Your lights are your new alarm clock!

Just say "Alexa, set a light alarm for 7am with my bedroom light"

With this delightful new feature*, you can now set an Alexa light alarm that will gradually brighten your bedroom smart lights in the 3 minutes leading up to the time when your Alexa alarm goes off. All you have to say is "Alexa, set a light alarm for 7am with (insert name of your smart light)." You can also tack on an "every weekday" to the end of the Alexa command if you'd like. And there's no need to worry about oversleeping when you try this new feature: your regular Alexa alarm sound will ring at the set time too. I love using the new Alexa light alarm to get me out of bed in the morning -- it's much harder to keep snoozing when your bedroom lights are on!

Pro Tip: Don't have smart lights yet? This new Alexa light alarm feature is just one more reason why you should get started today. Plus, the all-new Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lights couldn't be easier to set up. Check out VoiceBrew's guide to setting up smart lights and choosing the best smart lights for your needs.

4 more pro tips to upgrade your Alexa alarm game:

  1. Want a celebrity to nudge you out of bed? Tap/click here to see the easy steps to have Tara Reid, Blake Shelton or even Man City Football get you up tomorrow morning!
  2. ...or to kickstart your day with music? Say “Alexa, wake me up to Dolly Parton's '9 to 5' at 6am" (insert your preferred wake-up song and time!)
  3. Take advantage of multiple alarms. Set an alarm when you need to wake up and another ten minutes before you need to leave for work to make sure you're on time
  4. Get some extra zzz's. Let's be honest: even with lighting alarms, I still occasionally love hitting snooze. Just say "Alexa, snooze" for 9 more minutes of sleep

*The new Alexa light alarm feature is currently available in the US only.

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New study: Voice assistants can reduce loneliness

According to the new Voice For Loneliness study conducted in the UK, speaking on a regular basis with a voice assistant can help boost the emotional health and mood of older people who do not go out as often (due to constraints such as poor health). Social isolation has been linked to depression, and it's encouraging that voice assistants could possibly have a real quality of life impact on aging populations. Tap/click here to read more and watch a short video about the Voice For Loneliness study.
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