Acacia Joinery - Restorations and Additions - October 2014
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Issued: October 2014 No.5                           

Newtown House - Restorations and Additions

Another project by Acacia Joinery...
Design: Hungerford + Edmunds architecture + design
Build: Laser Building Services Pty Ltd
Photography: Simon Wood Photography


In the Architects words...

"The project is the restoration and additions to an Edmund Blacket house in Newtown.
The addition is a two storey pavilion, physically and aesthetically distinct from the original house, forming a private courtyard and retaining the garden street-scape.
The outlook from the new work provides a strong connection to the old house, with alternative vistas to the drying court, garden and carport. These peripheral spaces, with their recycled paling fence and mature trees maintain the garden street-scape, and views of the original building from the public domain.
The extension is grounded with a floor of dark charcoal concrete that flows out into the courtyard, providing an informal seating edge and wrapping up around the pool.
Zinc cladding runs up and over the new form, with a zinc-clad horizontal box form wrapping round three sides – a contemporary use of a traditional and hard-wearing material and a device for additional storage and space at the first floor level. A low roof with an oiled timber soffit floats out over the carport, and a glazed link back to the original house shares this materiality. Timber framed windows and sliding doors integrate with these elements and frame views to the courtyard and back to the original house.
The environmentally-sustainable design has high thermal mass, and a highly insulated envelope. Importantly, the micro-climate of the courtyard works well, with pleasant cross ventilation and good solar access in winter." - Belinda Edmunds - Architect
Acacia Joinery supplied Rose Gum timber windows and doors for this project in Newtown. One challenge faced in the building of this project was to find a suitable timber type that was aesthetically pleasing, good to work with and didn't react with the Zinc cladding. This was narrowed down to a few different timber types that had a pH level of 5 or less and also  a durable timber. Some of the timber types that covered these specifications included Crows Ash, Cypress, Keruing and Rosegum. Rosegum was the selected timber, being a Native Australian timber and also covering the requirements of a low pH level and durability. 

Rosegum is a very aesthetically pleasing timber, with consistent grain, even texture and varying colours of pale pink to soft reds and browns.

“Acacia Joinery are a pleasure to work with. At the Newtown House, they contributed expertise and practical advice to the resolution of complex detail during the documentation phase and again during construction. Their product was well crafted and of a high standard.”
Belinda Edmunds – Hungerford+Edmunds architecture+design
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The timeless beauty of timber

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