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Yes, you CAN watch YouTube videos on your Echo Show!

Just say "Alexa, search for workout videos on YouTube"

First, you'll be prompted to select Firefox or Silk as your default browser -- just tap your selection. (You won't see this prompt if you've browsed before.) Then, you’ll see a familiar display... your video search results! Tap the video you want to watch and expand to full-screen just as you would on an internet browser.

I love this Alexa functionality. We all watch YouTube videos -- for cooking tutorials, sports updates, how to tie a tie, the list is seemingly infinite -- and pulling them up on the Echo Show with a simple voice command is so fast and easy.

Pro Tip: Want to have your favorite YouTube channels at the ready? Just log into your YouTube account on your Echo Show. Say "Alexa, open YouTube" > tap the “person” icon in the upper right corner > sign in by tapping in your username and password on the touchpad (it will automatically come up). You can also browse and watch videos without being logged in, you just won't be able to access your channels.

5 helpful YouTube Alexa commands to get you started:

  • Search for a genre: "Alexa, search for yoga videos" or "Alexa, search for makeup tips"
  • Search for clips of your favorite shows: "Alexa, search for Ellen" or "Alexa, search for SNL clips"
  • See what everyone else is watching: “Alexa, search for what’s popular right now”
  • Basic controls: "Alexa, pause" or "Alexa, play" (Unfortunately, you can't fast forward or rewind)
  • Close out of YouTube on your Echo Show: "Alexa, close" 

Pro Tip: Don't have an Echo Show yet? I recommend checking out the newly released Echo Show 8. If you prefer something more compact (and less expensive), the Echo Show 5 smart display is the one for you.

How close are we to living like The Jetsons?

As a kid, I was a big Jetsons fan. I especially always wanted my own Rosie the robot (so I could avoid my dish washing duties!) and would have been extremely excited to know that voice assistants like Alexa were just a couple of decades away.

I came across an article the other day about all the ways life today is (kind of) similar to what we saw on the Jetsons. While we're still a ways away from commuting in flying cars, the robot vacuum, video calling and, of course, having a tech-enabled assistant have become part of many people's day-to-day lives in 2020!

I loved reading this and wanted to share it, thinking that many of you might also be Jetsons fans too. Tap/click here to check out this fun read.
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