Happy woman stretching as she gets out of bed

Wake up to a feel-good song with an Alexa music alarm

Just say "Alexa, wake me up to 'Dancing Queen' at 7am!"

And when it's time to wake up tomorrow morning, you won't be able to help opening your eyes with a smile on your face. These days, I'm 100% for anything that will brighten my day even a little bit :)

If ABBA isn't your thing, you can insert the song of your choice. For inspiration, check out Spotify's 100 Best Feel-Good Songs for classics from Queen, Billy Joel, The Pointer Sisters and more.

New Feature Pro Tip: Say "Alexa, wake me up to 'Jump For My Love' at 6:30am on Bedroom Echo," and your alarm will be set in the bedroom no matter what Echo you're speaking to. So you can now set your morning Alexa alarm while you're washing up for bed in the bathroom!

Is it really better to use Alexa as your alarm clock? Yes!

Here's why I love Alexa's alarm clock feature:

  1. With Alexa as your alarm clock, you can finally charge your phone in the kitchen, and get some distraction-free sleep (this has been a game-changer for me)
  2. Say "Alexa, snooze" after your Echo alarm goes off to catch 9 minutes of extra zzz's!
  3. Set as many alarms as you need (if you’re like me and want one alarm 15 minutes before you need to get up and another to tell you that 15 minutes is up)
  4. Set recurring alarms by saying "Alexa, set a 7am alarm every weekday"
  5. Trigger a morning Alexa routine when you dismiss your Alexa alarm that turns on the lights, gives you the weather and news, brews coffee and more! Tap/click here to get set-up in seconds

Check out this voice-enabled elevator

One of the great things about voice-enabled technology is that it's incredibly hygienic.

Imagine a world where you can even get to the right floor in an elevator with a simple voice command -- and think of all the germs that won't spread when people no longer have to press a button for their floor.

It's quite possible that one byproduct of the coronavirus pandemic will be a significant acceleration in the adoption of voice technologies such as this in order to avoid the spread of germs across frequently touched surfaces.

Tap/click here to watch a demo video of a voice-enabled elevator to get a sense for how it would work.
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