

Meanwhile, at Greek Islands restaurant in Lombard, IL, Oakbrook AHEPA Chapter #202 also had their annual Christmas party. Chapter #202 is a medium size chapter that meets in the west suburbs of Chicago. It also home to AHEPA National Board of Auditor Vasilios Albanos.

Over 40 brothers and their wives attended the annual Christmas social to not only enjoy great food but also honor Dr. Antonios Papadopoulos who is a brother in Chapter #202. Every year, Chapter #202 honors a member of the chapter who did exceptional work for the Order of AHEPA and his community. Also attending the Christmas party was District 13 Governor Peter Lekas and District 13 Secretary Themis Frangos. The chapter was established on January 18th, 1928.

On Sunday December 13th, AHEPA North Shore chapter #94 held their annual Christmas party. Approximately 40 members and their wives attended the Christmas party which was held at Central Gyros in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood of Chicago. Chapter #94 is home of the current AHEPA District 13 Governor Peter Lekas. It’s also the home of many past Supreme Governors and home of the current Supreme Athletic Director Louis Atsaves.

Governor Peter Lekas was honored for his outstanding service to the Order of AHEPA as chapter President and recently being elected as District 13 Governor.

Also attending the Christmas party was Supreme Governor Tom Gober and immediate past District Governor George Miller and immediate past Supreme Governor Nick Kavadas. Louis G. Atsaves, President of the Pan Laconian Brotherhood of Chicago and member of AHEPA Chapter #94 was also in attendance.

Chapter #94 meets at Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Chicago and was established on January 24th, 1926. It is one of the oldest Chicago AHEPA chapters.

There was also another Christmas party in the west suburbs which Addison Chapter #423 hosted

Chicago South Side Pride

If you have some spare time, you will want to reserve some time to watch this fantastic WTTW documentary by Geoffrey Baer which traces the history and culture of the Chicago South Side neighborhoods.

Four of the AHEPA chapters in the Chicago area originated in major South Side neighborhoods -- Woodlawn (Chapter #93), South Chicago (Chapter #351), Englewood (Chapter #323) and Pullman (now Chicago Lake Shore Chapter #205)

Video can be seen here:

Journey to Greece

The AHEPA Educational Foundation is proud to announce:

The 11th Annual Journey to Greece 2016 Summer Program: June 23 – July 23, 2016
Summer of 2016, study at a fully accredited US University in Greece; learn about modern and ancient Greece. See and experience the beauty of the country and its people and earn transferable University credits.

Building on the solid foundation of the highly successful Journey to Greece programs that have been offered in every year since 2006, AHEPA and Webster University are once again offering an unforgettable learning experience for new and returning college age students. The Journey to Greece program, which is sponsored by AHEPA, has been specially designed to immerse young students in a wonderful learning experience celebrating Greek society and culture.

New courses, exciting excursions and special arrangements make the Journey especially attractive to returning students. AHEPA adult advisors will help supervise the students while they attend the program.

Applications are NOW available, The AHEPA Journey to Greece is the best gift to give our youth, and life altering educational Journey to Greece. This Holiday season, think about giving a gift that will last a lifetime.

For more information and the application to submit for the AHEPA Journey to Greece program, click on link below.


AHEPA Chapter donate toys to Comers Children's Hospital

AHEPA District 12 enjoys bringing news from other chapters across the country. The chapters across our district, the region, the United States and all around the world do wonderful work. Unfortunately, many times the only people who know about what AHEPA does is our members only. We encourage everyone to share these stories with family and friends and be proud you belong to one of the great organizations in the world.

On Monday, December 21st, members of Chicago Lakeshore Chapter #205 donated toys to Comers Children's Hospital (part of the University of Chicago Hospital in Hyde Park) for the Holiday Season. This is the fourth consecutive Christmas that the chapter has donated toys to local hospitals (including two years each to Luries and Comers).

Parents are able to select toys to be wrapped for their children at the hospital over the holidays and all children will also select a toy when discharged. Over 50% of the patients at Comers are under the age of 3.

Order of AHEPA Past Supreme President Phillip Frangos accompanied the brothers in delivering the toys and wishing a Merry Christmas to all the children and their families and hoping they are home for the holidays!

AHEPA Canada News

AHEPA District 12 is sending you the 8th Communiqué from the AHEPA Canada Supreme President.

The purpose of these communiqués is to keep you abreast of the AHEPA activities in Canada and to highlight the work that the fraternity is doing in the name of AHEPA and Hellenism and for the benefit of the communities in Canada.

