50+ milestone as new businesses sign up to be Living Wage Employers - and Wellington conmmunity organiser, Lyndy McIntyre, lands in London and Scotland!
Lyndy links with thriving UK living wage movement

Living Wage Aotearoa NZ Wellington-based community organiser, Lyndy McIntyre, is currently in the UK and took the opportunity to meet groups campaigning for the Living Wage in England and Scotland.
The Living Wage Foundation works with employers to support them to become accredited. Over 2,000 UK employers are fully accredited as Living Wage employers. As the number of fully accredited Living Wage organisations and businesses grows, the business benefits of promotion as a Living Wage employer has increased. Businesses such as Price Waterhouse Coopers have taken roles as champions, encouraging other businesses to follow their lead. 
GLA shows leadership in London
 A highlight for Lyndy was meeting London Assembly member (the equivalent of a NZ city councillor) Fiona Twycross (pictured below left).  As the Greater London Authority became a fully accredited Living Wage employer over 10 years ago, the focus of assembly members like Fiona is strongly on London becoming a Living Wage city. Fiona and other councillors are committed to building from the GLA's lead and urging other London employers to follow to lift the wages of London workers.
London lessons for our universities
Professor Jane Wills (above right) works at the UK's first fully accredited Living Wage university, Queen Mary University in London. The entire Queen Mary workforce, including cleaners and hospitality staff, are paid at least the London Living Wage of £9.40 (over $NZ20 an hour).  Over 10 years since the Queen Mary campaign began, the majority of English universities are now Living Wage universities. The Scottish Parliament has recently made paying the Living Wage to all workers a requirement for Scottish universities to receive funding.
Scotland the Brave on the Living Wage
The Scottish Parliament is a Living Wage employer and actively encourages employers to follow their lead. The Glasgow-based Poverty Alliance brings together community organisations, faith groups and unions in the Scottish Living Wage movement. Over 500 Scottish employers are fully accredited Living Wage employers, including Scottish Water, brewing company Brew Dog, Burberry and KPMG. Like our NZ Living Wage movement, they started small, but now employers are increasingly coming to the Scottish Living Wage Movement seeking the promotion and business benefits of becoming accredited.
Living Wage Aotearoa can now boast more than 50 licensed Living Wage Employers and our first coffee roasters: Good Fortune - and that's for all Kiwis!
"Living wage is a no brainer for high margin products like coffee, why pay fair trade and then pay staff the minimum wage? My business is tiny but it's important to start as you intend to carry on and staff are our biggest asset...The whole thing is going great. We are waiting on printing of cups, retail bags etc before we approach cafes but hope to retail in some stores soon. I'm really happy to be part of the movement," says owner, Matthew Wilson.
Buy Living Wage Ethique body care

"Ethique is a 100% solid skin and hair care company based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are committed to making amazing-smelling, seriously bubbly hair, face and body bars using natural ingredients and compostable, or reusable packaging," says Brianne West of her Living Wage business (pictured below).
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Welcome to West Auckland Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy joins the growing number of Living Wage Employers setting the standards high in West Auckland, where a living Living Wage community flourishes.
"Our highly trained physical therapists are committed to providing the most personalised, integrative, and effective treatments available. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence by staying abreast of recent developments in our field through education. Every patient is treated with compassion and respect in a professional and caring environment."
Churches and the Living Wage hui with first time outing by
the Auckland Living Wage Choir

Auckland’s faith network opened their doors to all, providing an opportunity to explore “Are Labourers worthy of their hire?”
If you want to join the choir let us know at

NZEI West holds a great workshop
Support workers from West schools gathered for small workshops covering ways to talk about the Living Wage, lobbing and getting media coverage.  
People thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity.
Together we can!!