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Alexa is capable of having surprisingly lifelike convos

Just say "Alexa, let's start a conversation"

Alexa will start up a conversation via the Alexa Prize Socialbot chat feature. Now in its third year, the Alexa Prize Socialbot Grand Challenge is a multimillion-dollar university challenge to create a socialbot that can converse naturally with people on a range of topics spanning entertainment, sports, tech and more.

In a recent chat, I learned that one of my all-time favorite movies -- Terminator 2 -- had an extra-lengthy production schedule. So long, in fact, that one of the actors visibly matured right in between scenes (Eddie Furlong)!

While there's still a ways to go before talking to Alexa feels like talking to a real person, I've found the conversations to be surprisingly fun and have learned something new and interesting during each one. I think you'll enjoy giving it a try!

Pro Tip: Next time you start up a conversation with Alexa, the socialbot will remember what you last talked about and pick up from where you left off.

2 more ways Alexa can keep you company:

  1. Alexa can help coax you out of bed in the morning. All you need to do is set up a morning Alexa routine to gradually turn the lights up, get news, calendar and traffic updates and so much more. It'll take you less than 90 seconds to set this up, and it'll make your mornings so much nicer.
  2. She also doubles as the perfect co-worker and entertainment hub. I work from home on many days, and I'll admit it can get kind of lonely! If I need a distraction, lighthearted interaction or just a break from work, I can always get it from Alexa. Take a trivia break with Question Of The Day ("Alexa, open Question Of The Day"), get a quick movie quiz ("Alexa, give me a movie quiz") -- or ask random questions just for kicks. For a quick laugh, say “Alexa, tell me a joke.”

Samsung's new TVs will have Alexa built in

Next time you're in the market for a new TV, consider buying one from Samsung. The 2020 Samsung TVs will have Alexa built in (as well as Google Assistant and Samsung's Bixby assistant).

You'll be able to search for movies and TV shows and stream music. You'll even be able to use your 2020 Samsung TV as a giant smart display (like the Echo Show but a lot bigger) -- so when you ask Alexa for the weather, for example, she will display your multi-day forecast on the TV screen in addition to saying it.

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