5 awesome hacks to upgrade your Alexa music experience:

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#1. Easily play music across all the Echo speakers in your home

Everyone knows that it's great to play music across rooms -- but what you might not know is how easy it is with Alexa.

How? All you have to do is add "everywhere" to the end of your Alexa command.

  • "Alexa, play Cardi B everywhere"

Pro Tip: If you don't already have Alexa speakers in rooms across your home, I highly recommend considering adding a few Echo Dots (priced at $30, they're 40% off right now). The more seamlessly you can talk to Alexa, the more you can get out of her.

#2. A foolproof way to turn on your playlists

If you have trouble turning on your favorite Spotify, Apple Music, etc. playlists, you're not alone.


  1. Link your preferred music provider account to Alexa. Follow these simple set-up steps, including setting it as the default music service (takes 1 minute or less)
  2. Try turning on the playlist with an Alexa command. "Alexa, play morning music 2019 playlist" (insert your playlist name)
  3. If that doesn't work (or you can't remember the playlist name). Create a simple Alexa routine that plays your favorite playlist when you say "Alexa, playlist"

Pro Tip: If you don't link your preferred music provider account to Alexa, it will default Amazon Music.
  • If you have Prime, you'll get access to 2 million songs for free (but you won't be able to access your Spotify, Apple Music, etc. playlists)
  • If you don't have Prime, you can can still listen to Amazon Music playlists and stations for free, but you'll have to listen to a few ads as well

#3. "Alexa, wake me up to Otis Redding at 7am"

With Alexa, it's easy to wake up to a music alarm instead of your usual beeping alarm.

How? "Alexa, wake me up to (genre / artist / song of your choice!) at (your wake-up time)"

#4. If you love music and games, you'll love Song Quiz

Song Quiz is an absolutely awesome Alexa game (it's got 4.8 stars and over 10,000 reviews!) where you guess the song and artist based on a short music clip. You can play with friends and family -- and if you're playing alone, the game will assign another Alexa user as your opponent.


  • "Alexa, play Song Quiz"

Pro Tip #1: Link your Amazon account to Song Quiz for access to 500 more songs. Just open Song Quiz in your Alexa app by clicking here > Settings > Link Account and follow simple on-screen prompts.

Pro Tip #2: Song Quiz is a great game to play with seniors. When prompted to select a music decade for the song clips, try the 1960's!

#5. Alexa can announce the name of a song before it plays

People have gotten used to glancing down at their phones to check what song is playing. You can't do that with an Echo speaker, but if you enable Song ID you'll never have to stop the music again to ask Alexa what song is playing.


  • "Alexa, turn on Song ID" (to enable)
  • "Alexa, turn off Song ID" (to disable)

Pro Tip #1: As of now, Song ID is only available for Amazon Music.

Pro Tip #2: If you want to know song info but you don't want to Alexa to interrupt your music before every song plays, an Echo Show will display the song name and artist played via any music service.

Alexa Music 101

For Alexa music newbies, here are the 3 things you need to know to get started listening to music with Alexa:

#1. Just say "Alexa, play Cardi B" to turn on some jams

You can play any song, artist or genre with a simple Alexa command.

  • "Alexa, play Despacito"
  • "Alexa, play Country Music"
  • "Alexa, play Bruce Springsteen songs"

#2. Easily control your music with Alexa 

Here are 3 useful Alexa commands:

  • "Alexa, skip song"
  • "Alexa, turn up the music" (or turn down the music)
  • "Alexa, pause"

#3. Link your preferred music service to Alexa (takes 1 minute)

Follow these simple set-up steps to link Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc. to Alexa and set it as your default music service (it will take you less than 1 minute).

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