An empty room

An awesome Alexa puzzle game for the weekend!

Just say "Alexa, play Escape The Room!"

You'll be trapped in a room with only logic to help you escape. Solve puzzles, pick up items and search the room to find your way out. You have 3 basic actions: look (in a direction), inspect (an object) and use (an item such as a key) on an object (such as a lock).

Escape The Room is the perfect game to play this weekend -- especially if you're tired of busting out the same old classics (Codenames anyone?) or need something to do after dinner besides Netflix. You can definitely play Escape The Room alone, but it's more fun with a group.

Pro Tip #1: Alexa will feed you helpful clues, but beware that some are red herrings.

Pro Tip #2: In case you need more convincing to try this super fun game, Escape The Room was named one of Amazon's Top 10 Alexa skills of 2019!

5 more tips to up the fun (and win!):

  1. Start with the Jail Cell -- There are 4 rooms of varying difficulty to choose from, and the Jail Cell is the easiest
  2. Get one free hint per room -- Just say "Get a hint." To hear it again, "Repeat hint"
  3. In case you forget any details -- Say “Help” to hear your options again and "Inventory" to remind you what items you have. (Another option is to jot down information as it comes)
  4. Speed it up -- Instead of waiting for Alexa to finish speaking after every direction, you can interrupt with "Alexa, (insert command such as look left)" to speed things up. This is particularly handy once you start revisiting parts of the room you already explored
  5. Need a break? -- You can stop and come back to the game any time, Alexa will save your progress

Presented By Nutella Creations
"Alexa, open Nutella Creations"
Because Saturday is almost here!

An Echo Show on a kitchen counter next to a mix-master
Treat yourself to a delicious (and fun!) breakfast with the new Nutella Creations Alexa skill! If you've never thought about having Nutella with your breakfast, today is the day that's going to change.

Say "Alexa, open Nutella Creations" to hear about 9 Nutella-inspired breakfasts. From French toast stars to blueberry & buttermilk pancakes to banana crepes, the recipes are delicious, surprisingly creative and easy.

Pick a recipe & preview how to make it. The skill will briefly run you through each step. You can always say "more recipes" if you'd rather pick a different one.

For ingredients and detailed instructions, get the recipe via text. When asked whether you'd like the recipe texted to you, say "yes!" and follow the prompts to provide your phone number. You'll receive a link to a list of ingredients and the step-by-step instructions you'll need to cook up your Nutella breakfast!

Be sure to play one of Nutella's super fun memory games while you cook. And get the kids involved, too! I just played the hazelnut game, and it was great. In order to unlock the games, first explore one of the recipes (be sure you listen to all the steps). Easter Egg: you can say "Alexa, game" any time in the skill to launch the memory game.

Meet Mylo, The Cat-Faced Robot

According to, for just $10 a day Mylo the robot looks after people with Alzheimer's, helping them keep in touch with their caretakers and family members.

This cat-faced robot functions as a mobile video call center, heart and general health monitor and can even understand voice commands and place phone calls (including to emergency services).

Mylo was created by Irish businesswoman Candace Lafleur. After experiencing a stroke at age 32 and being stuck in the hospital because she required full-time help to recognize people and make calls, she was inspired to help others facing the same challenges. With Mylo, many of these people will now be able to get the care they need at home.

Tap/click here to read more about Mylo!
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