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Have you ever had a Facebook post that got more than 100 likes?

I posted my 8th grade yearbook photo the other day for Throwback Thursday and when it got 120 likes (my highest ever), I jumped in joy.


Now imagine posting something and getting 108,000 likes.

Or 130,000 likes.

And 2,000,000+ views.

Well that’s the case for Rohin Dhar, the CEO of Priceonomics.

In our latest post Rohin talks about how he grew Priceonomics' to 2.1 million monthly visitors using viral content.

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At Hustle Con Rohin will be speaking about:

  • The framework he uses for creating viral content
  • How he pumps out 4,000+ word articles on a daily basis with only two writers
  • How the site has grown from 0 to 2.1 million unique visitors
  • How they're regularly featured in Wall Street Journal, Huff Post, and The New York Times
  • Why their only customer acquisition channel is blogging
If you wanna hang out with Rohin and learn about creating viral content to grow your startup, then click here to get your ticket. 


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Click here to get your ticket now.
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