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Video of Alexa whispering

Whisper to Alexa, and she will whisper back!

Now you can talk to Alexa without waking up any slumbering house-mates

Don't you hate it when you ask Alexa something, and she booms back in the volume level 8 you forgot she was set at? You'll never have to worry about that again with Whisper Mode.

Set It Up (in less than 20 seconds): Open your Alexa app > tap the hamburger icon in the upper left corner > tap Settings > tap Voice Responses > toggle Whisper Mode on.

Pro Tip: Although you don’t have to be right next to your Echo for Alexa to understand your whispered commands, if you have any background noise or if you’re really far away (a distance where you’d normally be shouting a command so she could hear you), Alexa probably won’t understand your whispers.

While you're at it, enable brief mode, too

Since you're already setting Alexa's Voice Responses, I highly recommend toggling on Brief Mode as well. As much fun as Alexa can be to chat with (when you're in the mood), if you're like me, you'll love Brief Mode. With Brief Mode turned on, Alexa will stop responding "OK" every time she's asked to do something, instead responding with a brief chime sound and overall giving shorter responses.

100,000 smart devices now support Alexa

Amazon has announced that you can now use Alexa to control 100,000 smart devices (from smart lights to smart thermostats and beyond) from 9,500 different brands, a pretty staggering increase from 60,000 devices in May 2019.

Controlling your smart home with Alexa -- both via voice commands and Alexa routines -- is one of our favorite everyday use cases for the voice assistant, so we're excited about this news.

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