Samuel L. Jackson

Chat with Samuel L. Jackson on Alexa!

Just say "Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson" to get started

Once you confirm your purchase, you can start asking Sam for the weather, to play music and so much more (scroll down for some ideas!).*

What's cool about this feature is that Alexa isn't just serving up pre-recorded answers from Sam to a bunch of commonly asked questions. Sam’s voice is powered by Amazon’s neural text-to-speech model which takes audio recordings of Sam’s voice and transforms them real-time into responses to your questions. So if I ask Sam for the weather today and then I ask again tomorrow, I'll get two totally different answers both in Sam's voice (and both with a bit of Sam's humor).

Pro Tip #1: It's fun to chat with Sam, however, his voice doesn’t actually replace Alexa's (a common misconception). Think of Sam as a celebrity cameo in your Alexa experience. To hear a response from Sam instead of Alexa, you'll have to prompt him by saying “Alexa, ask Sam” before your question.

Pro Tip #2: The introductory price of $0.99 will eventually go up to $4.99.

5 things to ask Sam:

  1. Weather. "Alexa, ask Sam for the weather." Sam makes the answer way more fun :)
  2. Sam's favorite things. “Alexa, ask Sam what his favorite word is?" (I laughed at his answer!) You can also ask about his favorite movie or what his favorite ice cream is
  3. Timers & alarms. “Alexa, ask Sam to set a 10-minute timer" or "Alexa, ask Sam to set an alarm for 7am"
  4. Tell a joke. “Alexa, ask Sam to pull my finger,” “Alexa, ask Sam to roast me” or "Alexa, ask Sam to tell a joke"
  5. Sam has lots to say about Hollywood. And the movies he’s been in. "Alexa, ask Sam how he got his big break,” “Alexa, ask Sam for the secret to his success” or “Alexa, ask Sam what it was like making Star Wars”

Pro Tip #3: If you ask Sam something and he doesn't know the answer (like the distance from Earth to Mars), he'll kick it over to Alexa to answer. Sam can do a lot, but you’ll have to use Alexa for Shopping, lists, reminders and Skills.

*Note: For now, the Samuel L Jackson celebrity voice is only available in the US.

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Budweiser's Alexa-inspired commercial is awesome

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