Alexa's soothing ambient sounds can help you fall asleep

Just say "Alexa, play thunderstorm sounds"

Or rain sounds or ocean waves or even oscillating fan sounds for simple white noise. Alexa can play almost any ambient sound under the sun. Just say "Alexa, play (insert your ambient sound of choice)." Plus, they're free!

A good night of sleep is more important than ever for keeping us (and our immune systems!) healthy. But we're all under a lot of stress these days, which makes it harder to sleep. There's no turnkey solution for sleep, but listening to soothing sounds through the night can really help (at a minimum, they'll make you feel a bit more relaxed!).

Not sure what sleep sounds are right for you? If you want to hear a list of options, say "Alexa, ask ambient sounds for a list of options" or tap/click here to see all the different options.

3 essential tips to listen to Alexa's sleep sounds like a pro:

  1. Turn on sleep sounds via your bedtime Alexa routine: So when you say "Alexa, good night," Alexa turns off your bedroom lights, sets do not disturb and also starts playing your sleep sounds. Tap/click here for the simple steps to set up an Alexa routine, and tap/click here for how to open an Alexa skill (like ambient sounds) in a routine.
  2. Turn "loop" on: Most ambient sounds turn off after a set amount of time (usually 1 hour). If you want the sounds to play longer (or even all night), say "Alexa, loop on" (say "Alexa, stop" in the morning to turn them off)
  3. Set a sleep timer: To play sleep sounds for a few hours but not all night, say "Alexa, set a sleep timer for 3 hours"

A Coronavirus Speech Test

According to, voice tech start-up is collecting data with the aim of identifying people with COVID-19 by the sound of their voice. They're partnering with Carnegie Mellon to collect recordings of people talking with the aim of eventually creating an open-source dataset and voice test for the disease. A bit far-fetched, but certainly intriguing!

Tap/click here to read more.
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