Welcome to Starr Struck's August Newsletter! Your monthly dose of all things yoga, art, and living a creative, inspired, + purposeful life.

For the first time ever, my monthly newsletter is 4 days late. Because sometimes, you just can't get it all done. End of story.

(Kind of.)

No matter how many time management books I read, no matter how many time-saving apps I download, no matter how much I multi-task--or stop multi-tasking and try to just focus on one thing at a time--no matter how many to-do lists I write or productivity tricks I try, I'm still just one person, tackling my workload one day at a time. 

We all know that it's hard balancing work, family, sleep, exercise, True Detective episodes (Does anyone actually understand what's going on this season?), social events, travel, social media, friendships, and basic life admin, but I think we often forget that when it comes down to it, we can only do so much in any one moment, day, or week. 

As things have gotten more and more hectic for me over the past month or so, I've tried waking up earlier (5am the past two days), staying up later ('til 10pm or even--gasp--11pm!), and stealing little moments in between things to try and tackle a to-do, but sometimes, despite your best efforts, items still fall through the cracks.

Some months, your newsletter goes out 4 days late, but it's totally fine because really, was anyone checking his or her inbox over and over again, stressed about why your little newsletter hadn't arrived yet? I would guess not.

When you're buried, it's easy to lose track of  what's important--to see everything as one big insurmountable mountain of UGH--but if you stop and actually think about it, most things can be postponed, delayed, or even late (!) so that you can visit one of your best friends + meet her new baby, or spend an afternoon at the beach with your dad and brother, or take a yoga class so that you remember to breathe deeply at least a few times during the day. 

Life is truly about the experiencing of the experience and the beauty of the little moments, and honestly, no silly newsletter, client project, or even major deadline can trump the importance of that.

So, that's why I'm late. I'm trying to remember to actually live, not just produce!! I hope you can try to do the same this month, no matter how full your schedule.

[Is this month's newsletter simply a reminder to myself/one long justification for why I'm behind? Maybe, but I hope you don't mind coming along on the ride...]

And with that, here are a few fun updates + recent blog posts for you to enjoy today...

On the Blog

3 Apps + Tools That Are Currently Rocking My World
When I find out about a new life-changing tool, app, or organizational method, I want to shout it from the rooftops. There's so much noise out there--and so many new brands, programs, and products... [READ POST]

About My Recent Trip to Peru: 
I took a mind-blowing trip to Peru last month and I shared some of what I saw, experienced, and learned on the blog. Here are the two posts worth-reading:  Doing Yoga for Fitness: Is It Enough? 
Last week, good friend of the blog and Starr Struck Radio podcast Bobby Scott wrote a piece on his blog entitled "Yoga for Fitness?" in which he, in his capacity as a trainer and coach, explained why he doesn't think that doing just yoga is enough to keep you physically fit...  [READ POST]

What Yoga Teacher Training Should I Take? How to Choose the Right Program
It seems to be that time of year again...the time when many yogis are considering teacher training and deciding which program they should take this fall... [READ POST]

Are We Friends Yet?

Lets connect! Here's where you can find me:

Starr Struck for Your Ears

Less than 1-month until Starr Struck Radio returns for Season 2 on 9/1! Are you all caught up? If not,  check out all of the episodes from Season 1 here. We're getting very excited about our next season and can't wait to share it with you...

My New eBook is Now Available for Instant Download: How to Earn a Living Teaching Yoga: A Business Guide for Teachers

Hooray! My first eBook came out yesterday and I've been thrilled at the response thus far! Thanks SO much to all who have already purchased :)

Here's a little info about the book: 

How much money you can make teaching yoga? How do you get a teaching job, promote your classes, and grow your yoga biz?

This is your chance to get the inside scoop: An eBook that breaks down everything you need to know about earning a living (or a part of your living) teaching yoga. 

{Click here to learn more and/or purchase your copy}

Upcoming Events + Retreats

-Love Yoga Festival Cape Cod, August 14-16th: I'll be teaching a workshop at LYF entitled Get Into the Groove: Mandala Flow on Saturday from 4-5:30. Get your tickets here!

-Branding Essentials for Small Biz Owners + Solopreneurs, Saturday 9/12 from 1-5:30pm: Presented with Kate Sheehan of Telltale Media (on Cape Cod). Learn more + reserve your space here

-Second Annual Dream Big Yogathon, Sunday, October 4th from 11:30-1:30: I'll be co-leading this Yogathon with 4 other teachers--all proceeds will benefit Dream Day on Cape Cod. Join us by creating a fundraising page OR donate to my fundraising efforts here

-Tuscany Art + Asana Retreat, October 2015: 10/10-10/17, 2015. More details + sign-up here. *Just 1 space left!

-*JUST ANNOUNCED* Costa Rica Art + Asana Retreat, February 2016: 2/13-2/20, 2016. More details + sign up here. 

Have a lovely August!

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