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Week of August 22-28 2021

Greetings Participants and Parishioners. I pray that your week is starting off well and you have added to your calendar that you will be joining us this Wednesday for our first RICA session of the season!

This Wednesday, August 25, we will be meeting at 6:30pm in the Assisi Room. We will all meet together in the Assisi Room and then after opening prayer and announcements we will split up between Inquiry group and Catechumenate group. We will let you know what group to go to when you are there.

This is an important session to attend as we will talk about the outline for the rest of the year all the way to Easter so please make every effort to attend. If you have never come to one of our sessions, great! This week would be a great opportunity to come and meet our team and ask questions about the RCIA process.

Thank you all who participated in our latest video series: Intro to the Theology of the Body. If you were not able to attend these session, we will have the handouts from each session to take home next week.

You also have an opportunity to see Christopher West live at St Joseph Catholic Church in Lincoln on November 16. Click the link below for more info on how to get tickets.

This week we have some big feast days on the Liturgical Calendar. Today, Monday August 23rd is the feast day of St Rose of Lima. Along with being the namesake of my 3-year-niece, St Rose is also the patron saint of florists and Latin America, read more about her here.

Friday, August 27, is the feast day of St. Monica. St Monica is a great example of patience. Through her prayers, she led her husband and mother-in-law to the faith. She also prayed for many years for her son who was deeply buried in sin. St Monica’s prayers were eventually answered and her son became one of the most well-known saints and doctors of the church, St. Augustine. Read more about St Monica here.

St Monica’s son, St Augustine’s feast day is this Saturday, August 28. He is an incredible picture of redemption. He went from living a life of sin to being a bishop and eventually a saint and doctor of the church. Read more about him here, and watch this short video about his life here:

Saint You Should Know: Augustine of Hippo

Is your prayer life struggling? Are you intimidated to start praying? You need to check out the Hallow App. If you haven’t heard of the Hallow App it “is a Catholic prayer app that offers audio guided meditation sessions to help us grow in our faith & spiritual lives and find peace with God” There is a free version and a paid version. I only use the free version and I highly recommend it!

Check out the Hallow App

Don’t forget to check out There you will find amazing videos, audio books, and books about every topic related to the Catholic Faith. There are even movies you and your family can watch together. If you have a smart tv or Roku, you can get the Formed app and watch on your tv. If you have never sign in before, choose “sign up” then “sign up as a parishioner” and search for St Isidore Yuba City Church.

Lastly, if you haven’t started watching The Chosen series, you are missing out! This multi-season show is all about the life of Christ has his disciples. It is the best thing I have ever watched about the life of Christ and it truly makes the stories from the gospels come to life! You can watch it free on YouTube or on their app called The Chosen.

The Chosen | Official Trailer HD

If you have any questions/comments/concerns please reach out! Click the blue email button below to send me an email!

Blessings, Megan Chissie

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