The Canadian President is very kind to share this with the leadership of District 12 and we gladly forward the information to all our members in our District, Region, and overall larger AHEPA and friends community.



Once again this year members of Saints Constantine and Helen Cathedral GOYA entertained AHEPA Apartment residents with Christmas carols under the sponsorship of Eva Kostides (Brother John G). The GOYANS spent a Sunday afternoon visiting each of the six AHEPA Apartment locations to entertain and spread Christmas cheer to the many residents.

AHEPA District 12 thanks all the GOYANS for their thoughtfulness and putting a smile on all the residents.

Greece’s parliament to recognize Palestinian state

Even as Israel and Greek ties reach new highs with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu scheduled to meet twice next month with Greece’s leader, Alexis Tsipras, the Greek parliament is expected to call on its government on Tuesday to recognize a Palestinian state.


The Inside Story of Syriza’s Struggle to Save Greece

Syriza’s clash with the eurozone holds lessons not just for the left but also for any politician who wants to enact a break from neoliberal economics. With filmmaker Theopi Skarlatos, I spent six months watching the dream fall apart. We filmed on condition that the interviews would be broadcast only after the crisis was over.

The days that follow Syriza’s victory trigger a mass psychological release. People keep talking, without any obvious prompts, about fathers and grandfathers who were tortured during the civil war. Tsipras himself heads straight from his inauguration to the war memorial at Kaisariani, erected to mark the spot where the Germans executed 200 resistance fighters.

READ MORE on a fascinating story and Exclusive interviews with the party’s top players shed light on the eurozone showdown by Paul Mason.


Happy New Year!

Governor Sam Benjamin and AHEPA District 12 would like to wish the entire AHEPA Family and our friends a Healthy, Happy, and Safe 2016.

AHEPA - Reunion Golf Event AHEPA and AHAF

AHEPA Athletics is pleased to announce the 2016 Reunion Golf Event. This is a combined effort between the AHEPA and AHAF (American Hellenic Athletic Foundation) where the goal is to be all together again.

This year's combined event will take place March 13-19th at Mission Inn Resort in Howey-in the Hills just outside of Orlando in Florida.

The link below is a flyer that explains the different packages.

You have a choice of:
  • 6 nights (Sunday-Friday) and 5 rounds (Monday-Friday) Cost=$737
  • 5 Nights (Monday-Friday) and 5 rounds (Monday-Friday). Tee-time on Monday is 1:30. Cost=$665
  • 6 Nights (Sunday-Friday) and 3 rounds (Your choice of days to play). Cost=$615
  • 5 Nights (Monday-Friday) and 3 rounds (Your choice of days to play). Cost=$543
  • 4 Nights (Tuesday-Friday) and 3 rounds (Wed-Friday) Cost=$471
  • 3 Nights (Wednesday-Friday and 3 Rounds (Wed-Friday) Tee time on Wednesday is at 1:30. Cost=$399

All of the above prices are for double occupancy with 2 double beds per room. There are also prices for single occupancy and for non-golfers on the flyer.

You will need to add $150 to the above costs to cover welcome gifts, reception, awards, banquet, Greek band.

It is mandatory that everyone attends at least 3 nights and plays 3 rounds.

It is important that everyone call the resort at 800-874-9053 to make your reservation. Please mention the word "Greek" when you reserve your rooms. After 45 days, if we are not sold out, we will be giving back some rooms that we have blocked out. If the response is good, we will be able to add more rooms at this time as well. You will be billed $144 at the time you make your reservation.

You have until Feb 26 to change your mind and not attend and receive a full refund. On Feb 27 you will be charged the remainder of what you owe.

You are also required to register with us. Please fill out the Entry form. Detach it and send it to either Spiro Siaggas or Chris Atsaves along with a check payable to AHAF (American Hellenic Athletic Foundation) for $150.

Addresses and phone numbers are on the flyer and the form. Please help us administer this process.  There are a lot of choices of packages to choose from and a lot for us to keep track of.

Both AHAF and the AHEPA have been working very hard to make this a very awesome event. We need your help. We need a response ASAP. Please expect that someone from the committee will be contacting you in the near future to get your intentions. Please respond or call with any questions.

Again, call Mission in at 800-874-905 and mention the word "Greek". Pick you package and reserve your room. Detach the entry for and send it to Spiro Siaggas or Chris Atsaves along with a check for $150 payable to AHAF. 

Chris Atsaves 847-942-8389 and Spiros Siaggas 678-842-2590.

NOTE: As of December 21st, 132 people have made reservations. 117 golfers and 15 guests.

