Email or tweet your support for a Living Wage to the Auckland Council in its Long Term Plan

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Time to say Just Pay a Living Wage

Time to call on the Auckland Council to implementing the Living Wage through its Long Term Plan!

Being a Living Wage Employer means the council pays a minimum rate for all contracted workers (as tenders are sought for services delivered on a regular and ongoing basis) and all Council employees.

The Long Term Plan submissions close March 16, 2015 - you can be heard if you submit now - and it's easy.

The Plan promises to deliver substantial increases in living standards in Auckland but there is no commitment to a Living Wage for the lowest paid in the city - the contract workers (cleaners, security, waste disposal workers) and directly employed staff. Increasing visitor numbers to the city will not raise living standards as the Long Term Plan suggests. Paying contracted workers and staff a Living Wage will!

Your voice could make a difference.  There's a template in this newsletter. You can tweet, email, Facebook or send a written submission and we have a guide for you at

What to tweet?

Just Pay a Living Wage to contracted workers and staff @AklCouncil 

West Picnic for a Living Wage

Saturday 7th March 10am
Rosebank Peninsula Church
212 Rosebank Road, Avondale


Free refreshments & entertainment
Come along and add your voice to a collective submission on raising living standards in the west.

Workers Tamara Baddeley and Ibrahim Omer-Salin at last week's Wellington launch of the new Living Wage rate of 2015. See for more information.
Working Women's Resource Centre's Ros Hini and her family join the Beach Haven Birkdale community picnic organised by the Living Wage Movement, the North Shore Women's Centre and the Beach Haven Birkdale Community Project to gather submissions on the Long Term Plan.
Have your say on the 2015 Auckland Council LTP

Your submission to the Auckland Council Long Term Plan is important.

You and/or your organisation can call on Auckland Council to becoming a Living Wage Employer. The Living Wage is the income necessary for a worker to survive and participate in society.

See a template here for the Council’s current commitment to raising living standards and what you can say to call for all staff and contracted workers, like cleaners and security guards, to be paid a Living Wage.
Tweet to:  #LTP2015 Just pay the living wage to contracted workers and staff at Auckland Council

Email to:

Freepost address: Long-term Plan 2015-2025, Auckland Council, Freepost Authority 182382, Private Bag 92 300, Auckland 1142
Writing your submission...
You submit:
The Auckland Council become a Living Wage Employer where contracted and directly employed staff are paid at least a Living Wage, currently $19.25 per hour.

Twenty nine employers have become accredited Living Wage Employers since the first launch of the trade mark in 2014, including businesses in hospitality, food processing, printing, social service delivery, aid provision and security. Public agencies, like the Council should stand alongside these businesses as ethical Living Wage Employers, setting standards in the “world’s most liveable city.”

The Auckland Plan aims for a fair, safe and healthy city; a strong and equitable society where social and economic disadvantage is significantly reduced from current levels, particularly for children and young people; an Auckland of prosperity and opportunity; a strong and vibrant economy providing employment opportunities for all residents; a place where “Maori are empowered and have the opportunity to enjoy high quality lives in Tamaki Makaurau…”

The LTP identifies 6 transformational shifts including that we must dramatically accelerate the prospects of Auckland’s children and young people; substantially raise the living standards for all Aucklanders and focus on those in most need; and, significantly lift Maori social and economic well-being with focused effort in areas of high need.

In the social development strategy, Thriving Communities, community feedback called for the Council to show leadership in adopting the Living Wage.

None of the Auckland Council’s goals and aspirations can be realised unless the Council’s own workers and contracted staff are paid at least the Living Wage. The current plan does not commit a budget to introduce a Living Wage for contracted workers and directly employed staff.
This submission calls for the Auckland Council to prioritise implementing the Living Wage in its 10-year budget by ensuring the Living Wage is paid to all contracted workers (as tenders are sought for services delivered on a regular and ongoing basis) and all Council employees.
Mangere picnic at Papatuanuku Kokiri Marae organised by the Living Wage Movement, the Marae and Mangere East Learning Centre to gather signatures for the Long Term Plan.