Want to get the most out of Alexa?

Check out our definitive list of the best everyday Alexa uses right now

Our VoiceBrew 22 list of the best Alexa uses is not just another list -- these uses are truly helpful and fun and will fit into your everyday life. Every use on the list includes how to do it, any necessary set-up and helpful pro tips.

Whether you just got your first Echo device for the holidays or you're looking for a refresher on how to bring Alexa into your day-to-day life, I highly recommend checking out the VoiceBrew 22.

Sneak Peak! 3 surprisingly helpful Alexa uses from the VoiceBrew 22:

  1. Whisper to Alexa when you don’t want to wake someone: Let your partner sleep while you ask Alexa for the weather! Just enable Whispered Responses, and whenever you whisper to Alexa, she’ll whisper back
  2. Reorder from Amazon without pulling out your phone: Shopping with Alexa is one of the best Alexa uses -- and most underused. Just say "Alexa, reorder walnuts," and Alexa will ask if you want to order the ones you previously got on Amazon. Say "yes" and you're done! This is hands-down the fastest way to reorder from Amazon. Just make sure you have voice purchasing enabled
  3. Remind yourself to do something when you get somewhere: Just say "Alexa, remind me to defrost the chicken when I get home" (insert reminder & any location saved under Settings > Your Locations). Alexa will send your phone a push notification when you arrive. Pretty handy :)

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You can now hear Samuel L. Jackson's voice on your Echo!

Some exciting news... Alexa's celebrity voice program has officially kicked off in the US with Samuel L. Jackson!

Just say "Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson" to get started. When you want the weather or a joke (or much more) just say "Alexa, ask Sam for the weather." Note that the ability to talk to "Sam" will cost you $0.99 (and the price will go up to $4.99 once the introductory discount ends).

What's cool about this feature from a technical standpoint is that it doesn't solely rely on pre-recorded phrases -- it's actually powered by Amazon's neural text-to-speech model that takes audio recordings of Sam's voice and transforms them on the fly into dynamic responses to questions with changing answers like "what's the weather?"

Tap/click here to read more about this this super cool and fun feature!
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