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Dear readers, 

Ever since I first started blogging back in March 2011, I've been talking about wanting to learn how to slow down, how to say no, how to scale back, how to find balance.

I've talked about this subject ad nauseam and yet, here we are 6 years later and I'm still struggling with it; in fact, since becoming a mom in August, my struggle with this topic has actually increased even more than I ever thought possible.

If you're anything like me, you're probably sick of talking about "trying to find balance" and want to either just find it already (I mean, come on!) or just give up on it once and for all.

And I don't know, maybe we're not meant to ever find balance--maybe it's completely unattainable, a total pipe dream--and instead, we're just meant to learn what's important and then figure out how to be okay with letting everything else go unfinished [or in my case lately, just completely fall through the cracks].

I'm obviously still working through my feelings on this subject (and probably always will be), but here's what I've been asking myself as we enter this new year and I try to make sense of the current chaos of my day-to-day life: 

What if this year was the year that I stopped trying to slow down and instead, just started enjoying this wild + crazy ride for what it is? 

What if this year I *actually* let go of the expectations and pressures that I've been trying to let go of for years?

What if, for the first time ever, I stopped beating myself up for the things I don't get done and instead, learn how to celebrate the things that I do accomplish? 

I feel like I'm at a breaking point, and I'm hoping that this is where I need to be in order to make some big changes in how I process my inability to "do it all" and slow down. 

What about you? Are you ready to accept the reality of your daily life, too? 

If so, here's to a year full of letting things fall through the cracks but not caring about it ;) I'm ready.

And with that, lets take a quick look at what's happening in Starr Struck-land these days...

Namaste Nantucket 2017: An Island Yoga Retreat

We're headed back to Nantucket September 3-9th, 2017!

Join me + Yoga Therapist Laura Whitaker on Nantucket for a week of relaxation, island living, yoga (of course), + delicious vegetarian meals. Last year was a blast and we can't wait to do it again :) 


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-Simple Joys of the Year, 2016 Edition

Upcoming Yoga Workshops:

-Winter Detox + Restore: Friday, January 27th from 6-8pm at Centerville Yoga and Wellness Center. Sign up here. 

-Spring Awakening: A Restorative Yoga Workshop: Saturday, March 18th from 2-4pm at Centerville Yoga and Wellness Center. Sign up here. 

In My Etsy Shop: Yogi Stationary Packs

Have a bunch of thank you cards to write? I know I do!

These little 8-packs of yogi notecards are the perfect size--just enough space for a brief message but not so much that you need to go on and on ;) 

Visit my Etsy shop to treat yourself: 


How to Earn a Living Teaching Yoga: A Business Guide for Yoga Teachers

How much money you can make teaching yoga? How do you get a teaching job, promote your classes, and grow your yoga biz? 

This eBook breaks down everything you need to know about earning a living (or a part of your living) teaching yoga. 


Now lets go out there and slay 2017 {and by "slay," I mean learn how to get over our need to get it all done and just do what we can}.

Happy New Year!

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