If you want music that's similar to an artist or song...

Just say "Alexa, play Bruce Springsteen radio"

Insert the artist, song or genre of your choice followed by "radio," and Alexa will tee up a custom radio station that'll play songs with similar musical traits. For Bruce Springsteen, you'll (of course) get songs by Bruce, but also songs by Journey, Tom Petty, The Eagles and other greats.

I use the "radio" feature every day when I want to listen to music similar to an artist but not just songs by that artist. Sometimes I ask for Bruce, other times for The Strokes, Norah Jones or Taylor Swift -- whatever vibe I'm in the mood for!

Pro Tip #1: The "Alexa, play (insert artist/song/genre) radio" command works with all the major music providers (Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc.).

Pro Tip #2: If you subscribe to a custom radio station service like Pandora, be sure to link it to Alexa and set it as the default "Artist and Genre Station" under Settings > "Music & Podcasts" > "Default Services" > "Artist and Genre Stations." If you don't update the "Stations" setting, that's okay too -- Alexa will default to your default music provider (which is, by default, Amazon Music unless you've updated it to be Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).

Do This Now: Try these 4 essential custom radio station commands

Play a station based on...

  1. Artist: "Alexa, play Rolling Stones radio" (insert your artist)
  2. Song: "Alexa, play Born In The USA radio" (insert your song)
  3. Genre: "Alexa, play Motown radio" (insert your genre)
  4. Decade: "Alexa, play 1980's radio" (insert your decade)

Take a 2-minute virtual vacation (created by a fellow VoiceBrew subscriber!)

Say "Alexa, take a virtual vacation" to check out this simple and timely Alexa skill from a fellow VoiceBrew subscriber. Hear the sounds of scuba diving, Venice, the beach and more.

When you start up the skill, just say "name the choices" when prompted to hear the options for your destination type: "relaxing," "city" or "experience." I'm a native New Yorker missing city life, so I chose "city" and was pleased to see that New York was an option, which I of course selected.

I was "transported" into the heart of (pre-Coronavirus) New York City with the sounds of honking taxi cabs, sirens, pedestrians, motorcycles and more. It was really nice to hear the familiar noise of the bustling city I miss so much for just for a few minutes :)
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