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Week of October 3 - 9 2021

Greetings Participants and Parishioners.

Thank you to those who joined us last week.

This Wednesday, October 6, we will be meeting at 6:30pm in the Assisi Room. We will all meet together in the Assisi Room and then after opening prayer and announcements we will split up between Inquiry group and Catechumenate group.

Our Inquiry group will learn more about prayer by our guest speaker and Family Faith Formation Director, Michelle Knox.

The Catechumenate group will be discussing the sacrament of Reconciliation, which is another word for Confession. Here is a video from Father Mike Schmitz to get you thinking about Confession:

Why Confess My Sins to a Priest?

Don’t forget that every Sunday at 10am Mass we are meeting for “Breaking Open the Word.” After the priest’s homily, he will call forward all who are participating in RCIA. He says a blessing over you then dismisses you with one of our team members to meet together and discuss the bible readings that were just read at mass. It is a great opportunity for us to come together again during the week and it is an important part of your RCIA journey.

It is very helpful if you arrive to mass early so you can sit close to the front. It helps us know who is present and it’s a shorter walk for you when the priest calls you forward.

The month of October has some big feast days! This Monday, October 4, is the feast day of St Francis of Assisi. If that name sounds familiar, it is because the room we hold our sessions in is named after this amazing saint. Read more about him here, and take some time to pray his popular prayer below:

This Thursday, October 7 is the feast day of our Lady of the Holy Rosary. to celebrate this feast day, I invite all of you to join me Thursday night via zoom to pray the Rosary with me. If you have never prayed the Rosary this is a great opportunity to learn it. Here is the link to join the Zoom call. Here is a handout you can use as a guide, or simply join us and listen.

Join Rosary Prayer Zoom Call

On the subject of prayer, check out this video from Ascension about getting distracted during prayer, how many can relate to that? Definitely, me!

Do You Get Distracted During Prayer?

I’m trying a new feature to better meet the needs of our participants. We don’t always allow adequate time for open questions during Wednesday nights and sometimes it is hard to ask a questions in front of a room full of people so I created a way to ask a question in the newsletter and we will try to answer it on Wednesday nights. The questions are anonymous but you must include which class you are in. Try it out below!

Submit a question for Wednesday evening

Don’t forget to check out There you will find amazing videos, audio books, and books about every topic related to the Catholic Faith. There are even movies you and your family can watch together. If you have a smart tv or Roku, you can get the Formed app and watch on your tv. If you have never sign in before, choose “sign up” then “sign up as a parishioner” and search for St Isidore Yuba City Church.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns please reach out! Click the blue email button below to send me an email!

Blessings, Megan Chissie

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