The ITEC Issue - May 2016
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Titan – The Future of Simulation

With our Early Adopter Programmer now in full swing and Titan Vanguard version 1.0 just around the corner, there is no better time to come and visit us at booth A130 at ITEC to learn more about “The Future of Simulation”.

In this issue:

News on Titan

2016 has been a busy year for everyone at Titan Integrated Military (Titan IM).
Here are a few of the highlights:

Titan Vanguard 1.0 Release Date!

Titin IM, in conjuncture with Calytrix Technologies, is pleased to announce that Titan Vanguard CX version 1.0 will be released on July 31st 2016..

In addition to the stunning beautiful vistas, built-in ‘whole of world’ database, and dynamic terrain that renders down to 15cm, Vanguard CX will deliver many new and updated features.

Aimed at both the desktop and simulator market, Vanguard delivers a whole new level in synthetic environments. If you’d like to know more, please contact for more details and sign up for an evaluation.

Delivering Full JTAC Capability - In Service Now!

Titan Vanguard CX is now the engine behind multiple JTAC simulator installations. With extensive flight modelling capabilities, high-fidelity ballistics and unlimited view distances, Titan is the perfect choice for JTAC simulation. Solutions have been fielded on both laptop-based systems and up to 360 degree domes with 16 channels and multiple simulated devices. Titan seamlessly performs Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing, and Call For Fire capabilities simultaneously over any distance. Titan IM has also forged a strong partnership with Rockwell Collins, who is using their extensive real-world experience of both digital and non-digital CAS and fire support systems to deliver JTAC training worldwide.

C-130J Upgrade for the RAAF:

Working with the Royal Australian Airforce, TitanIM has just completed the first stage upgrade of the C-130J simulator located at RAAF Richmond in New South Wales. The project involved the upgrade from VBS to Titan Vanguard CX to deliver tactical airlift training in a virtual reality environment with physical hull mockup and genuine flare controllers, as well as projection domes. Capabilities of the system range from threat observation to cargo drop procedures (both CDS and Platform).

Titan and Calytrix bring DIS Connections alive

Working with both industry and government partners, Titan IM and Calytrix have now performed several successful DIS integrations between Titan-based simulators and third party systems. These include linking to a Full Flight Simulator and a UAS simulation platform. Titan was also able to connect Virtual Reality elements to DIS-driven entities for an exciting extension of capabilities.

CATS In The Cradle

Titan has shown its aptitude for rapid development and next-generation capability by replacing VBS on Virtual Simulation Systems’ widely used Complete Aircrew Training System (CATS). In service in 5 nations, CATS is now shipped on the Titan Vanguard CX platform, which gives it an enormous leap in quality and training functionality. Aside from a more immersive and detailed virtual environment, new features include a custom Instructor User Interface, cargo transfers from moving ships, surface-specific downwash effects, automated VR profiles per scenario, and much more. A preview of the new capability will be demonstrated at ITEC 2016.

Terrain Connect:

Titan Vanguard CX will see the first public release of the new Terrain Connect capability. Terrain Connect allows Titan to connect to public or private terrain servers and automatically generate geo-typical or geo-specific (when models available) villages, towns and even cities in just moments. Terrain Connect complements ongoing One World Server (OWS) support efforts.

Tanks Take to the Plain

So why is 15cm terrain accuracy so important? Take a look at the new M1A1 tank models available in Vanguard CX (ITEC release) to see the true power of Titan’s terrain. Demonstrating independent suspension across the entire track and highly realistic visuals, tracked vehicles have never looked or acted so realistic.

Titan’s Virtual World

Titan is now used in several in-service Virtual Reality simulators around the world, and supports a variety of VR devices, such as Oculus Rift, Polhemus G4 motion tracking, VSS Helmet Mounted Displays, Laser Shot laser cameras, DSTS technologies and others. Thanks to our “virtual” partners! With our principals having a long history at the forefront of VR-based military training, we are eager to support various new VR technologies that are emerging in this exciting virtual world.

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Titan, Calytrix and our partners will be supporting the following events in 2016:
ITEC 2016 - May 17-19, 2016, London
Eurosatory 2016 - June 13-17, 2016, Paris, France
Land Forces 2016 - September 6-8, 2016, Adelaide, Australia
SimTecT 2016 - September 26-29, 2016, Melbourne, Australia
IITSEC 2016 - Nov 30th to Dec 3rd 2016, Orlando, Florida
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