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October 2022

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Windmill Times, one of 3 MVUC newsletters, arrives mid-month and focuses on church life, MVUC programs, and community happenings.

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October 12

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Get your Quilt Raffle Tickets Here - Drawing will be November 19 at Holiday Shop!

Save the Dates

Today! - Hum and Strum
October 15 - Zoom Cottage Meeting re Search
October 15 - Outdoor Fellowship Hike/Walk
October 16 - Workenanny
October 16 - Intro to MVUC & UU Class
October 16 - Cottage Meeting re Search
October 23 - Cottage Meeting re Search
October 25 - TEDTalk Discussion
October 29 - BCT Minister Search Workshop
October 30 - Celebration of Life - Bart Hewitt
October 30 - Haunted House, Halloween Events for UNICEF

November 12 - Adopt-A-Highway Clean-up
November 19 - Holiday Shop

December 24 - Christmas Eve Service

Our Holy Hill - A Puzzler of a Gift For You

Many MVUC members develop deep affection for our hilltop campus.  Some of us also enjoy working crossword puzzles.  In an effort to merge these interests, Al Robbert constructed a puzzle with an MVUC theme.  

If you’d like to try, click here to download it in printable PDF form.  You’ll find some familiar places and even a few familiar personalities lurking in it.  If you get stumped, call (703-298-8937) or email Al Robbert ( for hints.       

Holiday Shop is Back!

MVUC's annual holiday shop is back in person on the Hill this November! We are ramping up our activity to have a fabulous November 19 Holiday Shop day.
The Every Thursday group, under the purview of Martha Dyckes, have begun making their fabulous relish and will be baking on Thursdays for some weeks yet. Barbara Jacobs will be looking for home baked goods that you may wish to donate. Folks come in the hopes they can get a reprieve from Thanksgiving cooking so let’s give them what they want.

Our delicious lunch will yet again be offered by Mike Walker and his team. They will be in a tent this year which will allow for everyone to spread out. Betty’s Boutique, a collection of household items, will be full as we have been accepting goods for the past two years. Under Ruth Ann MacCleery’s keen eye fair prices will be asked for these magnificent items, whether new or previously loved.  Carolyn Slenska will again be offering a sparkling display of antique and modern jewelry.
Returning vendors, along with new additions, will offer a fabulous range of arts and crafts. We have the classics of French Linen, Soy Candles, Soaps, Jewelry, and wooden creations which are joined by new artisans offering unique wreaths and paper goods, and many gift ideas and Christmas decorations. The Flower Card Artisans and Book Nook will also have a table. 
The MVUC Quilters, led by Nancy Barkume, have excelled yet again with their “Bears in the Blueberries” quilt and you may purchase raffle tickets early through Realm. Paper tickets will be available at a later date and also sold on the day. The drawing for the quilt raffle will be in the chapel November 19 at 3.45pm.
For a successful Holiday Shop, we need help before and on the day itself. Please plan on attending worship on October 16 for our kickoff and bring your calendar! The volunteer search continues.

Please click on the poster image above to download a printable announcement to share with your friends and in your communities!  If you are on Facebook, please share MVUC's Holiday Shop Event link there, as well. 
In community,
Jan Speakman, Our Home Community, MVUC Program Council

Get your Quilt Raffle Tickets Here - Drawing will be November 19 at Holiday Shop!

Your chance to win an extra quilt raffle ticket! Like an old-time radio call-in show, we're trying out a newsletter email-in contest to find out who's been reading these new newsletters! Be the FIFTH (5th) person to email with the correct answer to the following question and a raffle ticket with your name on it will be entered into the Holiday Shop Quilt Raffle!

Here's the question - the answer is in a previous newsletter:

Which MVUC group recently raised $5,000 for the church's operating fund?

Note - the following groups are ineligible to participate: Board of Trustees, Program Council, and Finance Committee.

Hum & Strum Meets Tonight at the Firepit!

Hum & Strum meets tonight (October 14), 6:30 - 9:00 at the firepit, weather permitting (Commons Fireplace Nook if not). 

Join us for a sing-along: bring your own camp chair and flashlight, songbooks provided. 

All "skill levels" are welcome!  Contact Marty Bredeck ( with any questions.

MVUC - Our Mission and Vision

Mount Vernon Unitarian Church is a loving, inclusive, spiritual community.

Our mission is to support one another on our spiritual journeys, work for justice, care for the earth, and build the common good.

