Hackster Live Ambassador Update - August 21st, 2017
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Hackster Live Ambassador Update

Ambassador Announcements

If you didn't get a chance to join the Microsoft Roadshow last time, now's your chance! We're running our virtual event twice this week and we have times that should work with several time zones:
August 22nd from 8am to 1pm Pacific
August 24th from 7pm to midnight Pacific

September Workshop
SEPTEMBER WORKSHOP - Sponsored by Walabot

We'll be starting our Walabot workshop series in mid-September. We'll kick it off with a train-the-trainer webinar, just before we kick off our concurrent Walabot contest. 

Walabot is a pocket-sized device that provides cutting-edge technology for Radio Frequency (RF) tridimensional (3D) sensing and image processing, enabling sophisticated applications such as:
  • Breathing monitoring
  • Object tracking and fall detection
  • In-wall pipe and wire detection
They have a whole host of project sample code on their site here. Get started by watching the video tutorial here.
Learning Tracks on Hackster
We're adding some new features to Hackster that will affect how the ambassador program works. Our goal is to grow the Live program and help the community train more developers around the world. We'll announce the changes that affect you in September. Until then, here's what we're adding.


Learning Tracks
  • Offer more complete skill training (with certifications)
  • Provide structured learning material for ambassador led workshops
  • Community generated content
Badges and Leaderboard
  • Give recognition to high performing ambassadors
City Pages 
  • Connect and engage users with the local community
  • Help users find local events, resources and developers 

Thanks to everyone who ran meetups in their 'month off'! "How Mobile Apps Led Me to Microcontrollers" was the title of Nashville's meetup. Santa Clara ran a 3G Raspberry Pi meetup. Holland, Michigan ran a 3D printing meetup. Kerala showed off their projects to thousands of people at the #IEDCSummit2017. Dallas ran a Nodebots event and everyone checked in using the new check-in feature! Several people ran family and child friendly events.

Kudos to everyone who built a project using parts from the Hackster box they received last month.

Jason Welsh from Houston's meetup made a case for the Hackster Box. Gustavo Reynaga created a BLE Larson Scanner using parts from the box. Noah Huber-Feely ran a Particle workshop using components from the Hackster Box.
BLE Larson Scanner

Case for Hackster Box and a 101

Your Next Steps
Plan a workshop featuring Walabot for late September/October
+1 Join the Microsoft Webinar this week
+1 Start learning about Walabot now
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