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Dear inhabitant of the mainland,

Do you ever feel like there’s not much you can do to save our planet? Well, you can. And it’s very simple: by making use of the water.

You know us as Deltasync, a team of architects and engineers in Delft. What you maybe didn't know, is that we truly believe the future of mankind is on the water. We believe so for seven reasons:
1. We are running out of land
2. Cities on land are dangerous
3. Water will save us from our addiction to fossil fuels
4. Water is the new oil
5. Water is an innovation playground
6. We can actually have a positive impact
7. We can do this, now
That's why we want to start a Blue Revolution. How? By building world's first floating city with a positive impact on nature. A huge dream, we know, so we can't do this alone... We need experts, ambassadors and investors to join us or work together with us.
Today we proudly present to you our social enterprise:
Starting a Blue Revolution in the 21st century

We believe together we can restore the balance. And create a symbiosis between population growth and ecological development. Let’s give it a try, before there’s nothing worth left floating for.

Will you join us?

Rutger, Bart, Karina, Barbara, Eva, Mirjam
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