We aspire to:

  • Live our Unitarian Universalist Principles and be a strong voice for liberal religion;
  • Create vital worship experiences for our minds, hearts and spirits;
  • Engage in holistic lifespan spiritual growth;
  • Strengthen our commitments to social, economic, and environmental justice;
  • Work with our local community and our spiritual partners around the globe to build connections in a diverse, multi-generational world; and
  • Practice intentional and responsible stewardship to support our mission and vision

Your Board of Trustees' Done/Doing/ToDo Lists!

As we move into the second quarter of our fiscal year, the push is on to complete as many of the Board’s initiatives started in 2022 as we can. We are hoping to then shift our attention to 2023, a year of incredible opportunity for MVUC as we aim to call a new settled minister and enter a new era of ministry and outreach. Below is an outline of the various activities completed, underway, and anticipated by your Board of Trustees.

  • Become a Fair Compensation congregation (per our stated policy)
  • Review and propose adjustments to bylaws and policies as needed in preparation for Settled Minister Search Committee
  • Develop plan and schedule for Ministerial Search Committee Appointment
  • Update the Strategic Plan (approved at May 2020 Annual meeting). Because of COVID restrictions, the Strategic Plan as developed became challenging to implement. We have decided that this Strategic Plan be used to inform a new strategy or early visioning concept to be created and then voted on at the Annual meeting 2023.
  • Update schedule and funding needs for building and property maintenance
  • Create and implement a Safe Congregations Policy
  • Update schedule and identify funding for HVAC replacements
  • Beautify website in preparation for upcoming Ministerial Search
  • Improve communications
Anticipated to start in January, as part of the development of a New Vision for MVUC:
  • Develop Annual Operational Plan per MVUC Policy documents
  • Develop Staffing Assessment
  • Develop Property Development Plan in coordination with an Endowment Income Spending Policy
  • Explore new Fundraising Opportunities
  • Explore new online opportunities regarding Outreach, Membership, & Fundraising  
A number of Board activities already underway will continue into the new year
  • Maintain fiscal oversight
  • Understand and manage impact of stock market decline on Endowment and operational budget assumptions
  • Provide support to Search Committee
  • Work closely with Rev. Schmidt to establish a successful year 2 of interim ministry
  • Work with COVID19 Task Force on continuing updates to health and safety practices and policies
  • Work with Multi-Modal Task Force (now Communications: Tech, Sound, and Video crews) on transitioning to hybrid/multi-platform modes of worship and of other MVUC activities
  • Update and Harmonize Governance and Appointments Calendar
  • Edit and harmonize Bylaws, Policies, Charters, & Procedures
  • Work toward a vision for a thriving future of MVUC.  The Search Committee has started that process. We believe the occasion of a new minister along with the numerous pivots we’ve shown ourselves capable of making during COVID make this an excellent time to broaden our perspective as a congregation. We will strive to avoid being trapped in annual, short-term cycles of thinking about budget, staffing, assets, endowment, property, stewardship, income, and trends in membership. We aim to determine, as a Congregation, our intent to thrive and grow into the late 2020s and beyond and to begin planning to achieve this vision in shared and collaborative ministry with our new minister.

We welcome your ideas and feedback as we continue our work in this busy time. 
Thank you, 
Karen Delmonico, Chair, MVUC Board of Trustees

Board Modifies COVID Task Force Recommendation

At their September meeting, the COVID Task Force recommended changing the masking requirements for MVUC from mask mandatory to a mask-optional environment. This is in accordance with CDC guidance regarding community risk assessment, personal risk assessment and self-care while continuing to require adherence to the MVUC requirements for full vaccination and boosting, as appropriate for age.  (See full document.)
Although their recommendation applies to Sunday services, rental functions, normal workday and volunteer functions, religious education functions and any other circumstances where individuals or groups assemble at MVUC for a variety of activities, the Board of Trustees has voted to keep one of MVUC’s currently stated mask policies in place: masks are still recommended when attending Sunday service in the Chapel.
There is concern for those members of our congregation who are immunocompromised as well as those still anxious about contracting COVID because of their age or other personal circumstances. Trustee have discussed this concern in depth.
We recognize that the science, the CDC, and health organizations are now moving us toward a future where wearing masks is not required everywhere. We understand that mask fatigue is real, and that many church members - as well as the public in general - feel that it’s time to move on.  We accept this and are not ignoring the science.
We are, however, asking for your patience and understanding in consideration of the entire congregation. There are members who won’t continue to come to church if others aren’t masking. MVUC is a loving, inclusive community, bound by covenant.  We are taking the concerns of our most vulnerable population seriously and making sure that everyone, including them, feels welcome at MVUC. 
With that in mind, the Board agreed that masks should still be worn at

