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Thanks to you, we're making waves!

You're probably curious what we've been up to since we launched in September. But first of all, we want to thank you for joining the Blue Revolution. You provided us with the confidence we need to get our story out there. And that's what we did the past 2 months:


  • ...were published on! One of the leading weblogs devoted to the future of green design and innovations in technology.
  • ...presented Blue21 at the Flood Expo in London
  • ...are trying to keep up with the media publishing our story, already in 10 different languages in the past month! Our 7 reasons got over 1000 views and counting. And with the Climate Summit coming up, about a dozen of French journalists contacted us.
  • ...are improving our website as we speak, based on the feedback we've received from friends and followers, thanks again all!
  • ...are busy spreading the word, talking to Canadian, Japanese and Indonesian delegations, different resilience officers from all over the world, interesting people we meet on the various seminars and events we visit, and students worldwide who we support in their research on floating development.
  • ...are excited about our intern Kelvin Ko, who completed his Civil Engineering Masters thesis at TU Delft. Kelvin’s thesis shows that it is technically feasible to create floating high-rise buildings of 15 floors at sea, even under typhoon conditions. Wow! Check out his thesis.
  • ...are working on a documentary on floating cities, more on that later this year.    


What's Next?

Check us out on TV this Saturday (24-10-2015) ARTE FutureMag broadcasts a documentary on Floating Cities, featuring Blue21 founder Bart Roeffen.

You have any suggestions...? Maybe you have a great idea to start the Blue Revolution? Like doing something at the Climate Summit in Paris in November? Get in touch with us!

That's why we want to start a Blue Revolution. How? By building world's first floating city with a positive impact on nature. A huge dream, we know, so we can't do this alone... We need enthusiasts, experts and ambassadors to join us or work together on solving the challenges of this century.
Starting a Blue Revolution in the 21st century
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