Buffer rocks...
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You use Twitter, right?

Then I guarantee you've heard of Buffer (even if you don't recognize the name).

You see how this tweet has the word "" in it? That's Buffer, a tool that schedules social media posts for you.

But we didn't just invite Joel Gascoigne, Buffer's CEO, to speak at Hustle Con because he created an innovative product that's crazy popular...

We invited him because Joel is one of the most transparent (and popular) startup CEO's in the startup game.

When Joel started Buffer he struggled (like most people) to get traction. So to market Buffer he began revealing just about every possible Buffer metric you could imagine.

This includes Buffer's failures, successes, revenue, and even their salaries.

And it worked.

Buffer has since grown to 25 employees and $3.5 million in monthly revenue.

In our latest column Joel explains how launched Buffer with a 2 page website that took just a few minutes to make and an unfinished product: 

From Revenue on Day 4 to $3.5 Million A Year: How Buffer Started Lean and Stays Lean with Joel Gascoigne

At Hustle Con Joel's gonna talk about how Buffer found its early traction and how they still use fake door testing and release unpolished products on a regular basis.

See you there!

-Sam from Hustle Con