  • Sunday services in the Chapel
  • RE classes (per DLSG to reflect the guidelines the parents are following)  

Masks-optional is approved for: 
  • Rental functions
  • Normal workday functions
  • Volunteer functions
  • Any other circumstances where individuals or groups assemble at MVUC for a variety of activities
Committee Chairs, departments heads, and other group leaders can, at their discretion, recommend that attendees/participants wear masks at their specific activity. 
The Board supports the Task Force recommendation that social distancing not be mandated for indoor activities, though individuals may wish to maintain a social distancing of 6 ft., as appropriate to their individual risk assessments and personal circumstances. 
The Board also fully supports the other recommendations put forward by the Task Force regarding:
  • Musical Programs: including musical instruments, choir and congregation singing 
  • Ventilation: The Task Force recommends that enhanced ventilation measures be utilized for all indoor activities, especially for Sunday Services.           
  • Nursery Childcare: When children 6-months of age and older attending day care have been fully vaccinated and boosted (as appropriate), then the mask-optional recommendation is appropriate for nursery care workers.

And finally, the Board of Trustees and the Covid Task Force ask everyone to adhere to the Personal Care Guidelines when making decisions regarding attending services or other activities at MVUC and in the broader communities in which we live.
MVUC Board of Trustees
October 11, 2022

Karen Delmonico, Chair
Katherine Tobin, Vice-Chair
Christian Evangelista, Secretary
Lila Reidy, Youth Member
Lisa Blair, Program Council Co-Convener    
Caroline D'Aguiar, Member
Sam Longstreet, Member
Richard Roesel, Member
Robin Roberts, Member
Mai Trinh, Member

Contact: &
Be sure to get the complete Windmill Times! Many email providers cut off this email due to the length. If you use gmail, AOL, etc, please look for a link to the rest of the newsletter at about this point in the newsletter.

Participating in an Activity and Volunteering Your Time

The Activities and Volunteers Fairs were held last month on the Terrace with sunny skies. The turnout for both Fairs was great and demonstrated that the interest to participate and volunteer is still strong at MVUC! Folks were enjoying being together, sharing stories, and looking for interests that could captivate them or renew a past favorite. Others signed up more spiritual connections.
The first Fair, based on our ministries, resulted in new volunteers in all areas. Worship gained some new ushers, worship assistants, and coffee helpers. Education gained a few names of those interested in adult classes. There was a lot of buzz and excitement at the Social Justice tables where the opportunities are wide and varied.

Here is a testimonial from a dedicated Unitarian Universalist Usher on why he does this job:
“I get to meet everybody in the church!”

The next Fair, hosted by groups and clubs, offered ways in which you can uplift the community, the Church, and/or yourself. There are groups for the musically inclined (Windmill Jazz, Hum and Strum); for the crafty types (Flower card Artisans, Knitting in the Spirit, Quilters); for the consummate helpers (Care Team, Volunteer Receptionists, Book Nook, and Holiday Shop); and the active folk (Outdoor Fellowship and Dancing).

 “Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in”. ~Author Unknown

This year we also had a Realm support desk at both events.  Linda Burke helped folks by answering questions or signing them up. I for one am grateful and got my issue fixed - did you know there is an App for that? The more we have using Realm the more we can be contacted about our groups activities, church activities, and by our friends. 
“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.” ~Winston Churchill

Thank you so much to all of you who hosted a table, who gathered fun items to help promote your group, and everyone else for showing up and signing up. 
Throughout this church year, remember: 
"Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless." ~Sherry Anderson

In fellowship, 
Jan Speakman, Our Home Community, MVUC Program Council

Refugee Response Fundraiser A Great Success!

Thanks to your amazing generosity, our Refugee Response Fundraiser has surpassed its goal. We have raised over $50,000. Over 140 people donated. About 80% of the contributions came from MVUC and the additional 20% came from Faithify (the UU equivalent of GoFundMe) and donations from friends and family of MVUC members. 

