You will love having Alexa in your bathroom!

It will make your morning wake-up so much nicer

Kicking off my day with Alexa helps me maintain a regular morning routine -- which is especially important during this period when many of us are working from home.

Here's how I start every day with Alexa as soon as I roll out of bed and into the bathroom:

  1. Music in the shower! The moment I step into the bathroom, I tell Alexa to start up my morning playlist. Listening to music helps me wake up, and I love that I can say "Alexa, skip" to go to the next song right from the shower
  2. News while I brush my teeth. After my shower, I'm usually feeling more energized, which means it's time for some morning news via my Alexa flash briefing (“Alexa, what’s my news?”) while I brush my teeth
  3. Remember all the thoughts I have in the morning. If you’re like me, a flood of thoughts and things you want to remember to do later in the day will come to mind first thing in the morning, and it’s extremely helpful to have Alexa on hand to set reminders ("Alexa, remind me to email XYZ person at 10am today")
  4. Get info I need to start the day. I also usually check my calendar and the weather first thing in the morning while I'm getting ready
  5. Wake up everyone else! Sometimes, I even make an announcement on our bedroom Echo to wake up my sleeping husband :) ("Alexa, announce that it's time to rise 'n shine!")

Which Echo device is best for the bathroom?

My first choice is the Echo Dot with Clock (so you don't have to ask Alexa what time it is!), but if you've got an extra Dot that will definitely do. These compact Echo devices will easily fit on your bathroom shelf, and their speakers are plenty big to fill your bathroom with music.

Pro Tip: Want to try putting one of your existing Echo devices in the bathroom for a trial run? You can unplug any Echo, bring it into your bathroom and plug it in there, and it will just work with no re-boot or anything like that required!

Sweet 16, Alexa style!

This put a smile on my face! :)

I really enjoy seeing all the different ways people show their enthusiasm for Alexa. Also, this cake baker did a really good job!

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