Great writing = sexy...
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Mad Men made writers look sexy again.

The King and Queen of Cool

Think about it.

Don Draper is dark, moody, and mysterious in all the right ways.

He's a creative genius too, lounging on his office couch, sipping scotch while crafting the perfect slogan to capture the minds of America.

And it's not just Don who makes writing look sexy. All of them do. Peggy, Don, even Roger.

But it's not that they're sexy, it's their work. 

They sit around, thinking up the perfect ad.

Then, they convince their clients to spend wads of cash on it.

And next thing you know, BOOM - millions of people are rushing to the store to buy their product.

My buddy Neville Medhora, who'll be speaking at 
Hustle Con about design and copywriting, is a modern day Don Draper.

Or as he'd call himself, "The Brown Don Draper."

You see, I wouldn't say I'm a great writer, but I'm better then I use to be (hey, you've read this far right?)

And it's all because of what I learned from Neville. 

And I gotta say, I was SHOCKED at how much irresistible copy could help my start up. Not only did it increase conversions, but it made my product message clear and helped me articulate what my company did.

Because of Neville, I learned:

  • Why good copy is WAY more important than good design
  • How to use words to increase my conversion rate (awesome copy = more money)
  • A formula that made writing tasty copy extra easy
  • How good copy shaped my brand
  • How small changes in the words I wrote equalled big changes in results
  • How to write cold emails that actually made sales
  • How to tell a story that captures my audience's attention and makes the sale

Neville Medhora - The Brown Don Draper

I know you write a lot. We all do. Texts, web copy, emails, Facebook messages. Which is why it's so important.

In our latest post, I'm gonna show you EXACTLY how to write a successful email. Use this tactic TODAY and see the results - click here to get started.

Now I can't promise that you'll look as good as Don Draper, but I will promise that after learning from Neville you will know how to craft a message that sells.

In his talk, titled "The Difference Between Good Design And Good Copy, And How Not To Suck At Both," Neville is going to explain why most startups suck at writing copy and how you can excel at it so you'll make more money, increase conversions, think clearer, and build a brand people LOVE.

I know his talk will change your life. And if it doesn't Hustle Con will give you a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked.

To come, 
click here and use the code "draper" for a 15% discount.


PS: Have you noticed I always use a "PS" at the end of emails? That's because PS's always get more attention and clicks then any other part of an email (
proof). When sending an email today, try putting the important part of your message in the PS section.

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