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Wellington City Council Long Term Plan campaign starts with a bang!

Over 25 living wage supporters, including parking wardens and cleaners, attended the first Wellington City Council forum on the Long Term Plan on Thursday.  Living Wage faith leader, Rev Brian Dawson told Mayor Celia Wade Brown that the living wage movement congratulated the council on its commitment to the living wage and the steps taken so far. But Rev Dawson said it was not good enough that the commitment to deliver the living wage for workers employed by contractors was not in clued in the LTP. Living Wage Wellington is set to attend four more LTP forums.

 Voices of the youth on a Living Wage

What difference would a Living Wage Make in Your Community?
Making changes to our community so that the stress and worry going in people’s minds would disappear.  I go to school and every time I smile at a person/friend I know they pretty much give back a smile then back to a down face.  So I ask them “OH? What’s wrong?' And one said she really wanted to go on this trip but she can’t because her mum (single-mom) can’t afford it all.  I tried to help by giving her my lunch money because I already had lunch.  I’m glad that there’s a [Living Wage Movement]  like yours who care about the people.  A quote I like to keep in my mind is “Nothing is going to get better unless a group like yours stand up and make changes. I think it’s a good start of this happening especially letting it be open to children to speak the truth from their hearts.

These were the words of a young West Aucklander attending the Avondale picnic to gather submissions for Auckland Long Term Plan.  The event brought together Council's Local Board representatives (from left, Shane Henderson and Catherine Farmer and West network members).

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Workers Tamara Baddeley and Ibrahim Omer-Salin at last week's Wellington launch of the new Living Wage rate of 2015. See for more information.

Check out the latest accredited Living Wage Employers on the website

Living Wage Porirua followed up a successful stall at the Festival of the Elements with another at Creek Fest last Saturday.  A big crew of living wage volunteers shared the living wage with hundreds of Porirua residents and raised the profile of the movement.  Living Wage Porirua will now focus on preparing for a launch.

Wellington Regional Get Together

St Joseph’s Catholic church was the venue for a very successful Wellington regional get together on 12 March. Representatives from Kapiti, Porirua, Wellington City, Newtown and the Victoria University Living Wage Campaign got together to share their campaigns and get to know each other. The meeting was also an informal Wellington AGM, where the faith, community and union streams chose a new Living wage wellington local board, increasing the number from six to nine.


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