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Shantel Krebs is in the news this weekend after taking office as the incoming Secretary of State. The Rapid City Journal noted Krebs is determined to make South Dakota a haven for corporate registrations.

The idea had been actively explored by Secretary Gant during his tenure, including discussions with outgoing House Majority Leader David Lust, but was shelved in the face of what was determined to be significant cost to create a business court system to mirror Delaware's model.  In today's article it posits that those costs could be minor, but even if that's found to be true, it still represents an expansion of the SOS budget which could a be hurdle with traditionally tight-fisted legislators.

The concept does have the potential of bringing in a tremendous revenue stream from outside parties to the State of South Dakota. However, given that it will require a new court system, as well as other unforeseen expenses and infrastructure to pull off, it may remain "a bridge too far" for South Dakotans to cross.

Today's Headlines from the SDWC


Republican State Senator wants voting felons. Bad idea.

So, what happened to paying your debt to society? Republican State Senator Craig Tieszen wants to give voting rights back to felons as soon as they’re out of prison. According to KOTA news: District 34 Senator Craig Tieszen will introduce a bill this legislative session to restore voting rights to felons as soon as they get out of prison. State law dictates that felons have to wait until their parole is finished. But keeping in Continue Reading →

Ed groups know a tax increase for teachers is DOA.

According to education groups pushing a sales tax increase for teacher salaries, the measure likely faces both legislative resistance, and a likely Veto from the Governor. According to the Argus Leader this morning: Under the terms of the proposal, state sales tax would increase by a penny in June, July and August. Money from the tax hike would go into a special fund reserved for school districts. The one-cent sales tax hike would bring in Continue Reading →


Rounds’ first legislation: Keystone

From Jon Ellis, Mike Rounds is quickly moving to do what we elected him to do in working to end the federal government’s war on energy: Rounds, who takes the oath of office on Tuesday, has agreed to sponsor a bill that would allow construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The project, sponsored by TransCanada, has been held up by the Obama administration. Read it here. Held up? Try sandbagged for over half a decade. Continue Reading →


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New and noteworthy:

Rapid City Journal: Grenade Launchers in SD's Military Surplus Shopping bag.
Associated Press (Via RCJ): Thune: Gas tax on table to fill road project shortfalls.

Washington Examiner: John Thune: Republicans won't shut down Homeland Security
Brookings Fire Department to begin using drone

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