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Week of February 6 - 12 2022

Happy 5th week of Ordinary Time! I hope you are all enjoying this great weather and are staying healthy!

Thank you for all who attended class last week. The Inquirers answered the question “Who is Jesus” with Maddy, and Ed showed the Catechumenate group about the story of the People of God.

This Wednesday, February 9th at 6:30pm in the Assisi Room. The Inquirer group will be learning about Original Sin with Helen.

Here is a short video from Father Mike Schmitz speaking about what original sin means:

Does God Make Us with Flaws?

And the Catechumenate group will hear a presentation from our guest speaker, Sandra Ruelas about the Catholic Church’s teaching on contraception. The Catholic Church has been speaking about contraception since the late 1960’s. Here is a great article summarizing a famous encyclical by Pope Paul VI regarding contraception. And below is a video from Christopher West about the encyclical:

Christopher West - Humanae Vitae: The Most Controversial Church Document of Modern Times

We meet for Breaking Open the Word every Sunday at 10am Mass. After the priest’s homily, he will call forward all who are participating in RCIA. He says a blessing over you then dismisses you with one of our team members to meet together and discuss the bible readings that were just read at mass.

It is very helpful if you arrive to mass early so you can sit close to the front. It helps us know who is present and it’s a shorter walk for you when the priest calls you forward.

Don’t forget to check out for great videos, books, audiobooks, and more about the Catholic Faith.

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Blessings, Megan Chissie

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