Hackster Live Month in Review: July 16-31 2016
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Events in the past Month
We have been promoting Intel Edison meetups in the month of July. Here are 10 of our latest events:
Intel Edison Workshop With Microsoft Azure
Barcelona, Spain 
Intel Edison workshop
Santa Clara, CA 
Introduction to intel Edison and hackster activites
Ramachandrap­uram, India
Intel Internet of Things Meetup
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Intel Edison Workshop
Seattle, WA
Pre-plan hardware hackster meetup - focus Intel Edison
Murfreesboro­, TN
Introduction to intel Edison and hackster activites
Kakinada, India
Intel Edison WorkShop
Bogotá, Colombia
Intel Edison Hackster workshop
Portland, OR
IOT with Intel Edison 101
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

June/July Curriculum Update
Intel Workshops! 
All ambassadors have been shipped Edisons and Grove Kits for a workshop based on the project "Tweet Cute Dog". We'll continue to run more of these through August.

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Photos from recent events

Excited about Edison!
Edison Workshop in Portland, Oregon

Awesome turnout for our Portland Edison workshop!
Edison Workshop in Kerala, India

Our meetup group in Kerala, India, created this with the Edison board.
Edison Workshop in San Francisco, California

Excited Hackers in San Fran!

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