Wake up to your favorite tunes!

Set an Alexa music alarm to help you rise 'n shine

It's easy to set an Alexa music alarm -- just say "Alexa, wake me up to Soak Up the Sun at 7am." I do love a little Sheryl Crow in the morning, but you can insert the song, artist or genre of your choice!

Pro Tip: You can also have a celebrity nudge you out of bed -- including country singer Blake Shelton, Tara Reid and even Man City Football! Open the Alexa app > tap the hamburger icon in the upper left corner > tap "Reminders & Alarms" > tap an alarm to edit it or "Add Alarm" for a new one > tap "Sound" then tap to select your choice. This morning I woke up to Blake Shelton's "Dang, is it time for a drink yet? I mean coffee? Time to get up y'all!"

Is it really better to use your Echo as your alarm clock? Yes!

Tonight, dock your phone, and get some distraction-free sleep. Here are some reasons you'll love waking up with an Alexa alarm:

  • Set as many alarms as you need (if you’re like me and want one alarm 15 minutes before you need to get up and another to tell you that 15 minutes is up)
  • Set recurring alarms by saying "Alexa, set a 7am alarm every weekday"
  • Say "Alexa, snooze" after your Echo alarm goes off to catch 9 minutes of extra zzz's!
  • Trigger a morning Alexa routine when you dismiss your Alexa alarm that turns on the lights, gives you the weather and news, brews coffee and more! Tap/click here to get set-up in seconds

Reviews are in, and people love the new Echo Buds (including me!)

Echo Buds are Amazon's brand new wireless earbuds that put Alexa in your ear. Best part about the Echo Buds? They have fantastic sound and come at a great price of $130 (that's $120 less than Apple's new & comparable AirPods Pro). The Bose noise cancellation is awesome, they're comfortable, and of course it's a game-changer to summon Alexa on-the-go without opening the Alexa app on your phone. Biggest surprise? They are delightfully fast and easy to set up -- it took me about 15 frustration-free seconds to get them up and running and connected to my Alexa account.

Pro Tip: Echo Buds make for an awesome and creative holiday gift for anyone who loves Alexa -- or appreciates a high quality sound earbud!

Tap/click here to read more.

Silly Alexa thing to try today

"Alexa, rap for dad."
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