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Part of Alexa's magic is accessing her wherever you are in your home

4 ways to use Alexa speakers across your home every day:

#1. Control your smart home. You'll definitely want an Echo in the rooms where you have Alexa hue lights (or other Alexa-connected smart devices). After all, it doesn't make sense to walk into the kitchen in order to ask Alexa to turn on your bedroom lights!

#2. Play music across rooms. Simply say "Alexa, play Tom Petty everywhere" to listen to an artist, playlist, podcast, etc. across all the Echo speakers in your home. You can also easily create multi-room speaker groups such as "Upstairs," "Downstairs" or "Entertaining" (tap/click here for the step-by-step).

#3. Set reminders. If you're like me and often rushing around, it's great to have an Echo speaker in each room. When I say, "Alexa, remind me to text Jack happy birthday at 10am" on my way out the door, I know Alexa is right there to hear me!

#4. Reorder on Amazon. As soon as you remember you need something, you can say "Alexa, buy more Kleenex on Amazon." Having an Echo nearby allows you to let go of the mental load of list-keeping.

3 essential Alexa speakers for your home:

#1. Echo Show smart display for the kitchen. With a smart display, Alexa can both tell you things and show you things, opening up many new ways to engage with Alexa (YouTube, interactive recipe videos, local TV to name a few). You have two options: Echo Show 2nd Generation or the Echo Show 8. The 2nd Generation is more expensive because it has a bigger speaker, bigger screen and built-in home hub.

#2. Echo Dots for bedrooms and bathrooms. Echo Dots are small and can easily fit on a dresser or bathroom shelf. We also love the Echo Dot with Clock (I have one on my bedside table).

#3. Echo for a room where you want bigger sound. The All-New Echo 3rd Gen will give your music more umph than a Dot. I have an Echo in my living room. If you want to splurge for top-of-the-line sound, check out the super premium Echo Studio.

Bonus Pro Tip: Lots of hallways in your home? Check out the new Echo Flex plug-in mini-speaker that lets you add Alexa to any outlet.

Presented By Nutella Creations
"Alexa, open Nutella Creations"
To try an awesome NEW breakfast skill!

Nutella creations Alexa skill screenshot
Treat yourself to a delicious (and fun!) breakfast with the new Nutella Creations Alexa skill! If you've never thought about having Nutella with your breakfast, today is the day that's going to change.

Say "Alexa, open Nutella Creations" to hear about 9 Nutella-inspired breakfasts. From French toast stars to blueberry & buttermilk pancakes to banana crepes, the recipes are delicious, surprisingly creative and easy.

Pick a recipe & preview how to make it. The skill will briefly run you through each step. You can always say "more recipes" if you'd rather pick a different one.

For ingredients and detailed instructions, get the recipe via text. When asked whether you'd like the recipe texted to you, say "yes!" and follow the prompts to provide your phone number. You'll receive a link to a list of ingredients and the step-by-step instructions you'll need to cook up your Nutella breakfast!

Be sure to play one of Nutella's super fun memory games while you cook. And get the kids involved, too! I just played the hazelnut game, and it was great. In order to unlock the games, first explore one of the recipes (be sure you listen to all the steps). Easter Egg: you can say "Alexa, game" any time in the skill to launch the memory game.

Attn Super Tuesday Voters: Alexa can provide your polling location!

"Alexa, open Speak Up America!"
Don't know your polling location -- or just want to double check? Alexa can help!

Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Enable the Speak Up America Alexa skill. Tap here > tap "Enable"
  2. Give the skill access to your location. On the skill page, tap "Settings" > tap "Manage Permissions" > tap the box to the right of "Device Address" > tap "Save Permissions."
  3. Say "Alexa, open Speak Up America for my polling location!"
  4. Follow the prompts to provide your phone number to get your polling location texted to you
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