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Week of November 14-20 2021

Greetings Participants and Parishioners.

Thank you all who attended class last week. Susan Burky gave a great presentation to the Inquiry class on our lady, Mary. And the Catechumenate class learned about the Liturgical Year with Michelle Knox.

This Wednesday, November 17, we will be meeting at 6:30pm in the Assisi Room. We will all meet together in the Assisi Room for a special discussion on the quickly-approaching season, Advent.

Waiting for Christmas

Next Wednesday, November 24 we will not be meeting since it is the day before Thanksgiving. Enjoy your week with your family!

We meet for Breaking Open the Word every Sunday at 10am Mass. After the priest’s homily, he will call forward all who are participating in RCIA. He says a blessing over you then dismisses you with one of our team members to meet together and discuss the bible readings that were just read at mass.

It is very helpful if you arrive to mass early so you can sit close to the front. It helps us know who is present and it’s a shorter walk for you when the priest calls you forward.

There is a new app available called “Amen” “that brings you beautiful prayers, faithful meditations and nourishing Scripture to draw your mind, body and soul to rest in God.” And it is completely free! Click here to check it out.

You know I love a good conversion story and this one is AMAZING! This video is quite long but it is definitely worth watching! John Edwards tells his story about overcoming cocaine addiction, being sentenced to jail, and rising above it all by the grace of God.

From Cocaine to Christ W/ John Edwards

Don’t forget to check out There you will find amazing videos, audio books, and books about every topic related to the Catholic Faith. There are even movies you and your family can watch together. If you have a smart tv or Roku, you can get the Formed app and watch on your tv. If you have never sign in before, choose “sign up” then “sign up as a parishioner” and search for St Isidore Yuba City Church.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns please reach out! Click the blue email button below to send me an email!

Blessings, Megan Chissie

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