The first ever New Zealand Living Wage Week is just round the corner - great to see a Nelson network emerging to join our nationwide campaign for justice!
Nelson communities join together to talk about a Living Wage
Join our first  NZ Living Wage Week
Living Wage Week will highlight the Living Wage in as many ways as possible. Employers, organisations, churches, unions, members, supporters and individuals will all get behind the Living Wage for a week to cultivate awareness and build our Movement.  People on the street will know what the Living Wage is all about!
In Auckland a series of hui generated ideas – big, small and medium. A core Living Wage Week group in Auckland is forming to oversee our inaugural Living Wage Week. Can you join us?

Just a hint:  We are looking for volunteers
  • Flash mob director
  • 5 flash mob crew leaders
  • Billboard designer
  • Poster maker
  • Social media plan creator
  • Café strategy lead
Do you want Living Wage week in your town or city? Contact us at
Following our great submission on the Porirua City Council draft Annual Plan, it is a good time to remind the Councillors how important their decision is - they have the power to change lives in Porirua for the better. Please sign our petition...

Living Wage Porirua have presented nearly 1,000 submissions to Porirua City Council calling for PCC to become a Living Wage council. Now it's time for democracy and leadership!

“Unwanted attention”

 Coalition of Selwyn Supporters focus on Foundation AGM

By Ian Deverick

Selwyn Foundations Chair, Kay Hawk, is disappointed that her organisation has been targeted by the Living Wage Movement. Addressing the AGM of the Foundation last month, Hawk said it was disappointing that the Living Wage movement had singled out Selwyn in what is a New Zealand wide issue.

The Coalition of Selwyn Supporters, a member of the Living Wage Movement contends that the Foundation, as a Christian institution should be setting an example for other aged care providers and pay a living wage to all staff.

 “You could not help but notice the living wage crowd at our entrance when you arrived,” Hawk told the AGM. “The Foundation would like to emphasise that we greatly value the outstanding service that out staff provide,” she said. “We are deeply thankful for their dedication.”

A handout from the Living Wage Coalition noted that the value and thanks given some of the Selwyn workers amounts to $15.25 an hour, despite decades of loyalty. Hawk said the Foundation cared very much about pay levels for all staff, especially the lowest paid. “We are committed to providing ways for staff to take home more money through upskilling and professional development opportunities”.

The Unions have put forward proposals to enable Selwyn to achieve a Living Wage to all of its staff. However, Hawk said “the Unions had contributed nothing to the negotiations.” This is, of course, contested territory. Staff spoken to questioned the value of the professional development opportunities towards upskilling staff since delivery of training programmes were very patchy.

The Coalition is concerned that the Foundation is not interested in considering the unions’ Living Wage proposals nor have they exhibited any willingness to work alongside our Coalition. The Selwyn Foundation holds itself out as a Christian organisation that espouses Christian caring values, but it is also a wealthy Christian organisation that chooses to pay workers low wages.

(Pictured above Pt Chevalier resident and Coalition of Selwyn Supporters member, Chrys Berryman at the AGM action.)

Poverty and inequality are intertwined with housing affordability. Many workers can't afford rent, let alone save for a house. That's why Living Wage Aotearoa was at the Locked Out - Fixing our Housing Crisis public meeting in Auckland recently. Let's get organised and give our politicians a community mandate to act on housing issues at this years local government elections!

Living Wage Wellington submits on Wellington City Council's Annual Plan. WCC has taken huge steps toward becoming a Living Wage council, but now it's time to finish off the job and deliver on the promises made in the 2013 election campaign. Prepare for Election 2016!

Bicycle Junction is a bike shop determined to grow the Urban Cycling Culture in New Zealand. Although they sell, build and fixes bicycles, their mission most importantly is to encourage as many people to get out and ride for transport and enjoyment. They do this by supporting their local cycle culture through events such as tweed rides and fantastical bicycle performances like the “Lucid Dreambike” which won the most innovative show award at the NZ fringe festival. Their goal is to make riding a bike as commonplace as a morning cup of coffee, which by the way is their other obsession.
Living Wage breakfast, Henderson - a meeting of the campaign with local contenders for Auckland Council and Local Boards. Supporters stepping up in advance of the campaign to back a Living Wage for our communities.