ENQA Newsletter Issue 15 – July 2016
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Message from the President
Padraig Walsh

Dear colleagues,
Much activity has occurred recently within the ENQA Board and Secretariat. The articles in this summer edition of the newsletter inform readers on recent decisions taken by the Board and General Assembly and the opening of registration for a few, much-anticipated events. Two calls for proposals remain open – one for the ENQA General Assembly and the other for the 2016 European Quality Assurance Forum, and expressions of interest are welcome for the newly launched Working Group on e-learning. There will not be a Note from the President this month, as the decisions taken in the June Board meeting are detailed in this newsletter instead.

We have gladly included contributions from EQAR, EUA, and EURASHE, which inform readers of recent policy changes affecting the recognition of international quality assurance providers, the results of a survey on initiatives aimed to help refugees, and an upcoming seminar on research, development, and innovation.

ENQA members and affiliates have been active this quarter; there is much news of cooperation and internal developments, and it is great to see agencies expanding their activities and critically evaluating their own procedures.

If you haven’t read the recently debuted 2015 Annual Report, I hope you find time to check it out soon. Our association accomplished quite a lot last year, and judging by the content of this newsletter, it will certainly be the case in 2016.


Padraig Walsh
President of ENQA

News from ENQA
Registration is open for the 7th ENQA General Assembly, taking place on 20-21 October 2016 in Gloucester, United Kingdom. The event is organised in cooperation with the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and will be held at the Gloucester Guildhall. > More
At the General Assembly in Budapest, ENQA members elected Nora Skaburskienė from SKVC (Lithuania) to fill Daisuke Motoki’s vacated seat on the ENQA. > More
Registration for the 11th European Quality Assurance Forum “Quality in context – embedding improvement”, taking place 17-19 November 2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is now open. > More
The ENQA Working Group on e-learning will be formed from among the expressions of interest (due by 31 July 2016), with particular consideration given to the members’ amount of expertise and/or experience with regard to the quality assurance of e-learning. > More
The Principles are presented as a basis for international deliberation of quality in higher education, and quality assurance and accreditation bodies worldwide have been invited to sign a Memorandum of Affiliation, with a view to encouraging the use of the International Quality Principles as a foundation of shared understanding about quality in an international context. > More
The event programme aims to inform participants about relevant topics such as the Bologna Process, the European Commission’s priorities concerning quality assurance and higher education, the role of the main stakeholder bodies in the European Higher Education Area, and the purpose of the ESG. > More
Lindsey Kerber, formerly ENQA’s Communications and Administrative Assistant, was promoted to Project and Administrative Officer. > More
The project originated from a real need to address, in terms of information sharing and practical support, the quality assurance of cross-border higher education. > More
In the second phase of activities, the project moves on to the analysis and study of implementation challenges, good practices, and proposed approaches to solving these challenges. > More
Both Cyprus and Switzerland introduced legal provisions that would allow their higher education institutions to fulfil their external quality assurance obligations by using a suitable EQAR-registered agency from abroad. > More
EQAR is studying the feasibility of a database of higher education institutions and programmes that have been subject to external quality assurance by an EQAR-registered agency.. > More
The European University Association undertook a survey to collect information on the initiatives by higher education institutions and related organisations and networks to help refugee students, academics, and university staff gain access to education and employment in higher education. > More
News from ENQA Members and Affiliates
The landscape of English and wider British higher education regulation and quality is in a period of significant change, with a number of developments in recent weeks. > More
HKCAAVQ has initiated a review of the current accreditation standards, which will consider whether the standards sufficiently address the current and foreseeable developments of the sector and reflect the expectations of the Hong Kong society of operators and learning programmes. > More
The Network of Central and Eastern European Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education’s (CEENQA) annual Workshop and General Assembly were held in Krakow on 13-14 May 2016, hosted by the Polish University Accreditation Commission and the Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA). > More
EQAR announced on 15 June 2016 that the application of Music Quality Enhancement (MusiQuE) – and affiliate of ENQA - to be listed on EQAR was successful. > More
The European Alliance of Subject Specific and Professional Accreditation and APQN signed a cooperation agreement with the ultimate aim of creating an Asian Alliance of Subject Specific and Professional Accreditation. > More
ACPUA has contributed to the development of quality assurance procedures in one of several national University Centres for Defence Studies, which aim to supplement the strictly military training of future officers with an official bachelor’s degree. > More
HAC held a forum to discuss the experience gained from evaluations of programmes in business and economics. > More
ANACIP participated in a study visit to ARACIS and signed a cooperation agreement with AQAS. > More
Policy Developments and projects
Results of EMA's quality survey for joint degrees published
The Erasmus Mundus Association for students and alumni launched a quality assurance survey to gather feedback from recent students and alumni of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree programmes. > More
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Upcoming ENQA Events  

22-23 September 2016
Ljubljana, Slovenia
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20-21 October 2016
Gloucester, United Kingdom
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3-4 November 2016
Brussels, Belgium
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Associated Events  

26-27 September 2016
Seville, Spain
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10-14 October 2016
London, United Kingdom
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