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Embracing change in a constantly evolving world

Whether we like it or not, the world has changed considerably in the last 10 years and it will continue to change even more so over the next 10!

We are all – to a degree – sticklers for change. We embrace the thought of change, but resist it when it appears to be thrust upon us, or when we are forced to make that ‘monumental’ shift.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a change in the type of cereal from our favoured brand, or a newer version of the software we use on a daily basis. Change is change, and few of us leap forth into the unknown with enthusiasm. 

We do, however, often look back and think: “I can’t believe I resisted that! Imagine doing things the way we used to?”

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Mobileezy8 Conversion: What is it all about?

Mobileezy8 was released late last year and has been hugely successful with our new customers. 

We've ironed out some initial bugs and introduced improvements that significantly enhance its usability, particularly on devices with smaller screens such as smartphones. 

The native Android platform has allowed us to bring in some previously unavailable functionality, and we thought it was time to let you know the details regarding the conversion process and benefits of moving to Mobileezy8.

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'Tis the silly season!

Special Mobileezy8 introductory offer to Mobileezy v7 customers!


For the month of August,  Mobileezy v7 customers can get a free upgrade to Mobileezy8!

This offer includes the installation and database 
conversion to Mobileezy8 when switching over from your current version to a 12-month subscription of one of the following products with Premium Assist support:

This offer is valued at $595.* 

Bluetooth Temperature Probe
Field Testers Needed!

We’re excited to announce that we will soon be launching a Bluetooth Temperature Probe that seamlessly connects with Mobileezy software.

This fast-response temperature probe records the temperatures of refrigerated and frozen products at the point of purchase.

The probe will then automatically and immediately send data to the Android device paired with your probe and, when combined with sale creation in Mobileezy, temperatures are recorded directly on the invoice. This enables you to print dockets and invoices complete with a product’s temperature and time it was taken.

Before it’s ready for distribution, we’d love to give a couple of our customers the opportunity to test it in the field to ensure it functions to our customer’s expectations and needs. If you would like to take up this opportunity, please give us a call on 03 9548 9114 or email

Version 1508 is here!
Don't miss out on new developments in Mobileezy

It’s been a few months since our last full version release with v1504. Since then, we have released some small patch updates which you may have received, but not a full version.

We’ve been working hard on a new integration to POS software, which may be of interest customers who sell through a shop front as well as those who sell from the field. We've also significantly improved the A4 printout from the handheld in Mobileezy8.

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Sales automation software isn't anything terribly new. Nor is it that complicated.

Simply stated, automation refers to a process or task that occurs using a software program that completes tasks which were previously performed manually through automatic means.


Mobileezy User Guides  

Mobileezy7 and Mobileezy8 User Guides have been designed to answer all your basic questions from set up to exporting transactions, and everything in between.
Investing for growth in a seasonal business

Many businesses are seasonal, and many of our customers have seasonal businesses. Investing for growth can be particularly hard in this kind of business.
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Is your stock management up to scratch?
It’s a common scenario among small businesses: too much time spent trying to meet everyone’s demands – or anticipated needs – that they lose sight of managing their own business needs. 
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The User Guide is Here!

30-Day Free Trial

Help spread the word on the benefits of automated software!

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Free Demo

Mobileezy Demo

Need to upgrade or are you curious about our optional modules? We will provide you with a free demo at a time that suits you no matter where you are.

Simply contact us on +61 (0) 3 9548 9114 or email us.

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* Only valid with new subscriptions to Mobileezy8. Offer valid until 31 August 2015.

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