The fastest way to check stock prices?

Just say "Alexa, what's the price of the Dow Jones?"

Or "What's the price of the S&P 500?" or "What's the stock price of Boeing?" Just insert the name of any company, security or major index you're interested in, and you'll get both the price and the percentage it's up or down since the previous day's close. You can even get the price of Bitcoin! 

The stock market has been on a crazy roller coaster ride in recent weeks, with price moves that usually occur over weeks or months happening in the space of hours -- so it's more useful than ever to get updated prices just by asking.

Pro Tip #1: If you have an Echo Show, you'll see a nice line chart showing the security's price over the day's trading hours.

Alexa also provides up-to-date market color from trusted sources

To keep up on the markets, our go-to is definitely Bloomberg Market Minute. It's quick (as the name implies!) and updated throughout the day, so you're not going to hear the morning's markets news when there's been a major update in the afternoon.

To listen for the first time, just say "Alexa, enable Bloomberg" and then ask to hear Bloomberg Market Minute when prompted (in the future, you can just say "Alexa, open Bloomberg").

Pro Tip #2: History and trivia buffs will love Market Moment, a three minute flash briefing loaded with famous moments in stock market history.

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How To Clean Your Credit Cards

When you think about preventing the spread of germs, you probably first think of washing your hands, cleaning frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs and countertops, practicing social distancing, maybe cleaning your smartphone.

What might not (yet!) be top of mind is cleaning your credit cards. Consider this: every time you go out to buy groceries or other essentials, you are touching your credit card, tapping it to pay, swiping or inserting the chip. Your card is touching surfaces thousands of other credit cards have recently touched -- and then you're touching your credit card.

Luckily, it's super easy to keep your credit card germ-free -- just scrub it with soap and water for 20 seconds like you do when you wash your hands. To read more helpful tips on staying germ-free while using your credit card, tap/click here to read this handy guide from The Points Guy.
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