Because of you, Liza and her two young daughters have settled into a small house and we will be able to pay the rent until May 2024, the end of Liza’s authorized stay. In addition, thanks to your donations of household goods and furniture, this small house has been turned into a wonderful temporary home for Liza and her daughters. Although these are unimaginably challenging times for all Ukrainians, you have helped to make this difficult time a little easier for this courageous family.

“… words are not enough to express the extent of my gratitude. I have tears in my eyes
and there are no words for such kindness and support from everyone…” -Liza from Ukraine

Thank you for your generosity and kindness !!!
Thank you for your support,
Refugee Response Committee.
Joan Darrah, Chair, Martha Dyckes, Laura Greer, Lynne Kennedy, Tony Morris

Minister Search Cottage Meetings This Weekend!

A big THANK YOU to all those who completed the ministerial survey. The Search Committee received 120 submissions, with particularly good representation from senior members of the congregation. We are currently reviewing your responses and will provide a report back to the congregation when that is concluded. Below, we offer additional input opportunities from all.

In the last phase of our organized information-gathering from the congregation, we invite you to attend one of our cottage meetings – group discussions about the type of church community we want and what attributes in a minister might best serve our needs. The Search Committee wants to hear from all MVUC members and friends, but especially encourage parents of our youth as well as those below 50 to participate since your views are not well represented in the survey.

One more on-line (Zoom) cottage meeting at this link is planned (zoom link):

- Saturday, October 15, 10:00am - 11:30am

Two more in-person cottage meetings will be held in the Hollin Hall Fireplace Room:

- Sunday, October 16, 3:00pm - 4:30pm (after Workenanny)
- Sunday, October 23, 11:30am - 1:00pm

Childcare will be available if requested at least a week in advance. Send requests to

Advance registration for both types of meetings is encouraged but come in any case! You can easily register for any one of the meetings here.

The Search Committee will also extend invitations to a limited number of  members of the congregation to participate in focus groups.

Additionally, you are welcome to provide input at

Please Mark Your Calendars to Attend an In-Person Workshop October 29: Beyond Categorical Thinking

The Ministerial Search Committee and the MVUC Board of Trustees invite you to join us for an in-person workshop to identify and lower barriers to thinking inclusively about the search for our next minister. To assist congregations in addressing and mitigating sources of harmful bias in the search for a minister, the Unitarian Universalist Association provides congregations doing a search with support through the Beyond Categorical Thinking program, to promote inclusive thinking and help to prevent unfair discrimination in the search process.

Please register to attend at this link:

October 29, 2022 at MVUC, 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. A light breakfast will be served at 8:15, as well as snacks during the mid-morning break.
With our appreciation, the workshop will be led by Carol Carter Walker (she, her), who has been a Unitarian Universalist (UU) since 1987 when she became a charter member of Sojourner Truth UU Congregation in Washington, DC. Carol joined Paint Branch UU Church in Adelphi, MD in 2002. She also belongs to Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism, the Church of the Larger Fellowship, and Diverse and Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries (DRUUMM). Carol is currently co-chair of the Central East Region’s Chalice Lighter [Grants] Program Committee; member of the Committee on Ministry for a community minister; facilitator for the UUA Beyond Categorical Thinking Programs; Board Secretary, Sister SoUUrce; and a member of the Black Lives of UU Council of Elders.

MVUC Ministerial Search Committee
To contact the MVUC ministerial search committee, email

PS: Have you been wondering why there is a tree with multi-colored leaves in our communications about the Ministerial Search? The symbol of the tree is an appropriate metaphor for this time at MVUC.   Like the beautiful trees on the grounds of our Holy Hill, we want to draw on the strongest things from our roots and history as we build vigorous branches that provide for new life, new growth.  The multicolored leaves represent the diversity that we honor and seek to embrace.

MVUC Circle Suppers for 2023

2023 Circle Suppers in Members' Homes 
Sign up by November 21, 2022

Circle Suppers are a great way to get to know other MVUC members and friends in a home setting! These Suppers involve revolving groups of participants who take turns hosting or providing a part of the meal in homes. Participating pairs or singles will be grouped with six to eight different participants for each of the supper months which will be held in 2023 – January, February, March, and April.
In 2023, as the pandemic continues to (hopefully!) recede, we will likely have seven or eight supper groupings each month. Most people find they can host in their home one of the four months because you can indicate your preferred total number of attendees from six to eight. A schedule for all groupings for all the months will be issued in mid-December. The times that work best tend to be weekend evenings or lunch – the host decides after consulting with their guests about 2 or 3 suggested dates.

