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Week of March 6-12 2022

The Lenten season is in full swing now and I hope everyone using this time for prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Yesterday our Elect celebrated the Rite of Sending at St Isidore then headed to the Cathedral in Sacramento for the Rite of Election and Call to Continuing Conversion. It was an amazing day watching all the faithful men and women saying yes to God’s calling.

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament is so strikingly beautiful I recommend everyone take a trip down to Sacramento to visit it. You can learn so much about the Catholic faith just by walking around the Cathedral. They even hold tours after Sunday Masses. This third image is one of the corners of the Cathedral dedicated to the saints of the Americas. You can probably recognized Our Lady of Guadalupe in the middle with Juan Diego. The bottom right corner has an empty space and is supposed to represent that all of us and that we are all called to be saints.

We will be meeting this Wednesday at 6:30pm in the Assisi Room. The Inquirers and Catechumenates will be discussing The Bible and where it came from with Helen, and the Elect will learn about Scrutinies with Matt.

Pray the Stations of the Cross with Fr. Mark Toups

Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent

Every Friday night our church holds Stations of the Cross at 6pm inside the church. We pray and meditate on the last hours of Jesus’s life leading up to his death. The stations take about 25 minutes then a soup supper is served in the Assisi Room.

If you cannot join us take some time to watch the video above to pray the Stations of the Cross at home.

This coming Sunday, March 13 at 10am Mass our Candidates who will be fully received into the Catholic Church this Easter (Meghan, Robert, Maria, Lizette, Rosa, Jessica) will go through the Penitential Rite. This Rite serves to mark the Lenten purification of the baptized and presumes that the candidates are approaching the maturity of faith and understanding requisite for fuller life in the community and sacramental life.

Even if you are not participating in this rite on Sunday please come to support these Candidates and participate in the Breaking Open the Word dismissal after the homily.

Today is the feast day of Saints Perpetua and Felicity. They are early church martyrs which means they were killed for their faith. Read their incredible story here.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns please reach out! Click the blue email button below to send me an email!

Blessings, Megan Chissie

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