"Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only
a hole in Arizona. Not all holes, or games, are created equal"

~ George Will

As George Will said 'not all games are created equal' and as we head to ITEC in London we are all very excited about the impending release of Titan Vanguard CX. This stunningly visual Whole of World synthetic environment is about to change the way everyone thinks about virtual simulations and development environments.

Visit us at Booth A130 during ITEC to get a full demonstration of Titan Vanguard CX.
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Titan Vanguard CX v1.0

TitanIM and Calytrix Technologies have been working in close partnership over the past 12 months to help bring the next generation of synthetic environments to life. Titan Vanguard CX (Calytrix eXtensions) builds on the core Titan technology foundation to deliver a complete COTS training and development package for desktop users, simulaton integrators and simulator providers.

While our Early Adopter Program has given access to members since November last year, we have continued to move towards our first public release. We are pleased to announce that Titan Vanguard CX version 1.0 will officially be released on July 31, 2016 and look forward to sharing our new virtual world with the real world.

Read the Titan Newsletter here



Cost Counter at Scale - 100,000+ Entities

Tracking and costing simulated exercises at the scale of constructive simulations requires efficient and purpose built technology. Improvements and optimizations in the newly released Cost Counter 3.5 now allow it to operate in large simulation environments with entity counts of over 100,000.

Not satisfied with this, we've also improved speed across all aspects of the system, including costing calcuations, report generation, searching and data storage. An order of magnitude faster, the new Cost Counter is the tool to prove the Value of Simulation.

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Titan CX - European Early Adopters Event

Tim Pokorny, Calytrix Chief Technical Officer recently hosted Early Adopter Program (EAP) training for some of our Titan partners. Held in Vienna and attended by representatives from Austria, Denmark and Finland the program focused on the primary operator skills required to build base terrain, scenarios and operate Titan prior to our first public release in July. EAP members now have an active role in the development and progression of Titan, and encouraging a true partnership approach.



Portico and Thales - Open, Global Simulation

Portico is the world's most widely deployed open source HLA RTI. Downloaded over 17,000 times since its initial release, the project has continued to grow.

Portico has enjoyed considerable support from Thales in recent years. This has continued in the development and release of Version 2.1, with Thales supporting the development and testing of new wide-area/global networking capabilities. These new features help move Portico towards the cloud-based, globablly distributed future we see supporting the delivery of simulation based training and experimentation.

Calytrix is proud to be associated with Portico and its community of developers, continuing to provide support for the project in the form of development time, and commercial support. To learn more get in touch via support@calytrix.com.



Supporting the Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre

Calytrix Technologies has been an integral partner of the Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre (ADSTC) for the past ten years and we have supported every major Joint and Coalition exercise in that time. With over 25 permanent staff and 40 percent of the contracted workforce, Calytrix is responsible for a variety of functions including the provision of exercise planning and technical staff.

Calytrix provides the Systems Development Team and IT Security Teams responsible for the identification, technical integration and introduction into service of new simulation systems; as well as the security assessment, accreditation and certification of the simulation environments. Calytrix also provides staff and services in support of the organization's governance functions including logistics, warehousing, facilities and information management expertise. We look forward to our continued and steady partnership with the Australian Defence and Simulation Centre.



Latest Titan CX Sales

Despite the fact that version 1.0 has yet to be released, sales and training for Titan CX continue to grow as our early partners realise the potential and value of this new enviornment. Through the first half of 2016 we have delivered licenses, training and support to over 10 organizations, with recent customers including:

  • The Austrian Ministry of Defence
  • The Danish Army
  • Rockwell Collins
  • CAE

You don't need to wait either. Anyone interested in participating in our Early Adopter Program can get in touch via sales@calytrix.com for more information.



GFT Training in Calytrix Orlando Office

Calytrix Technologies Inc recently began hosting training sessions for the US Army's Games for Training contract at our home office in Orlando, FL. A newly renovated training room awaited US Army soldiers participating in our first course: VBS Terrain Development.

Having a purpose-built and dedicated training facility has enabled more courses to be conducted and is providing greater flexibility and functionality in support Games for Training program.



Cost Counter with the 505th Training Squadron and AFAMS

Calytrix has been working very closely with the US Air Force 505th Training Squadron at Hurlburt Field and the Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation with our newly upgraded version of Cost Counter. The 505th is looking to use Cost Counter's data to support Blue Flag, 22 Joint Warfighter Focused Exercises (WFXs) and other exercises performed (CONUS and OCONUS) in a distributed fashion. The software will provide information on what costs are avoided with the use of simulation for operational training and support planning for future simulated training and real world operations.


Tech Note

Tech Note:  CNR Version 5.6

CNR Integration with Titan IM

Calytrix has been hard at work integrating CNR into Titan CX ahead of the upcoming Titan Vanguard release. Representing the leading edge of a fundamental shift for virtual simulation systems, Titan brings with it a raft of new integration challenges and opportunities such as world-wide communications and degradation, native ntegration into the Titan interface, in-game editing of radio properties, spatial communications, selectable playback and visualization of channels in AAR and more.

Titan is an open platform, and due to this we have been able to deliver a deep integration, previously not possible with other synthetic enviornments. This includes:

  • Simulated radio comms
  • Fully integrated heads-up display
  • Line-of-Sight and Environmental effects on transmissions
  • In-Game configuration of radio nets
  • Save radio net configuration with Titan scenarios
  • Vocal proximity - Communicate with nearby players without a radio
  • Recording and replay for Scenario Debrief
  • Filter based on channels in Scenario Debrief
  • Visual feedback of transmissions in Scenario Debrief
  • Configure keybindings and radio properties in-game

CNR-Sim and Log are included as standard with Titan CX and we are proud to be delivering our best integration yet.

Understand why your comms are rarely perfect

CNR-Effects adds realism to the radio communications environment by degrading signals based on a wide range of factors including climatic conditions, terrain, distance, man-made structures and equipment.

The CNR-Effects Visualizer tool is a web based display showing all the factors contributing to the degradation of each transmission received. The factors considered include:

  • Transmit power
  • Antenna type and facing
  • Distance between radios
  • Intervening terrain profile
  • Loss due to enviornmental conditions, vegetation and structures

The Effects Visualizer is also a valuable debugging tool, allowing the operator to understand the CNR-Sim's decision-making process when applying degradation effects to received signals.

As close to the real thing

The PRC-152 is one of the most widely used military radios in the world, so Calytrix has developed an ultra-realistic interface for it in CNR-Skins. Menu structures and behavior accurately reflect the real radio right down to small details including screen and keyboard backlight functions, display modes, startup delays and more. The faceplate supports procedural learning for functions such as beacon mode, software updates, crypto fills, panic zeroize and others. As part of this release, the PRC-152 faceplate is now available to all CNR-Skins users.

One-Click Signal Degredation

As CNR-Effects continues to evolve, Calytrix has been working hard to ensure that it is easy to set up and configure. With the latest release we have focused on enabling "One-Click Signal Degradation", while still giving users the power to make the adjustments they need.

Of course, all radios on your network can have their radio effects remotely modified using CNR-Monitor!

Leave the Mouse for Game Control

CNR-Sim is both a desktop tool as well as an integration platform. With this in mind, we have expanded the ways it can be controlled while embedded into other systems: allowing greater control over the functions you can trigger via Hotkeys.


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