District 12 Super Bingo - February 12th, 2016

Good news! The State of Indiana Gaming Commission has approved the AHEPA District 12 Super ‪Bingo for Friday February 12th, 2016.

The Super Bingo will once again take place at St Michael's Ukrainian Center in Hammond, Indiana.


St. Michaels Ukrainian Church, Hammond
170th and Columbia, Hammond IN

Doors open 4:00PM
Games start 7:15PM

$10,000 dollars will be paid out in Bingo prizes. Much more on pull tabs and raffles.
Gaming license numbers: 139453 and 139454


New MOA chapter activated in Illinois

The AHEPA District 13 Family is proud to present the newest Reactivated Maids of Athena Chapter!

Delphi #78 was reactivated in the South West suburbs of Chicago on Sunday December 6th with Grand Vice President Tria Charnas.

Also in attendance is Grand Advisor to the Maids, Kathy Zotos, along with members of Indiana and North side Chicago maids of Athena.

A big thanks to the Medea Daughters of Penelope Chapter and their President, June Markatos, for Sponsoring this chapter!


Notable dates in January History

In the August eNewsletter, we started a new section which lists notable dates in history. Here is a listing of some notable events for every day January:

January 1, 1776 - During the American Revolution, George Washington unveiled the Grand Union Flag, the first national flag in America.

January 2, 1960 - In Washington, D.C., Senator John F. Kennedy announced his intention to seek the Democratic presidential nomination.

January 3, 1959 - Alaska was admitted as the 49th U.S. state with a land mass almost one-fifth the size of the lower 48 states together.

January 4, 1809 - Louis Braille (1809-1852) was born in France. Blinded as a boy, he later invented a reading system for the blind using punch marks in paper.

January 5, 1925 - Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming became the first female governor inaugurated in the U.S.

January 6, 1066 - Harold, Earl of Wessex, was crowned King of England following the death of his brother-in-law Edward the Confessor. Harold II was England's last Anglo-Saxon king. In October of 1066, Harold met the invading army of William the Conqueror at Hastings and died on the field of battle.

January 7, 1782 - The first U.S. commercial bank opened as the Bank of North America in Philadelphia.

January 8, 1982 - The American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) Company was broken up as a result of an antitrust suit. AT&T gave up 22 local Bell system companies, opening the U.S. telephone system to competition.

January 9, 1913 - Richard M. Nixon (1913-1994) the 37th U.S. President, was born in Yorba Linda, California.

January 10, 1776 - Common Sense, a fifty page pamphlet by Thomas Paine, was published. It sold over 500,000 copies in America and Europe, influencing, among others, the authors of the Declaration of Independence.

January 11, 1861 - Alabama seceded from the Union in events leading to up the American Civil War.

January 12, 1990 - Romania outlawed the Communist Party following the overthrow of Dictator Nicolae Ceauescu who had ruled for 24 years.

January 13, 1990 - Douglas Wilder of Virginia became the first African American governor in the U.S. as he took the oath of office in Richmond.

January 14, 1741 - Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) was born in Norwich, Connecticut. He was the American Revolutionary War hero who turned traitor, sending information to the British in exchange for money.

January 15, 69 A.D. - Roman Emperor Servius Sulpicius Galba was assassinated by the Praetorian guard in the Roman Forum. He had succeeded Emperor Nero.

January 16, 1547 - Ivan the Terrible had himself officially crowned as the first Russian Czar (Caesar) although he had already ruled Russia since 1533. His reign lasted until 1584 and brought much needed reforms including a new legal code and cultural development.

January 17, 1706 - Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Considered the Elder Statesman of the American Revolution, he displayed multiple talents as a printer, author, publisher, philosopher, scientist, diplomat and philanthropist. He signed both the Declaration of Independence and the new U.S. Constitution.

January 18, 1966 - Robert Clifton Weaver was sworn in as the first African American cabinet member in U.S. history, becoming President Lyndon B. Johnson's Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

January 19, 1809 - Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849) poet and writer of mystery and suspense tales, was born in Boston, Massachusetts. His works include; The Fall of the House of Usher, Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque, The Murders in the Rue Morgue and his famous poem The Raven.

January 20, 1945 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt was inaugurated to an unprecedented fourth term as president of the United States. He had served since 1933.

January 21, 1976 - The Concorde supersonic jet began passenger service with flights from London to Bahrain and Paris to Rio de Janeiro, cruising at twice the speed of sound (Mach 2) at an altitude up to 60,000 feet.

January 22, 1901 - Queen Victoria of England died after reigning for 64 years, the longest reign in British history, during which England had become the most powerful empire in the world.

