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Sometimes, you've got it all together and you're making it work--keeping a number of balls in the air and looking good while doing it.

At other times, you're a bit frazzled and overwhelmed, but you're hanging in there and things are moving forward. 

And then there's me this past week; A hot mess in yoga pants with sprinkles on top.

Because, you see, I'm leaving for a 10 day vacation to Peru today. This is my first vacation sans laptop and wifi in years (ever?) and while I may not be wholly prepared, I'm going for it. 

As I write this, I'm half-packed for my trip, I need to shower, and I've still got to get through about 20 unanswered emails before hopping on a plane for 24 hours of [almost] straight travel before I get to my final destination.

But you know what? I'm going on a real vacation and that makes it ALL worth it. 

How long has it been since you've been on a real vacation? Like, a vacation where you literally couldn't do any work--even if you wanted to? It's scary, especially when you work for yourself and everything hinges on you being available, but also, how freeing?!?!

So, that's about all I've got for you this month: I'm totally behind but I need a vacation and I'm going and I won't be reachable and I can't wait and YOU need a vacation, too. 

We all do! We need more of them!  Americans aren't using their vacation days and it's becoming a problem (Seriously--read about it!).  

Thus, whether you have it in the budget or not, I want to encourage you to find a way to take a real vacation with no wifi, no Facebook, no cell phones, and no work sometime *very* soon.

Maybe that means going camping on the cheap in a place with no service or internet access. Maybe that means going on a day trip and leaving the phones at home. Hopefully, it means a week on the French Riviera with no wifi ;) But whatever it looks like for you, you need a vacation. I need a vacation. We all need vacations! 

And guess what? Even if you go away with unanswered emails in your inbox and dirty laundry in your hamper, the world will keep turning. Shocking, I know. 

For my blog readers, I'm taking a mini-break while I'm away. [A small part of me had hoped I'd get it together enough to schedule some posts to magically appear while I'm hiking around Machu Picchu, but alas, that didn't happen so I've had to let it go.]

I will be back in action on Monday, July 13th and promise to share lots of pics and stories with you then. 

So, happy 4th, happy July, happy summer, and happy vacation to you (even if you're not going on one now, PLEASE PLAN ONE SOON!)!

Here are a few fun updates + posts for you to peruse while I'm away...

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My New eBook is Now Available for Pre-Order: How to Earn a Living Teaching Yoga 

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Here's your chance to get the inside scoop: An eBook that breaks down everything you need to know about earning a living (or a part of your living) teaching yoga. 

This is the book that I wanted to read when I first decided to become a yoga teacher, but couldn't find anywhere.

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Upcoming Workshops & Events

-Featured Artist at Centerville Yoga + Wellness Center this month: Stop by to shop some of my new prints, greeting cards, and a few fun yoga-inspired originals!

-Branding Essentials for Small Biz Owners + Solopreneurs: Presented with Kate Sheehan of Telltale Media. Saturday, 9/12 from 1-5:30pm (on Cape Cod). Learn more + reserve your space here

-Tuscany Art + Asana Retreat, October 2015: 10/10-10/17, 2015. More details + sign-up here. *Only 2 spaces left!

{Fall workshops + 2016 retreats coming soon!}
Here's to taking time off and only posting to Instagram every couple of days [from internet cafes]!  

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