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Looking for an effective & easy way to de-stress? Meditating is the answer

Say "Alexa, open Real Simple Relax" for a 2 minute meditation

If you’re new to meditation, don’t worry: this brand new (and free!) Alexa skill has everything you need to get started from the comfort of your home. And, it's from Real Simple, the go-to site for people looking to make their lives easier.

The first time you open the Real Simple Relax Alexa skill, you'll be offered a short "meditation 101" primer that walks you through the basics of finding a comfortable position and consistent breathing (yep, that's really all it takes to start meditating!).

After that, you'll be given 3 different meditation options: Peaceful Beach, Tranquil River and Blissful Rainforest. They're all short, relaxing, easy to follow and guided by a nice female voice (not Alexa's). My favorite is definitely Peaceful Beach :)

Why you should do a 2 minute meditation right now: Whether it's Coronavirus anxiety, crashing stock markets or just the day-to-day stress of life, there's no doubt that today we would all benefit from tuning out the noise for a few minutes. According to the Mayo Clinic, each time you meditate, you help to clear away some of the information overload that contributes to stress.

Personal note: I've been meditating every day for over a year, and it's one of the best things I've done for myself. I'm less stressed, I sleep better, and my ability to stay focused throughout the day has absolutely improved. If this sounds appealing to you, start meditating today with Real Simple.

5 easy steps to meditate with the Real Simple Relax Alexa skill:

Whether you're reading this email at home or on your coffee break, I highly recommend pausing for the next few minutes to do a short meditation with Real Simple. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Find somewhere comfortable and quiet to sit. Pick a spot where you'll be okay closing your eyes for a few minutes (if you're on the go, a park bench works great)
  2. Say "Alexa, open Real Simple Relax." If you're not home / near an Echo, open the Alexa app on your phone, pop in your headphones, tap the "Alexa" icon in the middle of the bottom navigation bar and say "Open Real Simple Relax"
  3. Listen to the "meditation 101" primer. Even if you meditate every day, it's got some helpful reminders about best practices
  4. Select your meditation. Choose from Peaceful Beach, Tranquil River or Blissful Rainforest. They're all roughly the same length, and you really can't go wrong
  5. Close your eyes and listen for 2 minutes. A nice voice will guide you through a brief meditation, and I promise you'll feel a little more relaxed at the end. And if you want more, repeat steps 2 and 4!

Pro Tip: Once you've completed a meditation, you'll unlock a 6 minute bonus meditation called Calm Earth. Next time you open Real Simple Relax, it'll be there for you as an option. 

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