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It's easier than ever to turn on your Spotify playlists with Alexa

Just say "Alexa, play Happy Jams playlist!"

In place of "Happy Jams," insert the name of the playlist you want to turn on, and you'll be jamming in no time! You might remember that even six months ago, playing your Spotify playlists with Alexa was hit or miss. Now, it couldn't be more simple and seamless.

Set-up: For this to work, you need to have your Spotify account linked to Alexa and set as the default music provider. Tap/click here for the simple set-up steps.

Pro Tip: To listen to your Liked Songs (those designated by a tap on the heart icon), say “Alexa, play my Liked Songs.” For those of us (me!) who love Spotify’s personalized mixes, you can also turn those on by saying “Alexa, play my Discover Weekly playlist” or “Alexa, play my Daily Mix 1 playlist.”

3 more ways to use Spotify like a pro:

  1. Play music across all your Echo speakers: Just add “everywhere” to the end of your Alexa command like this: “Alexa, play Justin Bieber everywhere.”
  2. Set a music alarm: Say "Alexa, wake me up to Here Comes the Sun at 7am." Insert the song, artist or genre of your choice!
  3. Play podcasts too! Listen to your Spotify podcasts with Alexa just as you would music. If you're a frequent listener, it's a good idea to set Spotify as your default podcast provider on Alexa.

Echo Buds are 30% off right now!

Echo Buds are high quality wireless earbuds that give you instant, hands-free access to Alexa on-the-go. They're currently on sale for a killer price of $90 for the first time since they were released in late 2019. Plus, they come with a free 3-month Audible trial.

Get Echo Buds with deal today: Tap/click here to get a pair right now!

In case you're not familiar with Echo Buds, they give you...
  • Ability to just say “Alexa” to summon the assistant the same way you do on your home Echo speaker
  • Premium sound plus Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology
  • 5 hour battery life and up to 20 with charging case
  • Full access to Alexa for playing music, making calls, getting news, requesting a ride, getting directions, running you through a guided workout, ordering dinner and more
  • Ability to access Siri or Google Assistant from supported devices by pressing and holding your earbud
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