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We would be hard pressed to find anyone within the Ottawa TS Community that does not know Jill Bobula -and that is for good reason. Jill has been an integral part of the Chapter for over 16 years.

As a parent of a child with Tourette Syndrome, Jill has poured her heart and soul into learning about this disorder, assisting families, educating others and most importantly advocating for those with Tourette's. Jill works tirelessly with familes and individuals each and every day.

We have all learned so much from Jill and you cannot help but be inspired by her dedication.

For this reason, Jill is one of the few recipients of this year's Sovereign Medal for Volunteers. This medal is awarded by the Government General of Canada once a year to volunteers that have made significant, sustained and unpaid contributions to their community in Canada.

Undoubtedly, this medal was extremely deserved.

We want to congratulate Jill on this achievement and thank her from the bottom of our hearts for all of the work that she has done.


Because of a grant awarded from the Ottawa Community Foundation, we were able to continue to with our annual OC Transpo Awareness Campaign.

You may have noticed our three brave youth volunteers on the back of public transit while traveling through the city the past few months.

With these attitudes, the sky is the limit! We are so proud of them!

My name is Nicholas and I am 15. I love hockey, rock collecting and hanging out with friends.

I was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome when I was 7 years old and back then I didn't think that anyone would like me. My tics include jumping, sniffing, eye blinking, coughing and making some vocal sounds.

I learned that while I may have Tourette's, but Tourette's doesn't have me. I will achieve my goals in life.

My name is Richard and I’m 16. I love science, math, building things with my hands, scuba diving, playing the drums, doing parkour and playing video games.

I have Tourette Syndrome but it doesn’t slow me down. Tourette Syndrome made me who I am now.

I am creative, adventurous and very detail-oriented. I love puzzles and I don’t stop until I can solve them. I really didn’t understand my Tourette when I was young but with more knowledge, and community awareness, and the support from my parents, family, and friends I have learned to accept myself and my Tourettes.

My name is Amelia and I’m 10.

I love horseback riding, art, singing, swimming and playing with my friends.

Tourette's makes me special; it makes me different from everyone else. Tourette's does not stand in my way, it is just a part of who I am!


Did you miss the Tourette Syndrome 101 Presentation by Jill Bobula? No worries! You can catch the video on our TS Ottawa YouTube(R) channel.

Watch it here!


The Tic Talk Podcast is focused on individuals with Tourette Syndrome, empowering them to live happier, better, stronger, and more capable lives. In addition to this, hosts Jimmy and Brandon hope to raise awareness and tackle Tourette Syndrome stigma through information sharing and discussion. You can find the video format on Youtube at ‘Tic Talk Podcast’ Click here to watch, or listen to it here on Podbean.


TS Ottawa will be hosting a new Speaker Series, in addition to our monthly Adult Support Groups. Speaker Series will be hosted one evening every 3 months. If you have any suggestions for a speaker you’d like to hear please let us know.

We will be posting more about future guests shortly.


We would like to introduce everyone to Brandon Beck. Brandon is the Vice President of the Ottawa Chapter...

My name is Brandon, and I have been living with TS for as long as I can remember. When my TS first manifested around the age of 7 or 8 there was no explanation for it and I was told that I just had allergies.

I took this to be true and lived with undiagnosed and untreated TS until I was in my second year of university. At this point, my TS was getting worse, and it was interfering with my studies, my sleep, and my social life. I went to see the doctor on campus and was referred to a specialist.

Immediately after I left the doctor's office, I experienced an identity crisis and had many questions: Is my brain broken? Is this going to get worse? How can I hide this from my friends? Most importantly, what is TS? I tried to find the answers to these questions myself, but it was not until I sought out psychological treatment and discovered the Ottawa Chapter that I was able to start answering my questions.

After finally receiving treatment and subsequently owning my TS, I was able to put my tics on the backburner and start working towards the things that I wanted out of life. Completing university and then college put me in a position to begin my legal career which I have been successfully managing and excelling in for over 6 years. I have been able to start a beautiful family with my partner, and I continue to push myself to achieve my goals. My most recent achievement was sitting for the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) and scoring in the top 95 percent of all North American test takers. This success wouldn’t have been possible without the treatment that I received and the confidence that resulted from treatment.

By volunteering with the Ottawa Chapter I hope that I can use my experiences with TS, both negative and positive, to show parents with children living with TS and children living with TS that it is not a life sentence. I have struggled with my TS at different points in my life, and I know that I will continue to struggle at times but I truly believe that the struggles and day to day management of TS have taught me a level of resiliency that I would otherwise not have, and a chip on my shoulder that gives me an extra push to succeed.

I truly believe that the first step to owning TS is to accept it. Explore what TS means to you. Each case of TS is like a snowflake, and no two individuals experience it the same way. Talk about TS with your family, friends, and colleagues. It is a paradoxical condition in that the more you engage with it the less obstructive it tends to be, and the more you try to ignore it the more predominant it becomes.

I could not be more thankful for the people at Tourette Canada, including every member of every chapter for the time and hard work that they dedicate to TS awareness. The community, and Ottawa chapter specifically, has been extremely helpful for me. I hope that my story and advice resonates with you and provides proof that TS is not a life sentence, but just a hurdle that can be overcome.


Our next virtual adult support meeting will be on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 at 7PM.

Please join us and others within our TS community. With the days getting shorter and school well underway, we know that everyone can use an extra ear to listen to and a shoulder to lean on. See you then!

Use this Zoom link to join the meeting.


We are pleased to announce that our virtual youth support meetings will resume on Thursday October 7th, 2021 at 7:00PM.

Does your child want to meet others within the community that also have Tourette Syndrome? Are they wanting to hear from others and their experiences living with Tourette’s?

We invite all youth to join Kevin and chat about new hobbies, summer fun, and how school is going.

These meetings are a lot of fun for those that participate and they would love for others to join!

Use this Zoom link to join the meeting.

The Tourette Association of America has developed community-based athletic events across the U.S., known as Team Tourette. Team Tourette has teamed up with sponsors such as Disney to create fun events for the whole family such as "Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend" and Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend".

If you are planning a trip to Disney in the near future, consider looking at these fun events. Just imagine racing through the theme park with Disney characters cheering you on...all while raising awareness of Tourette Syndrome. Pretty Magical!

The Tourette Ottawa Chapter is grateful to be funded in part by a grant from the Ottawa Community Foundation

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