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You can now set up Alexa routines with your voice

Just say "Alexa, when I say 'I'm home,' play Spotify"

And you'll have a brand new routine that kicks off when you say "Alexa, I'm home!" With this cool new feature, you can even set up multiple actions by saying, "Alexa, when I say 'I'm home,' turn on the lights and play Spotify."

This new futuristic feature combines two of my favorite things: voice control and Alexa routines. Whether you're already an Alexa routines pro or a newbie, you can now save time and taps by setting up routines with just your voice. This is one of those new features that makes it feel as if we're living like The Jetsons!

Pro Tip: If you want, you can see and edit your new routine in the Alexa app by tapping the hamburger icon > "Routines." It'll be right at the top of the Your Routines tab!

Here are 3 routine ideas to get you started:

  1. Morning routine — Have a partner that won't get out of bed? Try creating a morning routine just for an extra boost. "Alexa, when I say 'good morning,' play my news and weather."
  2. Arriving home routine — "Alexa, when I say 'I'm home,' set thermostat to 70 and play All Out 60's playlist." You could also create a 'leaving home' routine to turn down the thermostat to an eco-friendly setting and turn off all the lights across your home in one Alexa command.
  3. Bedtime routine — "Alexa, when I say 'good night,' turn off the bedroom lights and set do not disturb." Depending on how "smart" your home is, you can add orders to lock up and turn on your bedside fan for an extra peaceful slumber.
Pro Tip: For more complicated routines that do things like gradually turning on smart lights, it's still easier to set them up in the Alexa App. Tap/click here for step-by-step instructions.

13 Awesome Alexa Radio Stations

An Echo speaker on a table
From true crime to science stories to TED talks to Broadway showtunes, this list of 13 Alexa radio stations has some great (and diverse!) ideas. Tap/click here to check it out and discover a new radio station that fits with your interests.
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