Full instructions are provided to all along with the schedule. You will be asked whether you want to participate as regular participant or an alternate. Regular participants are part of a supper in all four months. Alternates are not in the formal schedule but are contacted when a host needs a substitute for their supper. Alternates can accept or decline the invite.

If you are COVID‑19 vaccinated and would like to participate in the 2023 MVUC Circle Supper Program, as either a single or a pair, and as either a Regular or an Alternate participant please sign up online here by November 21, 2022. Or contact Jim Burke at or at 630-430-6897

What is an MVUC Workenanny? 

MVUC's Fall Workenanny is Sunday, October 16, 9:30am - 3pm.  

You may ask, "What is a Workenanny?" Twice a year, families or individuals come to church in work-in-the-garden clothes and spend a few hours helping to maintain the grounds and property. Tasks include weeding, pruning, cleaning, and brush removal. Our fall and spring Workenanny Days are an opportunity for MVUC members and friends to get together to put a little sweat equity into our beautiful Holy Hill. 

Most of our volunteers spend their time pruning and weeding especially in the more visible gardens around the buildings.  In addition, pulling vines off of anything -- bushes, fences, trees, buildings -- is a must.  We have 7 beautiful acres that need to be maintained. 

Please help us keep them looking their best. We look forward to seeing you both before and after the worship service. Please wear work clothes and bring gardening gloves & hand tools if you have them.  Everyone will understand why you haven't dressed up for church! 

If any of our school-age children need community service hours, please bring the paperwork with you and Derick Spencer, Mike Arnold, or Leah Choudhury will sign it.

No experience necessary!  We will train you!  There are tasks available for those who cannot get down on their knees. We hope to have a pizza lunch available for workers at 1:15 pm pandemic guidelines permitting. We understand if you need to leave early. 

Any time you can share to help is a plus for MVUC!  Thank you!!!

Do you Know the Difference Between Religious Education, Childcare, and Nursery? Take our Quiz!

Suppose you're a group or committee leader and you’re setting up a meeting and one of the participants asks if there will be childcare.  What do you tell them? Or, suppose you're planning to attend worship in person on a particular holiday weekend and the schedule says there is no RE.  Should you bring your child to church?  Or, you’re trying to decide when to bring your toddler to church, but the announcements don’t say if there’s childcare.  What do you do?

Whether you have children or not, there are many reasons to know and understand the programs we provide for our youngsters at MVUC.  Here’s an overview:

RE stands for Religious Education. This primarily applies to Sunday morning programs for children that focus on social, emotional and spiritual development for children. These classes are taught by volunteers, and the curriculum is chosen by the Lifespan Spiritual Growth program. RE is provided for children age 6 months- 12th grade who are vaccinated.  (Yes, that’s right.  Our programs for infants and toddlers are educational as they mark social and emotional development and help parents support that growth.)

Although Nursery is part of RE, it has a couple special aspects as well.  On Sundays when there are Multigenerational services and there is no RE for older children because they are in the Chapel, Nursery will still be held.  When there are few children expected so RE classes are not being conducted, Nursery will still be held.  In fact, regardless of the situation, nursery will always be held during worship for vaccinated infants and toddlers.  Nursery care is given by a professional childcare giver, assisted by a volunteer each week.  

Childcare differs from RE and Nursery in that it is not didactic, and only provides a caring environment for social interaction and play. Childcare is arranged by the committee that requires it.  For example, if Membership would like to provide childcare while adults learn more about our congregation, they will make those arrangements and pay for the childcare provider.  If participants in an Adult Religious education program request childcare, it will be arranged by Lifespan Spiritual Growth. If we are expecting fewer than 8 children during worship on a Sunday morning, the Worship committee will make childcare arrangements.  All programs must provide childcare as needed.

So, test your RE/childcare/nursery knowledge.  Can you answer these questions?
  1. Who do you contact to get childcare Contemplative Group?
  2. What curriculum is used in childcare?
  3. Does RE take place every single Sunday?
  4. Where do I find out if the nursery is going to be open on a given Sunday?
  5. Where can I learn more?  Is there more material on this?
(Answers 1: Contemplative Group is an LSG program, so you may contact Ann Richards, the Director of LSG at  2:  There is no curriculum.  Childcare provides time for social engagement and fun.  3: RE takes place most Sundays.  On the rare occasions when RE is not provided, there will be a multigenerational service or childcare.  There will always be something offered for your vaccinated child.  4. You don’t have to check.  Nursery is provided every Sunday for vaccinated infants and toddlers.  5. Contact Ann Richards at with questions and for more information.)
MVUC Gives!