January 23, 1943 - In North Africa, British forces under General Bernard Montgomery captured Tripoli in Libya.

January 24, 1848 - The California gold rush began with the accidental discovery of the precious metal near Coloma during construction of a Sutter's sawmill. An announcement by President Polk later in the year caused a national sensation and resulted in a flood of "Forty-niners" seeking wealth

January 25, 1947 - Gangster Al Capone, who once controlled organized crime in Chicago, died in Miami at age 48 from syphilis.

January 26, 1788 - The British established a settlement at Sydney Harbor in Australia as 11 ships with 778 convicts arrived, setting up a penal colony to relieve overcrowded prisons in England.

January 27, 1945 - The Russian Army liberated Auschwitz death camp near Krakow in Poland, where the Nazis had systematically murdered an estimated 2,000,000 persons, including 1,500,000 Jews.

January 28, 1986 - The U.S. Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 74 seconds into its flight, killing seven persons, including Christa McAuliffe, a teacher who was to be the first ordinary citizen in space.

January 29, 1843 - William McKinley (1843-1901) the 25th U.S. President was born in Niles, Ohio. He was elected in 1896 and re-elected in 1900. Early in his second term, on September 6, 1901, he was shot and mortally wounded by an anarchist at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, and died eight days later.

January 30, 1948 - Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in New Delhi, India, by a religious fanatic. Gandhi had ended British rule in India through nonviolent resistance. "Non-violence is not a garment to be put on and off at will. Its seat is in the heart, and it must be an inseparable part of our very being," he had stated in 1926.

January 31, 1919 - Jackie Robinson (1919-1972) was born in Cairo, Georgia. He was the first African American to play professional baseball. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1947 to 1956, was chosen as the National League's most valuable player in 1949 and elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962.

Grand President Visits Capitol Hill, Meets with Hellenic Caucus Members

Daughters of Penelope Grand President Connie Pilallis met with U.S. representatives, who are also members of the Congressional Caucus on Hellenic Issues, to update them on the community service provided by DOP chapters at home and abroad, December 10, 2015.  The Grand President met with:  U.S. Rep. Gus M. Bilirakis (R-FL), co-chair, Congressional Caucus on Hellenic Issues; U.S. Rep. Niki Tsongas (D-MA), and U.S. Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV).

Grand President Pilallis discussed DOP community service programs in the United States, which also include support for domestic violence shelters and affordable senior housing.


Greece signs major privatisation deal 


On December 14th, Greece's leftist government signed its first big privatisation deal with German airport operator Fraport, awarding it a 1.2 billion euro ($1.3 billion) contract to lease and manage 14 regional airports.

Privatisations have been a key condition of Greece's international bailouts since 2010. But Athens has raised only about 3.5 billion euros from state asset sales so far versus an original target of 50 billion euros due to bureaucratic delays and lack of political will.

READ more on this story from Reuters by clicking here.

Olympiakos eliminated from Champions league

Olympiakos was sitting pretty to advance in the UEFA Champions league. They were in the drivers seat for the last group game playing at home against England power house Arsenal.

Olympiakos only objective was to prevent Arsenal from scoring two goals. Do that and they advance. Unfortunately, Arsenal beat Olympiakos in Piraeus 3 to 0 and eliminating the Greeks from the most prestigious club level tournament.

However, all is not lost for Olympiakos. They will have a chance to compete in the Europa league which is the second tier tournament in Europe.

That draw took place and Anderlecht will be Olympiakos's opponent in the round of 32 of the Europa League in February, as the draw that took place in Nyon was kind enough to the Greek champion to spare it any of the European powerhouses.

The first leg is scheduled for February 18 in Brussels, with the return to take place in Piraeus a week later.

The UEFA Champions League draw was completed soon after the group stage was completed and the below picture shows the round of 16 match-ups.


Chicago Fire open new soccer facility

The Chicago Fire Soccer Club announced a multi-year partnership with The PrivateBank that focuses on growing the soccer community in the Chicagoland area.

The PrivateBank Fire Pitch features two regulation size turf fields, the first air-supported dome within Chicago’s city limits and is officially open for play. The center houses the Chicago Fire Rec Soccer League, the leading provider of adult recreational soccer in the city, with more than 5,000 participants. The facility also serves as the home base for the Chicago Fire Juniors City team, a professionally-based youth soccer club that serves more than 250 children ages 6-18.  The club is one of ten clubs in the Chicago Fire Juniors family, touting more than 15,000 participants across six states.

This new facility is on the north side of Chicago and is only 2 miles directly west from Wrigley Field.

