No more repeating "Alexa, turn it up" to get the volume you want

Instead, just say “Alexa, set volume to 4” 

That's right, you can set your desired volume level just by saying "Alexa, set the volume to X" where X is any number between zero and 10. Asking for volume of 3.5 will give the same volume level as if you asked for 3. For smaller volume increments, you can change the volume manually on your Echo by tapping the "+" and "-" buttons.

Ever notice that Alexa's volume fluctuates based on what's playing?  You’re not going crazy -- the volume level varies depending on the content! I’ve noticed that a volume setting of 6 is perfect for flash briefings but way too loud for music. Since you'll probably have to shift Alexa's volume throughout your day as you use Alexa in different ways, it's good that you now know the fastest way to do it!

3 more pro tips to get the sound you want on Alexa:

#1. What level should I set Alexa's volume to? I generally keep Alexa's volume between 3 and 6 (unless I really want to pump it up, then I go up to 7 or 8!), but the right volume for your Echo will depend on what kind of Echo device you have, how large the room is and your own personal preference.

#2. There are 2 volume levels between each whole number volume level. But you can only access them by tapping your Echo's volume buttons. Here's how it works: if you ask Alexa to set volume to 5 and tap "+" once, you'll get to volume 6, but you won't get down to volume 4 unless you tap "-" three times.

#3. With Thanksgiving next week, it's officially time for holiday music! Okay, maybe it's a few days early, but I'm ready for it! Say "Alexa, play holiday music" to start it up :)

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