Our share-the-plate recipient for September was the MInister's Discretionary Fund, which received $2319.00. Thank you for your generosity!

October Share-thePlate contributions will go to No Child Goes Hungry.  November contributions will go to Neighborhood Health.

MVUC Metrics -- How COVID19 Has Affected Our Finances

In the last two Windmill Times issues, I reviewed the impacts of the COVID pandemic to date on our membership list and on attendance at Sunday services and religious education.  In this issue, I’m completing this three-part look at MVUC metrics by reviewing the impact on our finances, specifically revenues and expenses.

The accompanying chart shows revenues and expenses in our last five fiscal years (our fiscal years run from July to June).  Revenues are shown in the blue columns while contributions are shown in three broad categories:  
  • “Contributions” (yellow bars) includes stewardship contributions, MVUC’s share of share-the-plate contributions (half goes to MVUC and half goes to our selected charities), and any other miscellaneous contributions to the operating fund.  
  • “Rentals” (gray bars) shows the proceeds from weddings and other events, Ft. Hunt preschool, and the apartment in Hollin Hall.  
  • “Other revenue” (orange bars) is predominantly transfers from the Endowment Fund, but in FY2020 it also included a large transfer from the Windmill Preservation Fund to help defray the cost of repairing damage to Hollin Hall caused by the 2011 earthquake.  Transfers in fiscal years (FYs) 2018 and 2019 were $30,000 and $45,000, respectively, both from the Endowment Fund.  In FY 2020, we transferred $60,000 from Endowment and $57,000 from the Windmill Preservation Fund. Endowment transfers in FYs 2021 and 2022 were $60,000 and $50,000 respectively

The COVID pandemic struck in January 2020—in the middle of fiscal year 2020.  Realizing that rental revenues (from weddings and Ft. Hunt preschool) and perhaps some other revenues would decline due to COVID health and safety protocols, we tightened our belt. The effects of that belt-tightening are obscured in the chart by the aforementioned transfer and the cost of repairs to Hollin Hall.  

FY 2021 represents a full year of operations with virtually no indoor, in-person group activity and no extraordinary building or grounds maintenance expenses.  The resulting decline in rental revenue is evident in the narrow gray band in the FY 2020 revenue column.  It accounts for most of the decline in revenues from pre-COVID levels. 

FY2022 started in July 2021 under strict COVID protocols but ended with operations more or less back to normal.  We immediately began to see rental revenue picking up.  Both revenue and expenses returned approximately to the pre-COVID levels shown in FYs 2018 and 2019.

Our overall financial resources have been robust enough to get us through the COVID pandemic without having to curtail essential church operations beyond what was dictated by COVID health and safety protocols.  A combination of a reenergized Stewardship Committee and our Endowment Fund and other reserve assets made this possible.  

Our total assets at the end of September 2022 included $2,416,307 in liquid assets as well as land and buildings valued at $4,187,050 by Fairfax County’s real estate tax assessor.  Next month, I’ll take a dive into these assets to explain where the money sits and what strings are attached to it.  

Meanwhile, if at any time you would like to see the most recent monthly financial reports or year-end reports for past fiscal years, you can find them via the “Resources” menu item of Finance Facts, a group page on Realm that is open to MVUC members.  

Al Robbert, Chair, Finance Committee 

Group and Committee Leaders - Be Sure to Use Realm!

Group and Committee Leaders - Take some time to check out the capabilities of our Realm database and communications system. 

Here are five capabilities that Realm offers group leaders. Realm provides group leaders 24/7 access and ability to:
  • Connect with group members anytime;
  • Post to your newsfeed, send emails, share photos and events or chat with one or more to keep your group engaged and informed;
  • Communicate with everyone in your group at once or individually when confidentiality is needed;
  • Build events in Realm to include RSVP’s, edit dates and times, and even request items for members to bring; and,
  • Communicate with group members, see all participants, and so much more.
Stay connected and deepen relationships with Realm!

Questions/problems?  Contact Jim Kerr at
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This Week at MVUC, arriving each Wednesday - focuses on announcementsreminders, and near-term events.  

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