Past Supreme Governor Nick Kavadas and his brother Pete Kavadas (Chapter 78 president) were invited to attend the grand opening.

In addition to getting a tour of the new facility. Invited guests were able to meet the new Chicago Fire head coach,
Veljko Paunović; who is Serbian. He recently led the Serbian U-20 to a World Cup championship. Panathinaikos was also looking to hire him but he chose the Fire. 

Also, guests were able to meet the new Chicago Fire General Manager Nelson Rodriguez along with the owner of the Chicago Fire Andrew Hauptman and a host of other Fire front office staff and current/former players.
Pictured below is PSG Nick Kavadas and new Chicago Fire Head Coach Veljko Paunović.

PSG Nick Kavadas is working closely with the Chicago Fire to offer an official Greek Night at a soccer game next season. Members of The Order of AHEPA Districts 12 and 13 are leading this effort and working with the Chicago Fire to make it happen.

NEW Sons of Pericles website

The Sons of Pericles announced on Monday December 21st, that they have a new national website.

All you need to know about the SOP can be found on this new website. Enjoy.


Greece, Cyprus, and Egypt trilateral talks

The third round of trilateral talks between Greece, Cyprus and Egypt concluded in Athens on Wednesday with the signing of a declaration in which the three countries agreed to work more closely on security and energy issues.

Read more by reading the entire article by clicking here.


Invite friends to like AHEPA District 12 Facebook page

AHEPA District 12 is very active on Facebook and as well as twitter. We work very hard to make sure we bring as many original stories as we can from around the district as well as share important news from AHEPA National or news in general that would interest members and friends of AHEPA. We also do our best that we have at least one story to share a week.

We encourage all our members who are on Facebook to invite all your friends to like the page. Every like exponentially helps get out the word of the good works we do for our communities.

AHEPA District 12 is the second largest AHEPA District that is "liked" on Facebook. Our brothers in Greece (District 25) have the most District likes. AHEPA HQ has the most AHEPA likes with just over 3,700 likes.

As of this newsletter, AHEPA District 12 stands at just over 360 likes which makes it the largest AHEPA District or Chapter following in the United States.

Its simple to invite friends.

Its a very simple three step process:

1) Go to the AHEPA District 12 Facebook page by clicking on this link:

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UN Resolution Calls for Return of Parthenon Sculptures to Greece

The United Nations unanimously adopted a resolution in favor of the return of the Parthenon marbles from the British Museum to Athens, a little after Minister of Culture Aristides Baltas stated that Greece will withdraw from the legal claim of the sculptures.

The decision of the UN General Assembly is due to a previous Greek initiative on the Decision for “Restitution or Return of Cultural Property in the countries of origin” which includes an explicit reference to the return of the Parthenon Marbles.

A total of 74 countries, including many European Union member states, a significant number of Latin American countries and several Arab and African states are involved in the initiative.


UEFA Euro 2016 Draw

The UEFA European Championship (Euro) 2016 qualifying stage is complete. The second most prestigious national team soccer tournament is set to be played in France from 10 June to 10 July 2016.

Greece did not qualify for the tournament having played poorly in their qualifying group finishing last only securing 6 points. Northern Ireland won the group that Greece was in securing 21 of 30 possible points.

Greece is currently no where near playing at a high level like they did in 2004 when they shocked the world and won the European Championship.

Spain comes into Euro 2016 as the two time defending champions.

The picture below shows the Euro 2016 group stages.

Winter 2015 AHEPAN

The 2015 Winter AHEPAN magazine has been issued and is available to read by clicking on the below link. The AHEPA membership should be receiving the hard copy in their mailboxes soon if not already.

Lots of good articles and many from the Midwest Region.


NEW for 2016 - InSIGHT Indiana

Starting in 2016, AHEPA District 12 will bring beneficial information to our AHEPA Family members who reside in Indiana. Every month a different topic or two will be discussed.

For example, next month we will provide information on how to combat Identity Theft at both the state and national level. Future articles will touch but not be limited to topics such as these:
  • Voter Registration
  • Indiana Gun Licensing
  • Amber Alert
  • Fishing and Hunting Licensing
  • BMV License plate information/identity cards
  • Indiana Homeland Security
  • Sex offenders
  • Indiana State and National Representatives info
  • EZPass/IPass
  • Visit Indiana (Tourist Info)
  • Indiana College directory

And much much more.
January 1, 2016
Happy New Year!

February 12, 2016
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March 10, 2016
Journey to Greece Application deadline

June 11, 2016
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July 24-30, 2016
AHEPA Supreme Convention
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