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August 2016
Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
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Higher health care costs for Ontarians living with chronic pain
Hogan ME, Taddio A, Katz J, Shah V, Krahn M. Incremental healthcare costs for chronic pain in Ontario, Canada: a population-based matched cohort study of adolescents and adults using administrative data. Pain. 2016; 157(8):1626-33.

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ICES research video series: Gastric cancer patients receive different treatment depending on region
Mahar AL, Coburn NG, Kagedan DJ, Viola R, Johnson AP. Regional variation in the management of metastatic gastric cancer in Ontario. Curr Oncol. 2016; 23(4):250-7.

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More psychiatrists will not improve access to mental health care in Ontario, study suggests
Kurdyak P, Zaheer J, Cheng J, Rudoler D, Mulsant BH. Changes in characteristics and practice patterns of Ontario psychiatrists: implications for access to psychiatrists. Can J Psychiatry. 2016; Aug 22 [Epub ahead of print].

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Study reveals ethnic differences in mental health severity when hospitalized
Chiu M, Lebenbaum M, Newman AM, Zaheer J, Kurdyak P. Ethnic differences in mental illness severity: a population-based study of Chinese and South Asian patients in Ontario, Canada. J Clin Psychiatry. 2016; Aug 2 [Epub ahead of print].

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Unhealthy habits cost Canadians six years of life
Manuel DG, Perez R, Sanmartin C, Taljaard M, Hennessy D, Wilson K, Tanuseputro P, Manson H, Bennett C, Tuna M, Fisher S, Rosella LC. Measuring burden of unhealthy behaviours using a multivariable predictive approach: life expectancy lost in Canada attributable to smoking, alcohol, physical inactivity, and diet. PLoS Med. 2016; 13(8):e1002082.

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New analysis looks at who is receiving high-strength opioids in Ontario
Ontario Drug Policy Research Network. High strength opioid formulations in Ontario: by the numbers. Toronto, ON: ODPRN; 2016.

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